"How could you have lost your phone???" Ino asked Sakura, frustrated. "Where did you last used it??"

"I don't know! I think over by the bridge?? You know I don't use it much!" Sakura says, a little annoyed at Ino for making her even more guilty. But more than anything, guilty
for losing her phone in the first place. Though she might not always use it, and she could easily buy a new one, that was still given to her by her parents. It wasn't anything sentimental, but she really ought to have taken more care of it.

"I'll try to call it. Let's walk over
the bridge again." Ino said.

"We'll help you find it, Sakura-chan." Hinata said at her side.

She just nodded.

"Oh all the places you have to lose it, it's really in the imperial palace." Tenten just said, half amused.

Well, it wasn't her who decided their field trip.

<ring ring ring>

Sasuke stopped walking when he a weird sound. He was going on his usual afternoon stroll when he started hearing that... very bizarre sound.

"What is it, my lord?" Naruto, his imperial guard asked.

"Don't you hear that sound?" He asks.

His guard also stops
and listen. The sound had stopped, but after another moment, it started again.

Both the prince and his guard moved to where the sound was coming from, just by the end of the bridge until finally they saw a small black thing.

Cautiously, Naruto approached it and with his tonfa,
pushed it over.

It was a weird kind of device... It was lighting up and making the sound. It was something that looks like a very small, very flat & very colorful television.

Naruto tried touching it, & seemingly finding it harmless, picked it up.

"What is this?" He muttered.
Sasuke moved closer to get a better view.

But suddenly, it stopped sounding again, and for a moment they could see a girl. A photo of a pink haired girl before the light go out.

"Give it to me." Sasuke orders Naruto.

"Your majesty, it might be dangerous." Naruto warned.
Sasuke ignored him, and simply opened his palm to him.

Not being able to refuse his prince's wishes, Naruto gave the thing over.

Sasuke looked at it for a moment. It didn't make a sound anymore, it was staying quiet and black.

"Let's go back to my room." He says.
He plans to inspect it closer.


"You probably already really lost it, Sakura." Tenten said with a sigh. "We've walked all over the bridge five times now."

"It might have fallen in the water." Hinata says.

"It's ringing though." Ino says.

"Probably just means it's not yet
broken. Might give out after a few more rings." Tenten says. "But just forget it, Sakura. We'll come with you to buy a new one later. We have to go and find our classmates now "

Sakura sighs.

"Okay..." She just says.

She really doubts that it fell in the water though. For some
reason, she has a feeling that someone had found it. Maybe after she got a new phone she can call it again. If someone did find it, she can just meet up with them to get it.



ps. yes, it's a time glitch sort of story, but i don't have a concrete plan rn 😂

• • •

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12 Jan
🍆 so sarada, have you received it?

🍅 *perks*

🥗 ah yeah, i did. thanks uncle kakashi.

🌸 received what?

🍆 ah, boruto asked me for help in getting a gift for sarada.

🍅 for what?

🍆 i guess congratulations on becoming chuunin?

🥗 it's just a few shurikens & kunais.
🍆 they're specialized. they're made of copper. so it can conduct electricity for sarada's chidori.

🌸 oh that's very thoughtful. have you thanked him?

🥗 yes, mama.

🍅 ...

<later when 🥗 leaves>

🌸 *sighs* sasuke...

🍅 i'm not saying anything.

🌸 your dark aura says a lot
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🌸 he's just being a good teammate.

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🍆 ah. *grins* well, i understand of course. sarada is growing up. i guess that's the hard part of being a parent, especially with sarada inheriting both of your good looks, it's only a matter of time before
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25 Dec 21
#sasusaku #sssnippetaday

After the massacre, Sasuke never celebrated any occasions anymore. Not Christmas, not New Year, not even his own birthday. For him there was nothing more to celebrate, and no one to celebrate with, anyway. He was alone.

When he was put in Team 7, he
still felt the same. Or at least he told himself. But even so, he was forced to celebrate different occasions. Sakura knew about his birthday and made sure to celebrate. They celebrated each their birthdays, actually.

And when it Christmas came, he, Naruto and Kakashi were also
dragged along to celebrate together.

Sakura wasn't insensitive to actually ask them to celebrate with her family, but instead they celebrated as a team in Ichiraku. Which was something ordinary enough that Sasuke didn't have a valid enough excuse to refuse. It shouldn't be a big
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