Not only that, is a demand for neoliberal democrats to build camps for republican voters, in order to protect the totally rebellious, totally allies of the working class urban socialist set.

A piece like this would have been completely unthinkable just 5 years ago.
I've increasingly seen stuff like this - basically political unconditional surrenders to the professional/managerial leadership of the current prog coalition. To me that is an actual sign of the times.

These radicals have always had their cheap pride in being "independent"...
But now they are just openly saying "Yeah maybe Nancy Pelosi should be our commander in chief, maybe socialists or social democrats who disobey Hillary Clinton SHOULD be shot as traitors".

Any sort of differentiation on the (radical) left is now rapidly collapsing.
And the reason it is rapidly collapsing is because people are now openly saying that the opposite side have truly become not just evil, but "enemies of all humanity" in the Schmittian sense.

That shit ain't normal. It's not supposed to even happen in a functional body politic.

• • •

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12 Jan
There's a point here that's easy to miss. Obviously Adolph Reed has now bent to social/professional pressure, and he's done so before, in the past. But the *nature* of that pressure is now truly totalitarian. Even a red diaper baby now realizes it's time to pledge for the blues.
Once you have a fairly rapid collapse of these sort of alternative social and political groupings, once *everything* is melted down into a singular point of conflict (reds vs whites, reds vs blues, cavaliers vs roundheads), then that is obviously a precursor to civil conflict.
Like Adolph Reed, in the piece quoted, is just openly saying that 2024 won't be a real election because the GOP is no longer democratic, meaning that anything (up to and including some sort of extrajudicial censure of political opponents) is now fair game.

That's where we're at.
Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
At one point you could look to someone like Adolph Reed for pretty adroit political analysis that was fairly level-headed and didn't shy away from asking hard question about material interests.

Those days are totally gone now lol.…
The old man is clearly slipping; reading a piece like this is now fairly tedious given Reed's intense need to stuff in as many EXXXXTREME adjectives as possible to prove that all his enemies are literally the nazis in 1930. It's a sad decline from some of his earlier prose.
Rather than go "lol a leftist professor is being a leftist professor again! lol!!!! film at freaking 11 boys!!!" here, one should realize that the fact that there's no longer any difference between Reed and the average blue wave dog mom in terms of catastrophizing...
Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
Obviously, American striver culture transcends the left and the right. One of the most curious aspect of people inside the striver class is their magpie-like impulse to hoard various bits and sundry of social ephemera. This is probably related to how strivers select for mates.
This hoarding impulse transcends the left/right spectrum, but there are important cultural differences to consider. In some American locales, the proper way to engage in this hoarding behavior is to list all your clinical mental illnesses on your social profiles.
In other parts of the striver class, displaying your mental illnesses by their clinical names is seen as crude, and extra points are awarded for those who come up with very creative euphemisms for these illnesses (this applies to the left too in a limited fashion).
Read 7 tweets
12 Jan
the american (middle class, striver) obsession with IQ is one of the most hilarious aspects of the country. I've never been to the Great Satan (mashallah I never will alhamdulillah) but I doubt if you go to like rural Kansas the people there just go "oh yeah what's your IQ bro?"
The proximal causes of this particular phenomenon of striver America is probably best illustrated by the poll results themselves. Apparently fully 50% of respondents belong to the top 0.5% in terms of ability! One day, one presumes, the Universe take notice of this amazing fact.
One of the more fascinating things of American striver culture is the casual (but obviously patently ridiculous) inflation of standards.

"Yeah I'm just a 130 IQ midwit".

"Yeah let's say you have a decent but not good salary (low six figures)".
Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
My man's pet peeve here is a real thing and it's a mistake to think the competing narratives about rural America are about different interpretations of facts. It's 100% a question of which classes should be given priority.
Even from an outside view, the red coalition in the US is very awkwardly stitched together (this also applies on the religious denomination level, compare evangelicals to catholic converts in ghe leadership lol), and the city vs rural split is particularly telling.
Most of the putative "leaders of the movement" are creatures of the big blue cities, and they aren't going to move from them, because their class and lifestyle is tied to those areas. They can't be themselves in a 40k town or whatever.
Read 8 tweets
25 Dec 21
Here, Dreher inadvertedly illustrates why anti-wokeness is kind of a doomed strategy. Liberals aren't merely being woke, they are fighting tooth and nail to eliminate rivals of their own children in an increasingly harsh environment.…
Ironically, the rhetorical pro-natalism of the right would just be throwing gasoline on a fire here. At least the libs claim to believe in having few children, and then just engage in a vicious game of musical chairs to secure the future of those kids.
Given the class background of a lot of conservatism, inc, victory in the culture war would itself be a kind of defeat: they are under the same pressures to help their kids retain their upper middle class positions as the libs. Take away wokeness and you'll need a replacement.
Read 14 tweets

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