at least once a week, I stumble upon online debates about transmisogyny, whether or not it exists, and who is impacted by it. so I thought I'd re-share this piece & thread... #trans #transgender #transmisogyny
...IMHO if you take issue with certain activist terms – or as is far more often the case, the way that some individuals employ those terms – then by all means critique away. but outright mocking terms that some marginalized ppl find useful seems pretty fucked up to me... passage from linked-to article that reads: "Part of why
...debates about TME/TMA have striking parallels to debates about cis/trans (which is also routinely mocked) & who is "affected" by cissexism. I delve into in that latter debate this essay. the TL;DR is that two things can simultaneously be true...…
...1) certain activist distinctions can be crucial for helping to convey a marginalized group's experiences (& the non-affected party's relative advantages/privileges), 2) some individual activists may deploy them in especially rigid ways that generate more heat than light...
...but as I explain in my aforementioned "cissexism & cis privilege" essay, the individuals in the 2nd case (who rigorously push cis/trans & TME/TMA distinctions) are usually doing so as a result of ppl in the privileged group not listening to them or taking them seriously...
...from my vantage point (as someone who has witnessed & is sometimes tagged into these discussions b/c of my writings on TM), it seems clear to me that the rise of TME/TMA has coincided w/a sharp increase in 1) trans male/masculine folks claiming that we are "privileged"...
...relative to them because of all the visibility we get, when in actuality that "visibility" = increased scrutiny, consternation, sexualization, & demonization – seriously, the whole f-ing anti-trans propaganda machine is aimed directly at "men who want/pretend to be women"...
...2) some trans male/masculine folks who embrace the "F" in "AFAB" to emphasize their marginalized status, when in fact that maneuver implies that trans women & trans femmes are really "M"s with all the privilege that supposedly entails... #NotAllTransGuys
...while I don't personally use TME/TMA, I am 100% for shifting the focus of trans debates away from AFAB/AMAB (which plays right into GC/TERF ideology), & toward understanding the roles that oppositional & traditional sexism play in creating anti-trans attitudes & propaganda...
...ok need to get back to work now. if you read one thing, here's my fairly short encyclopedia entry on transmisogyny [PDF link]:…

& if you appreciate my writings on this and other matters, pls consider supporting me on Patreon:

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5 Jan
THREAD: I've been sorting through some of my old media contacts today, and was reminded of a past incident that (in retrospect) perfectly captures the hard anti-trans turn the media has taken over the last 5 years. so I wanted to share it... 2019, a journalist contacted me for a story she was working on about "ROGD", as I had written at length about it (e.g., this piece). as a general rule, I refuse to participate in interviews that I'm sure are going to be slanted, as I don't want...… be the lone trans person who provides a sense of "fair & balanced" verisimilitude to a hit piece. but this journalist went out of her way to mention a positive profile of a trans artist she'd written in 2016, so I assumed she was genuinely open to my perspective...
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3 Jan
I'm old enough to remember when it was safe to assume that 99% of all celebrities hated trans ppl. or at least viewed us as gross or a joke. that # is certainly lower nowadays. but I still feel it's a safe working hypothesis unless/until they do something to prove otherwise...
...for the record, this tweet is not about JKR or DC or ppl who associate with them necessarily. just a more general phenomenon I've witnessed. specifically, as a marginalized group (e.g., trans ppl) becomes more tolerated or accepted in society...
...there can be this new pressure to *not* be bigoted against the minority group we all despised back when we were in high school. and ppl who haven't done much (if any) actual work to understand the group will feel compelled to say "I'm pro-minority group!"...
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4 Nov 21
as someone mentioned by name in the Cade manifestos: I am not a fucking "persona." I'm a human being. and I know the difference between critiques of my and other trans women's work/writings/beliefs, and slanderous attempts to smear us as "predators" & incite violence against us. are the facts: empirical research shows that trans women & trans-inclusion poses no threats to women & children. and history shows that the tactic of smearing minority groups as "perverts" "predators" & "pedos" has been used repeatedly...…
...including cis lesbians – here's a whole thread of examples...
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3 Nov 21
a serious question: I've read numerous books and articles chronicling past moral panics, but I don't recall any of them analyzing how moral panics come to an end. do they typically fizzle out due to waning interest? or does a new moral panic need to come along to take its place?
asking for a friend haha...
thanks for suggestions folks! as several commenters stated, I agree that they often don't "go away" per se, but reappear in different forms: "rock n roll" panic shifted to rap lyrics & video games, 80s satanic panic sentiments persist today in QAn*n. and of course...
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2 Nov 21
not gonna share the posts, but the self-admitted cis rapist from the recent @BBCNews "trans predator" piece has published a series of Unabomber-style rants calling for the lynching and potential execution of trans women on her blog
...also, feel free to share this news, but please don't share screenshots or of the posts here, as they are horrific. thanks
...ok back home now after errands, so a couple quick points to add: some have expressed confusion about what this refers to. if you must know, just search Twitter for "lily cade" and screenshots of said writings will come up (but be warned, they are explicitly violent)...
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15 Jul 21
I have no idea why Abigail Shrier’s "Irreversible Damage" book is trending today. but here's a thread of my trans children & healthcare essays that (indirectly) debunk her nonsense and moral panic...
if you are completely new to the topic of trans & GNC children, this is a long-read, but it gets into all the details & nuances that purveyors of moral panic like Shrier don't want you to know:… understanding is that Shrier leans heavily into the idea that "social contagion" is "turning kids transgender". but she won't tell you that this theory was INVENTED BY TRANS-CRITICAL PARENTS! I detail this history here:…
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