To keep public-faith alive in judiciary, constitution, system, & democracy..

Hon. .@indSupremeCourt .@rashtrapatibhvn .@PMOIndia Intervene #CBI #ED #NCB for taking rigorous actions against the culprits who brutally killed SSR-DISHA &Team!

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Are Aditya Thackeray, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Suraj Pancholi, Sachin Vaze, Dino Morea, Karan Johar, Imtiaz Khatri, Sarad-Uddhav-Param & Dawood gang above the 🇮🇳judiciary?

.@SCofInd .@rashtrapatibhvn .@SubodhJaiswal96 .@ips_nupurprasad

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Thousands of circumstantial evidences & eyewitnesses are screaming, since 07th & 14th June 2020, that Both Disha Salian & Sushant Singh Rajput, along with his team, were horrendously assassinated in a well pre-conspired way by "underworld led

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
bloodsucking dawood fraternity.

Pious public transparently know that all sorts of illegal & anti-humanitarian activities, activists, criminals are backing since decades, by the venomous nexus of underworld led political dacoits,..

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
satanic murder-mafiyas, soldout media kingpins, goons in police uniform, anti-national late-Bollywood, corrupt legal eagles & even judges who are consistently making mockery of public sentiments.

Public Motto :
"Serve Justice & Take Vote"

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
(Serial Killings in 2020)

1. Manmeet Grewal(May 15)

2. Sachin Kumar(May 15)

3. Preksha Mehta(May 26)

4. Krish kapur(May 31)

5. Disha Salian(Jun 8)

6. Agnes Lisa Smith(Jun-11)

7. Sushant Singh Rajput (Jun 13)

8. Anandi dhawan : Missing

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
9. A Minor girl (June -14)

10. Sameer Bangra (June - 14)

11. Steve Pinto Missing

12. RohanRai&Friends: Missing

13. Sameer Sharma (Aug 05)

14. Akshat Utkarsh (Sept. 27)

15. Sandeep Nahar (15 Feb,2021)

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
#VJChitra #Diya Kakkar, #Ajitabh,
#ParasDogra ( A well known cricketer & close to Virat Kohli, Priti Zinta, Shilpa Shetty, & Akshay Kumar)

16. ParasNayal (Aug 6 2020)

17. AsifBasra (12 Nov 2020)

18. AshwiniKumar (07 oct 2020, Former CBI)

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
19. Sejal sharma ( 25 Jan 2020)

20. Kushal Punjabi (26 Dec 2019]

21. Sri Devi (24 Feb 2018)

22. Inder Kumar (28 July 2017)

23. Pratyusha Banerjee (01 April 2016)

24. Vishal Thakkar Missing(31 Dec 2015)

25. Sikha Joshi (16 May 2015)

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
26. Archana Pande (29 sept 2014)

27. Sunanda Pushkar ( 17 jan 2014)

28. #JiahKhan (03 june 2013)

29. Rinki Chaudhary (30 oct 2010)

30. Shree Rajiv Dixit (30 nov 2010)

31. Monica Chaudhary Dutt (30 may 2009)

32. Kunal singh (07 feb 2008)

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
33. Gitanjali (22 April 2006)

34. Kuljeet Randhawa (08 Feb 2006)

35. Praveen Baabi (20 Jan 2005)

36. Nafeesha Joshaf (29 July 2004)

37. Reem Kapadia (2000)

38. Priya Rajvansh ( 27 March 2000)

39. Siddharth Bedi (19 July 1999)

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
40. Gulshan Kumar(12 Aug 1997)

41. Mukul Anand(07 Sept 1997)

42. Urmila Bhatt(22 Feb 1997)

43. Silk Smitha or Vijaya Laxmi (23 Sept 1996)

44. Vijay Saxena (24 June 1994)

45. Manmohan Desai (01 March 1994)

46. DivyaBharti (05 April 1993)

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
47. Mukesh Agarwal(1991: Rekha's 2nd hubby)

48. Vinod Mehra(30 Oct 1990: Rekha's 1st hubby)

49. Smita Patil(13 Dec 1986)

50. Sanjeev Kumar(06 Nov 1985)

.@ips_nupurprasa.@SubodhJaiswal96 Ji.. tell us a single name of any Dawood-Nepo-Kid ?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Hon. @SCofInd has already given full right to
.@ips_nupurprasad .@SubodhJaiswal96 that #CBI can probe each & every case related to .@itsSSR 's sudden, abrupt, & mysterious demise!

Why no action/summons/grilling so far?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Each & every 'murder turned su!cide case' must be probed as 'unpunished assassination angle only' to know the role of living-monsters in police uniform :

Kindly serve fair justice to SSR

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Culprits of @JiahKhanJustice, @dishasalian26, Agnes Lisa Smith, @itsSSR, Sameer Bangra & Sharma, Ashif Basra, Sandeep Nahar, Pista Dhakad are same!

Why're .@ips_nupurprasad
.@SubodhJaiswal96 .@NIA_India showing mercy on living monsters?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
What're the mysteries of
Jun 03, 2013
Jun 07, 2020
Jun 13,2020

Everyone knows that SurajPancholi, AdityaThug, & RheaC were at SSR's Mont Blanc, along with SachinVaze, ArbazKhooni, SSR's flatmates!

Why did CBI not quiz any of them so far?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Under whose permission/nod bootlickers from MVA-NCP BHC-MuPo-PuppetMedia & gutterwood fraternity are still roaming scott free ?

Why are .@MinistryWCD, @India_NHRC keeping shut its mouths over the serial killings happening since 4 decades ?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Why did .@ips_nupurprasad
.@SubodhJaiswal96 .@dir_ed
not probe multiple horrendous & intentional serial killings called carnage or massacre done by underworld-MVA-NCP led gutterwoodmafias & corrupt bureaucrats ?

Where are CCTV footages ?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Who're the scriptwriters of so-called depression theories & under whose guidance 'all the bloodsucking residents of Gutterwood' circulated against pious Jiah-Disha-SSR ?

Why does predator Asharaf Bhatt become predictor in each murder case ?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Why did corrupt MuPo cover up Jiah-SSR-Disha murder cases , extort money from SalmanKhooni & Khooniwood, & provided shield to all plotters, rapists, murderers, murder-movie-drug-hawala mafiyas, & accomplices brazenly ?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Why're @FinMinIndia, @dir_ed, & @IncomeTaxIndia failing to expose concrete translation details, publically, of all DawoodKids who are consistently killing super talented, uncompromising, & innocent outsiders ?

Where is Law?
Where is Justice?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
Where is the loyalty of politicians towards nation, & their pledges. The God / Karma captures everything!

Respected .@SubodhJaiswal96 ji, your duty is to bring the truth out in all 'unpunished assassinations' fairly & completely at any cost!

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
We honest people of beloved Hindustan know very well that our hon. defence forces are capable enough to destroy all external enemies, But who is / are responsible to take rigorous actions against all internal enemies called DawoodKids ?

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity
The world'll never be a better place until dirt/shit like eemented Suar Pancholi, SalmanKhooni, Asharaf Bhatt, Kalank Jokar, Ekta Cooper, AdityaPancholi&Thackeray, Sarad-Uddhav-AD-Surjeet

These dawood-kids have to rot in both jail & hell!

CBISilence 4 SSR Is Complicity

• • •

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Our ignorance can be divided into problems & mysteries.

When we face a problem, we may not know its solution, but we have insight, increasing knowledge, & an inkling of what we are looking for. When we face a mystery, however,..

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The best way out is always through.....
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10 Jan
True friendship multiplies the good in life & divides its evils.

Our most beloved legend .@itsSSR sir found his warriors as best friends with soul to soul connection, & SSRians also found a soulmate as a good fortune, divine blessing & true love!

God-Goddess correct their mistake by making true friends whom they forget to bind in blood relation.

We all-weather-warriors have our bestest amongst the best friend Sushant Singh Rajput,
The child of lord shiva, Who Is omnipresent & omnipotent!

दोस्ती अरमान है एक खुशी के आशियाने का
ये तो फूल है जिन्दगी की राहों को महकाने का
ये तो फ़र्ज है उम्र भर वफादारी निभाने का
जिन्दगी में आकर कभी ना वापस जाने का
कुछ खोकर भी सब कुछ पाने का
दोस्ती नाम है दोस्तों में खुशियाँ बिखेर जाने का
Just like our EK DIL EK JAAN EK SUSHANT ❤️
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10 Jan
Disha's ex-manager of
Aishwarya Rai & Varun Sharma also then why did Media & MuPo drag SSR name only?

Why did🐍Singh, Ankita L, &Suraj Pancholi Say that they don't know Disha?

Where're Rohini,Anandi,Uday, Shruti,Rohan & Staff?
Who did fordge SSR’s signs on his latest company papers?

Why's the IP address of SSR's company changedb17 times within a short span?

Why're both Showik‘s & SSR’s email IDs blocked after SSR’s Murder & at present who all are the shareholders?

After SSR's murder Neeraj was wearing branded watches clothes..accessories..all of sudden from where did he get them?

How did Dhruv Choudhary (links with🐧, Disha patani & 🐅 Shroff) come to know SSR was murdered at 9:30 am on 14 Jun 2020?

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9 Jan
1/25 🙏Earnest Appeal🙏

Hello Beautiful Warriors,

We all know that our pious &
most beloved legend Sushant Singh Rajput Sir's epic 'SUSHANT DAY' to be come after next 11 days, So here are simple tips in next 7 tweets :

Steps :
1. At first make winning mindset with full of positivity, keeping in heart & brain 'SSR's super rich & futuristic legacy', with a minimum target of atleast 20MN!

2. Make atleast 9-10 back-up accounts

3. Follow @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @SubodhJaiswal96

So that we can tag them in our parent tweet to show our unity.

3. Share those newly created back-up accounts with all fellow SSR warriors for both following & following-back

4. Make atleast 5 threads (5*25 tweets)from a single back-up handle each day using

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7 Jan
Accused no. 1 @Tweet2Rhea, quarantine partner of Pithani, in contact with Aamir Khan, Rakul Preet Singh, Aditya Roy Kapur, Rana Daggubati, Sunny Singh & Shraddha Kapoor who's direct link with con-man Sukesh Chandrasekhar
.@SubodhJaiswal96 @dir_ed
Probe RheaPithani 4 SSR Case
RheaC once called Aamir Khan, while Aamir had three SMSes to her. Rhea called Aditya Roy Kapur 16 times, while Aditya called her 7 times. she called Rakul Preet Singh 30 times, while 14 calls were received from her side.

Probe RheaPithani 4 SSR Case
RheaC spoke to this AU's (RheaC's family friend Ananya Udhas) number 63 times.

SSR's cook Neeraj confessed
Rhea-Showik used to take drugs, while Samuel-Showik used to deal & bring drugs & Mahesh Bhatt also in contact with RheaC since long!🤔

Probe RheaPithani 4 SSR Case
Read 32 tweets

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