Time again friends for the #rebase 🐳🧵thread. First, though, I want to make some comments on a consensus developing across responsibly run #rebase projects. We are seeing two very divergent behaviors to the bear market from these coins. 1/
2/ (1) some of the projects are losing value much greater than the market dump over the past 7 days. The entire #crypto market is down -14.4%. I can't find a reason(s) for why some suffer and others don't. 2/
3/ There seems to be a bias against older projects, which seems to be suffering from the bear cycle more, but beyond this, I see no reason(s) why some are and others are not. Those down hard include the following:
4/ over 5 days, $OHM, mcap down 32.47%, $Lobi down 32.55%, $KLIMA down 41.47%, $Fort down 41.36%, and @Fortune_DAO down 41.16%. (2) Then there are the other group of #rebase projects that are thriving in this bear cycle. Hard to tell why, some are young, others are on $FTM..
5/ and $FTM has irregular strength right now compared to the rest of the #crypto market.

The winner of all the projects I cover was @GyroDAO $Gyro, whose mcap is up a massive 51.07% over the past 5 days. $ROME mcap up 11.06%, $NMS up 22.46% (paying be rewards irresponsibly)...
6/ $HEC up 28.34%, $EXOD up 4.81%. Thus, the evidence at this point is duplicitous, the CT sentiment that #rebase projects do worse in a market crash is not reflective of the data. Some do worse, some do better. There are some projects hanging tight to, $UMAMI is down 0.92%
7/ The rest of the #rebase projects I cover are performing in line w/ the bear market, ranging from -30% to -3%. This type of behavior is similar to what is happening w/ most of the alt coins. This representative sampling points to #rebase tokens largely acting like alts in bear
8/ It is the #tokenomics, however, of the #rebase projects that can lead to bullish behavior while the rest of the market dumps. There are exceptions among the non-rebase alts doing this as well, $LINK being the most obvious. The simply truth is that #rebase projects are ...
9/ a guaranteed way to bring income in a bear market, and if you choose carefully, projects that will survive (which is why I do these posts so that you know what I know), you will be much better off, especially if you set aside rewards into stables regularly ...
10/ as I've written about in a recent thread. You do have to deal w/ a taxable event if you do this, but I've found that I am killing it since I was pulling stables all the way down, and now I'm sitting on a hill of them buying up this dip.
11/ $OHM's price is crushed right now although there are massive improvements, partnerships, a literal Ohmconomy, a web of economic stability being built right now. The v2 migration will be good for long term holders, but I think we are loosing investors to juicier APY ...
12/ @OlympusDAO solved the boot strapping problem, and their treasury has developed many revenue streams. The only question you should ask yourself, "will $OHM be across all chains," which the answer is yes and it is happening now. Why is this important?
13/ b/c it opens $OHM up to the TVL or liquidity flowing on other networks, and these can come into TVL of OHM as stakers. The more chains, the higher and easier it is for OHM's mcap (and price) to grow, being exposed to all of this liquidity (as though Ethereum's wasn't enough)
14/ With this said, there is no good news right now unless, like me, you are buying up $OHM dip price, I just grabbed more at $196.44, which is better than my original buyin back in Sept at $315.00. I'm happy. OHM is selling at a discount for it being OHM.
15/ The treasury backing of each $OHM coin, the P/B ratio, price to Backing ratio is 2.31x, which is as cheap as it has been in months. Mcap has -32.47% over the past 5 days, and the treasury is down about 15%,much of this though is migration and cross chain expense.
16/ $BTRFLY, part of OHM's governance use-case, how OHM is grabbing up control over other protocols, is doing a bit better, mcap down over 5 days by only 25.45%, but having the treasury move up considerably during this time by nearly 20%.
17/ For whatever reasons $BTRFLY is doing better than $LOBI who effectively has the same mandate as @redactedcartel in capturing governance. $BTRFLY is trading at a premium despite the dip, w/ a P/B ratio of 3.4x. I wanted to buy more when it went under $2,000 but I missed it
18/ @LobisHQ has put out some positive news, but it has done little to keep its price and mcap up. Over 5 days, its mcap is down 32.55% and the treasury is down 16.21% but some of this is from deploying assets in its mandate to capture governance and grown $OHM's influence.
19/ If you believe in the web now of the #ohmconomy you should buy some now, as its P/B ratio is only .72x. If you don't understand how structural economies work, here is a zigger or two for why the ohmconomy is so important, and $LOBI is part of it in a central way.
20/ w/ structural economies, the more interconnected the "web" of independent economies the stronger their resilience, the more difficult for any one of them to fail b/c the whole helps sustain the "parts." In this way, that @OlympusDAO is blasting out partnerships and . ..
21/ owning these cryptos in their treasury and many many cryptos are owning or implementing $gOHM in their treasuries, Bretton Woods of #crypto being built before our eyes. It could be argued that $LOBI and $BTRFLY are the proverbial tip of the spear in OHM's plans . . .
22/ ... b/c these protocols, @LobisHQ and @redactedcartel, claim and give OHM more and more control over other #cryptos as OHM gains major ownership stake, which in turn, strengthens the ohmconomy as $OHM has those protocols make decisions good for OHM.
23/ @OtterClam has faired a little better, mcap down only 24.07% over 5 days. Their treasury balance is largely stable, down a bit, -6.57%. P/B ratio is 1.23x, so relatively cheap if you want to buy some. They are working on building out their usecases . . .
24/ and insofar as $CLAM gets it done before the end of this bear market, they stand a very good chance at growing their mcap decisively since it is so small right now at only 3.9 mil, lots of run way here if they deploy a grand use-case.
25/ This is a good point to point out another consensus that is brewing, that is: of responsible daily dilution rates developing organically but looking very similar as these #rebase fiscal mechanics are more and more understood.
26/ The older a project becomes, if it is to survive and provide its investors with the likelihood that it will enrich them, the dilution rate tends toward a daily rate between 1% and 2.5%. Projects that are young can be higher and still be responsible . . . dinner break . . .
27/ but we are seeing a truly organic "rise" of what the dilution rate should be in an inflationary economy of a #rebase project. Take a look at these daily dilution rates: $Ohm 1.88%, $Btrfly 1.12% $clam 1.84% $klima 1.61% $time 1.91% $fort 1.51% $exod 2.2% $hec 2.1% $rome 1.99%
28/ @Fortune_DAO 1% $gyro 1.27% $squid 1.45% $umami 1.49%. There are very young projects that are higher like @VESQHQ $vsq w/ 3.9%, which is okay due to their youth. $NMS @nemesis_dao has been going through a pull back, reflate due to dilution, their rate is 3.66%, it won't last
29/ analogously, another project I warned about was $TEM, and we find a daily dilution rate of 3.08%, this project has a low total coin supply but as the past few weeks has shown, the coin price cannot be sustained even if some of this is just due to the bear market.
30/ $Klima mcap is down 41.47%, price is "rekt" although the projects news, developments, and renewed mcap seems entirely likely. Lots of runway if you want to buy more, 174mil mcap w/ ATH mcap of just over 1 bil, a 8.25x opportunity. P/B ratio shows it is cheaper at 2.32x
31/ $TIME, of the big boys and older projects, has faired best, down only 18.17% in its mcap over 5 days. It is going cross chain w/ wMEMO and is deploying its treasury assets now to make that happen, also invested in a startup sports betting platform.
32/ For some reason the APY spiked back up to 85,000% but the treasury can handle it easy, w/ only being down 1.79% over the past 5 days. $TIME's dilution rate is responsible so looks like Dani knows that this dip will destroy the irresponsible #rebase projects, and he is . . .
33/ positioning @Wonderland_fi to draw in that liquidity exiting those failures. Cheap buy in right now, w/ a P/B ratio of only 1.66x, the cheapest it has been since Sept.
34/ Nothing new to report w/ $FORT, its mcap is down 41.36%, still waiting on it to launch its stable coin, but $OHM is going big in that area as well and is already on $AVAX, wonder how much room there is for the proposition, maybe you should partner w/ $OHM @FortressDAO
35/ @EXODIAFinance $exod grew during this bear market, its mcap up by 4.81% to 4.38mil, being housed on @FantomFDN its growth and runway are massive, and it is a responsible choice to pair w/ the flashiness of $HEC. If the mcap were to go to 20mil, that's a 5x, that means . . .
36/ the coin price for $hec if it happened soon would be in the $1,200 - $1,500 range. This could easily happen. Although marketing and flashiness are good, (great job $hec), the ease of this type of price appreciation should not be missed as a factor in deciding what to buy or
37/ how much to buy or whether you will buy both or choose one over the other. I've hammered the dilution issues for long enough and we all know at this point that $exod is a long hold b/c of their based excellent management of dilution.
38/ @HectorDAO_HEC $HEC has profited from their continued marketing efforts, growing their mcap by 13.57% over the past 5 days. They have their dilution in check at 2.1% per day, and their bond discounts for their 4,4, at least when I just checked, are less juicy, i.e. reponsible
39/ $HEC treasury is up 2.65% during these 5 days, still uber cheap entry at 1.43x P/B ratio. Their mcap is at 186mil, so a big run up in the coin price seems unlikely until the bear market is over, but if they can sustain this price point, that will be good.
40/ $TEM @TemplarDAO's mcap is only down a little, -4.24% in 5 days, treasury down 5.82%. Not much to report here. @FantohmDAO continues w/ way low dilution, .68% daily, likely the result of their suspicious $FHUD fake stable coin mechanic . . .
41/ If you look at $FHM's APY, the dilution rate should be much higher, but we see they are not using treasury assets to buy and burn like the other protocols have to, their treasury is only down 4.85% over 5 days. This funny math tells a narrative of something off.
42/ $FHM's mcap is down 7.72% over the past 5 days, P/B ratio is 1.52x if you want to buy in. Be cautious, high APY for this long while all the other protocols are having to correct to lower, yet their dilution is also lower than even $OHM and $EXOD, something very wrong here.
43/ $Rome continues building its game, getting some new looks on it, nice. $ROME tacked on 11.06% to its mcap during this bear trend over the past 5 days, lost 10.25% of its treasury. Paying a premium to get into this coin ever right now on this dip w/ a P/B ratio of 3.99x.
44/ @Fortune_DAO took big mcap hit, down 41.16% over the past 5 days, treasury down 15.15%. Cheap cheap buy in right now w/ a P/B of only .69x
45/ @GyroDAO is our big winner over the past 5 days, after its migration and big news the price is getting the boost it deserves. Mcap up 51.07% over 5 days, treasury up 19.75%, the P/B ratio is 3.14x. Nice low dilution at 1.27% daily.
46/ @MetaverseProDAO is moving to Ethereum. Not sure what is going no with this, the protocol is totally down right now until mid January, please someone comment. We already knew that their dilution was out of control . . .
47/ @SquidDao is in line w/ total crypto market drop, down in its mcap 14.48%, treasury down 23.37%. P/B ratio 1.01x so trading at value. @UmamiFinance has stabilized, I was worried about its dilution. No real loss in mcap over the past 5 days, good news. Treasury down 7.46%
48/ @UmamiFinance dilution is only 1.49% daily, their P/B ratio is 1.38x, so not a bad buy in.
49/ Finally, there is @VESQHQ who has a higher dilution rate but it only about 2 weeks old so it is okay w/ 3.9% daily. Still its mcap is down by 21%, but their treasury is up 19%. Bond discounts are too high and should be fixed. you could buy in now w/ a P/B ratio of 1.73x.
50/ This concludes our 🐳🧵 but I am sure there are projects you'd like me to look at more closely, #rebase projects. Send them to me and I will try to do an alternative whale post on those tomorrow or the day after. I homeschool, so working hard even if retired.
PS, I need a correction here. It should say that the price of @EXODIAFinance $EXOD would be in the $1,200-$1,500 range.

• • •

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