Liquid Driver is changing the game, and is home to some of the most lucrative yields on $FTM right now.

🧡: A thread on my favourite $LQDR staking strategies to help you earn 300%+ APY and take advantage of the massive opportunity in Fantom DeFi right now. πŸ‘‡

2/ Before we dive into the specific strategies, here's a little bit of background on @LiquidDriver, and why I think it's one of the best plays in the $FTM ecosystem.

Liquid Driver allows you to become a yield hunter via its farms, vault strategy, xLQDR and revenue sharing vault.
3/ With @LiquidDriver pivoting to become "governance token hunters", they are able to boost rewards to xLQDR holders and farmers.

We're seeing Liquid Driver essentially become the $CVX of $FTM, and @Spirit_Swap $CRV. This governance war has been coined the "Spirit Wars".
4/ @crypto_klay has an awesome three part thread on the "Spirit Wars" if you want to learn more about the seismic shift that's occurring on the Fantom ecosystem right now:

5/ The insane rewards and narrative that $LQDR has been able to generate has seen its price 15x in less than a month.

But you're here to learn how to take advantage NOW, so I'll break down my favourite strategies to earn yield on @LiquidDriver.
6/ Strategy 1: xLQDR

xLQDR holders are the obvious winners here as boosted rewards means greater distributions for staking xLQDR.

1. Buy $LQDR
2. Ongoing lock $LQDR as xLQDR for 2 years
3. Receive 110% APR paid in $BOO, $SPIRIT etc.

Sounds good? Well we can do a lot better..

This method is ideal for those looking to increase their $SPIRIT holdings.

1. Lock xLQDR and receive 110% APR
2. Swap all rewards into $SPIRIT
3. Zap into SPIRIT/LIN LP and earn 74% APR
4. Filter Rewards back into xLQDR or LP.

Yield on yield.
8/ Strategy 3: LinSPIRIT

You can avoid the LP altogether by staking your linSPIRIT directly in the vault.

As 70% of your xLQDR rewards are paid in linSPIRIT, you can stake directly for 60% APR.

You can then funnel rewards back into linSPIRIT or xLQDR (Depends on your goals).
9/ The following strategies are for those who "missed the boat" on $LQDR and don't wish to buy into ATHs.

These will enable you to earn $LQDR without needing an initial position, so you can slowly stack over time.

Remember, the best strategy for you is entirely situational.
10/ Strategy 4: Use MIM/FTM to build your $LQDR position.

1. Stake MIM/FTM for 153% APR
2. Receive LQDR
3. Lockup LQDR rewards as xLQDR
4. Receive 110% on those xLQDR
5. Funnel rewards back into MIM/FTM or xLQDR

Juicy, right?
11/ As you can see, this is extremely powerful as you're earning 110% on top of your original 153% APR which you're then compounding daily!

This puts your effective APY over 300%.

12/ Strategy 5: Use LQDR/FTM to build $LQDR position.

This is for those who don't want to lock up all their $LQDR tokens:

1. Stake LQDR/FTM for 150% APR
2. Receive LQDR
3. Lockup LQDR rewards as xLQDR
4. Receive 110% on those xLQDR
5. Funnel rewards back into LQDR/FTM or xLQDR
13/ Strategy 6: Use SPIRIT/LIN to build $LQDR position.

This is great for those who own $SPIRIT, but not $LQDR:

1. Stake SPIRIT/LIN for 74% APR
2. Receive LQDR
3. Lockup LQDR rewards as xLQDR
4. Receive 110% on those xLQDR
5. Funnel rewards back into SPIRIT/LIN or xLQDR
As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

The exact strategy you choose is the one that best suits your goals. Personally, I already own $LQDR so my priority is to stack $SPIRIT (Hence I favour strategy 2).

The world is your oyster in terms of how you distribute rewards.
Hopefully this thread gave you an idea of the sheer power the @LiquidDriver protocol and token possesses, and helps you take advantage of the insane yield in the Fantom ecosystem.

I break down these strategies more in depth in my latest video:

β€’ β€’ β€’

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This is the hardest philosophy to adhere to, as we are creatures driven by emotion and it becomes very difficult to remove emotional bias.

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The truth is, if you want to make life changing gains in $FTM, the way to do it is through the ecosystem.

Some of these projects could 25x or 50x over the next year or so.

In an HOUR I’ll be releasing a new video with @Prof_Crypto_B on our favourite Fantom ecosystem plays πŸ‘€
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4 Jan
A thread on my favourite $FTM staking strategies in 2022. 🧡

I'll cover:
- How you can earn anywhere from 5-1000% APY in the Fantom ecosystem
- Different strategies for varying risk tolerances
- My personal staking strategy (Not FA)

Let's dive in πŸ‘‡

2/ Want to know how to generate insane yield in the $FTM ecosystem? Well, you've come to the right place.

I'll cover 5 strategies:
1. @FantomFDN staking (5-14%)
2. @iearnfinance Vault (10.96%) Abracadabra (200%+)
3. Yield Farming
4. @tombfinance (1000%)
5. @LiquidDriver (120%)
3/ @FantomFDN staking (safest strategy for HODLers)

Stake your $FTM with a validator via @FantomFDN's fWallet and receive 4.5-13.8% APR.

The longer you lock, the higher the APR (depends how highly you need/value liquidity).

14-day lockup = 4.51%
1 year lockup = 13.81%
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