stepdaddy jk/stepson tae

TW: smut, age difference, boobs+bp tae, degradation
“Taehyung, this is Jeongguk. He’s going to be your new stepdad.”

Taehyung was only 13 when his mother got remarried to Jeongguk.
The only thing he remembered about that first meeting was the red hot feeling in his cheeks, flushing down to his neck. The heat of his blood seared that memory with a brand, shaped like the glinting thick silver chain that sat around his soon-to-be-stepfather’s thick neck.
“Um. Hello,” Taehyung fumbled awkwardly, staring down at his own hands.

“Hi, Taehyung. I’ve heard a lot about you.” The smile in the man’s voice was enough to make Taehyung look up, despite the red still blooming on his face.
Jeongguk’s smile was gorgeous, full set of straight white teeth revealed by slick pink lips. Taehyung remembers the way something swirled up inside him at the slight raise of Jeongguk’s brow, the smile playing on his lips. He didn’t know what it meant.
His mother got married, and Taehyung was the ring-bearer, boldly deciding to wear a dress that closely matched the bridesmaids.
His stepfather moved in, settled comfortably into married life with his mother, watched Taehyung grow and change and explore new clothing styles and makeup, sports and after-school activities.
Taehyung never knew what the slight kick in his stomach meant whenever his stepfather was there in his shiny SUV, ready to pick him up.
He didn’t know if he was supposed to feel heat between his legs at the way his stepfather’s muscled forearm twisted with sinewy muscle as he popped the gearshift, turned the wheel, showed off the sharp line of his jaw. Taehyung gulped.
“How was school?”

Jeongguk was always polite, cordial - like a stepfather should be, Taehyung guessed.

“Fine,” he said quietly, shyly.

Jeongguk sighed. “It’s been three years, Taehyung-ah. You can open up to me a little bit, you know.”
Taehyung bit his lip. That was the thing, wasn’t it? He couldn’t open up to his stepfather, because then he might give it away that he thought about him at night when he explored his pussy with curious fingers.

Taehyung just shrugged.
The next year, at 17 - that’s when the problems between Jeongguk and his mother started, and that’s when Taehyung could put a name to what he didn’t know before.
In his shorts and crop top, fresh from sleep, Taehyung stood at his bedroom window, watching his stepfather mow the lawn - the reason he had woken up. Jeongguk was shirtless, only his dirty Levi’s hanging low around his hips and work boots covered with freshly cut grass.
He paused, wiped sweat from his brow, then pushed the mower forward. The thick muscle of his arms bulged with it, the planes of his abs shifted, the muscles of his back —
Taehyung’s thighs squeezed together where he stood. What if - what if Jeongguk came inside, thumped those heavy boots right up the stairs to his room, pressed him against the wall, joined their lips together the same time he hiked Taehyung’s legs up to wrap around his hips.
Taehyung’s breath shuddered with the thought, and he could feel himself get wet in his shorts. At that exact moment, Jeongguk stopped the mower at a turn and shielded his eyes from the sunlight, looking up toward Taehyung’s bedroom window.
“Shit,” Taehyung hissed, jumping out of the way. He banged his forehead on his wall over and over again in punishment. “Stupid, stupid Taehyung.”
That night, they all sat at the table for dinner. “Don’t forget we’re going to my mom’s this weekend,” Taehyung’s mother started the conversation with a soft voice.
“I’m not doing that. Going snowboarding with the guys,” Jeongguk said casually without looking up, before slurping some more noodles in his mouth.

His mother’s mouth dropped open in disbelief. “You’ve known about this for ages!" She exclaimed. "Why would you make plans?”
“Dunno,” Jeongguk drawled. “Why don’t you take that Sunghoon guy from work, looks like you two have been getting real cozy.”

"I can’t fucking believe you,” his mother seethed before pushing her chair away noisily and stomping out of the room.
“Language, Wua! We have children listening,” Jeongguk called back, just to be petty.

“‘M not a child,” Taehyung retorted under his breath.
When Jeongguk didn’t respond immediately, Taehyung glanced up at him to find his eyes traveling down his body. Taehyung was wearing a V-neck, maybe it wasn’t the most appropriate for the dinner table but it was a warm summer day.
Self-conscious, he pulled the shirt up so it would cover his cleavage again.

“No. Guess you’re not,” Jeongguk conceded, returning his attention to his food.
At 18, Taehyung realized his feelings of lust and infatuation were borderline unbearable. He padded out of his room after a weekend nap, fixing his rumpled sweatpants and tank top as he went.
Maybe Jeongguk thought he was out for the day, because the door to the master was wide open, the steam billowing out from the shower. Taehyung paused before his descent down the stairs, waiting with bated breath.
Jeongguk emerged with all the steam, a towel in his hand but otherwise completely naked. Taehyung could only see the back of his body - his inky jet black hair with rivulets of water trailing down his nape, the tasteful dragon tattoo that swirled around his shoulders,
the muscle of his ass and thighs shifting as he walked forward. He stopped at the foot of the bed, and Taehyung knew he was pushing his luck, but he stopped to watch Jeongguk dry his hair with the towel, toss it on the bed, turn around and -
“Shit,” Jeongguk jumped and hissed as he covered his crotch with both hands upon spotting Taehyung down the hall. But it was too late, Taehyung had seen the dark thatch of hair, his balls and soft cock hanging below - the first cock Taehyung had ever seen in person -
He blushed furiously as escaped downstairs, nearly tripping over the steps. It was awkward with Jeongguk, that day, but that night, in Taehyung’s fantasies, it was too real and too hot.
He fingered his pussy open, his juices slicking up his hand as he thought about how good his stepfather looked naked, the way corded muscle made his body strong and lean, the way the pale skin of his pelvis contrasted with the dark hair trailing up from his dick.
He fucked himself on his fingers, stifling his moans in a pillow, thinking about that big dick filling out, Jeongguk’s heavy body hovering over him, sliding inside him, fucking him like his own fingers were fucking himself right now -
He shuddered through an orgasm, moaning softly. No, it was unbearable. He couldn’t wait to go to university. He would be far away from Jeongguk, surrounded by other people, and he could forget all about his crush on his stepfather.
/4 years later/

After Taehyung’s graduation, his mother and stepfather took him out on a trip to Jeju island. Taehyung knew it was a thinly-veiled attempt at giving one last shot at their marriage, which was hanging by a thread, rather than a graduation gift for him.
He appreciated it anyway, drank in the sun by the poolside while his grades trickled in.

His stepfather did laps in the pool while his mother downed rum at the bar far, far away. They always tried to be far away from each other.
Jeongguk popped up on the ledge, flicking water out of his hair and eyes before crossing his arms on the concrete. Taehyung peered down at him through his sunglasses, watching the way his biceps bulged.
Taehyung had been a bit of slut in college, experimenting with men and women, but Jeongguk made that heat flare in his belly like no one he had ever met before.
“Taehyung-ah. You planning on swimming or are you just going to roast like a chicken all day?”
Jeongguk was 39 now, too young for his mother by a few years but most definitely, regrettably, too old for Taehyung. He had streaks of gray hair on either side of his temple, but Taehyung found it... sexy.
“Don’t you like chicken?” Taehyung teased. Whoring around had given him more confidence around Jeongguk, but he was still shy sometimes.

Jeongguk huffed, his pink lip curling up in amusement. “I do, but I would like even more for my stepson to swim with me.”
Taehyung bit his lip. He must be a pervert, because he shouldn’t get such a thrill of satisfaction when Jeongguk said /stepson/ like that.
He stood and undid the thin wrap around his waist, leaving him clad in only his pink bikini. He hoped Jeongguk wouldn’t ask him to jump in, because he didn’t think the flimsy triangle top was up for the challenge.
Heat rose to his cheeks at the way Jeongguk watched him from his spot submerged in the water, as he made his way down the stairs and into the cool water. It was a nice contrast from the heat of the day, even if the temperature made his nipples pebble.
“Feels good, right?” Jeongguk murmured, eyeing Taehyung who leisurely swam over to him and nodded in agreement.

“Let’s play a game. We’ll see who can swim to the end and back the fastest,” Jeongguk challenged him with a glint in his eye.
“You’re on,” Taehyung stuck his tongue at him before taking up their starting places at the deep end.

Jeongguk won, of course, but Taehyung —
“Ack!” He yelped once he surfaced at the deep end of the pool again. “Jeongguk, help me! The tie came loose!”

With one hand, Taehyung held the meager fabric of his bikini over his breasts while he hung onto the ledge of the pool with the other.
“Oh, shit. Stay still, I can do it,” Jeongguk offered as he swam closer.

Jeongguk treaded water while with gentle fingers he tied the strings of the bikini around his neck again.
Taehyung’s breath hitched when he tested the give of it, rested his big tattooed hands on Taehyung’s thin tanned shoulders, crept them down to Taehyung’s sternum as he fingers checked the string.
“Yeah, it’s-“ Jeongguk started, voice hoarse before clearing his throat. “It’s good.”

“Thanks,” Taehyung breathed, turning a hesitant smile on him.
Jeongguk’s eye contact was electric, but Taehyung didn’t stray away from it as the cool water lapped gently around them.

“Yeah. No problem, Taehyung-ah.”
They enjoyed the buffet at the resort, went horse-back riding on the beach that night, and Taehyung fell asleep in the second bedroom in the hotel room. He got a glass of water in the middle of the night and found Jeongguk sleeping soundly on the couch in the living area.
He rolled his eyes. The marriage was done, he didn’t even know how they had stayed together for so long.

The next day Taehyung was tired from all their activities, but his mother wanted all three of them to have a tennis lesson.
“You go, Wua,” Jeongguk waved her off. “I’ll watch Taehyungie, make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble.”

She sighed on her way out the door. “Whatever. I’ll be back in two hours."
“What makes you think I would get into trouble?” Taehyung pouted around the straw of his mimosa.

A dark look flashed on Jeongguk’s face, making Taehyung’s breath catch. “You are the definition of trouble, Kim Taehyung.”
Taehyung’s eyes went wide. He watched his stepfather’s retreating figure as he made his way over to the master bedroom he and his wife were supposed to be sharing.

Taehyung followed after him, curiosity piqued and his shyness all but forgotten.
“Jeongguk? What did you mean by that?”

Jeongguk was getting new clothes out of the dresser, but paused upon seeing him in the doorway. He was wearing one of his skimpiest outfits, a tight tank and booty shorts.
Jeongguk’s eyes traveled down from his recently dyed blonde hair, to his chest, his hips, down the long line of his legs, back up to meet his eyes again.

Taehyung had newfound confidence, but he was still blushing red under his stepfather’s gaze.
“You know exactly what you’re doing, Taehyung,” Jeongguk insisted in a calm, even voice.

“Wh-what?” Taehyung stuttered out, embarrassingly.

Jeongguk sighed. “Come over here. I’m looking for something, maybe you can find it.”
Taehyung set his glass down on the dresser and stood next to Jeongguk, feeling the warmth radiate from his body. “What is it?”

“I’m looking for a black T-shirt. Do you see it in there?” Jeongguk asked him gently.
Taehyung started rifling through the pile of clothes, squinting his eyes in the bright sunlight streaming in from the window to see —

A large, warm hand rested on the small of his back, exposed from the short tank top.
Taehyung’s heart rate picked up and his fingers curled in a white shirt. “Well, that’s not it,” he laughed nervously. “Maybe-“ he started, but then Jeongguk’s hand traveled up his back, fingers teasing at the hem of his tank.
“Oh,” he breathed. “Jeongguk?” He turned his head slightly. Jeongguk was staring down at him with those dark, intense eyes, and took a step closer until their breaths mingled.
Jeongguk smelled like fresh, spicy musk from his body wash and woodiness from his cologne, and Taehyung found himself leaning in before he could stop.
Jeongguk leaned in at the same time, their noses a hair apart.

“Like I said,” Jeongguk said in a low voice. “You know exactly what you’re doing.” He nosed at Taehyung’s cheek, sliding his hand down until he had a handful of Taehyung’s ass in his palm.
“Jeongguk…” Taehyung breathed, feeling heat travel down between his legs.
Jeongguk wrapped his hands around his hips, coming up behind him to cage him in between the dresser and the hard line of his body. From behind nosed at Taehyung’s neck, probably smelling the coconut vanilla lotion Taehyung put on that morning.
“You know you’re sexy. Always strutting around in these little outfits.” Jeongguk slid a thumb in the waistband of Taehyung’s shorts and snapped it against his hips to prove his point.
“I- I didn’t,” Taehyung denied weakly, not even able to finish his defense as Jeongguk’s hands started traveling to his front.
Jeongguk’s warm breath fanned over Taehyung’s neck when he chuckled, spreading his fingers to splay over Taehyung’s low belly. “Deny it all you want, but I think it’s time you finally get what’s been coming to you, Taehyungie,” Jeongguk kept his tone light, teasing.
“I just -“ Taehyung started, his heart pounding in his chest as Jeongguk’s hands traveled up the skin of his stomach, ribs, over his shirt until he was cupping his breasts in both hands.
“You don’t have to explain yourself to me, Taehyung. I know how to give you exactly what you need, anyway.” He squeezed his tits gently in his hands, making Taehyung let out a soft moan. “Goddamn, where did you get these tits from? Your mother’s are tiny.”
“I don’t - I don’t know,” Taehyung mewled as Jeongguk groped his tits, kneading them in his hands and making pleasure spark up Taehyung’s spine.
Jeongguk kissed his neck with his soft lips, and Taehyung moaned and tilted his head to the side. Jeongguk slipped his hands under his tank - of course he didn’t feel the need to wear a bra around his family - and felt his bare breasts in his hands.
Jeongguk moaned in Taehyung’s ear. “Wanted to do this for a while. When you were a teenager I always thought they would stop growing but then they just kept getting bigger,” he laughed.

Taehyung whimpered. “You noticed me?”
Jeongguk pulled his hands out of his shirt, spinning him around so suddenly he got whiplash. “Of course I noticed,” Jeongguk admitted easily, pressing their bodies together.
Taehyung forgot the conversation completely as the hardness of Jeongguk’s cock pressed into his hip while he left kisses on his throat.
Taehyung moaned, slinging his hands around Jeongguk’s neck. Jeongguk tightened his hands around his waist as he finally brought their lips together, slotting them together messily.
Taehyung kissed back eagerly, all the energy from years of pent-up sexual frustration pouring out with every press of his lips. They separated to breathe and Taehyung ground his hips against Jeongguk’s hard length under his jeans.
His fingers went for the buttons of Jeongguk’s shirt, wanting to finally feel that sculpted muscle under his palms. It was heady, dizzying to have Jeongguk all around him, kissing his jaw as he fumbled with the buttons of his shirt.
Jeongguk took mercy on him and finally helped him, swiftly undoing them and untucking the fabric from his jeans.
Jeongguk cupped his jaw and brought him in for a searing kiss as Taehyung’s hands wandered over his tattooed skin, feeling the muscle of his chest where a large cross was inked.
“Looks like you noticed me, too,” Jeongguk murmured wryly as he pulled up Taehyung’s top. Taehyung lifted his arms and let Jeongguk toss it off, feeling his cheeks heat once again at being so exposed but finding he didn’t mind because — it was Jeongguk.
Taehyung ran his palms over the divots of Jeongguk’s abs while Jeongguk used two fingers to play with his nipple.
“Oh-” Taehyung moaned at the sensation. “Yeah, I - I always thought you knew, from the first meeting. That I had a crush on you,” Taehyung clarified, finding it hard to be embarrassed with Jeongguk distracting him by touching his body like this.
Jeongguk huffed an amused laugh. “I guessed. I noticed you, all those times, looking at me when you thought I wasn’t watching. In these skimpy clothes, too,” Jeongguk hissed, snapping his waistband once again.
Taehyung whimpered, hooking an arm around his neck to get another taste of his addicting lips.
“Shit, Taehyungie,” Jeongguk cursed in between kisses as he played with his tits. He bucked his hips forward so his cock was pressing between Taehyung’s legs, right at his clit. Taehyung desperately ground back against it, the friction making him moan out.
“Goddamn it,” Jeongguk bit out as he pulled back to undo his belt in rushed movements. With a snap of leather, he threw it off to the side and unzipped his pants, then pulled his underwear down until his cock sprung free.
Taehyung watched, mesmerized, and brought a hand down to wrap around the raw hot skin of the shaft. He was encouraged by Jeongguk’s resulting groan, and licked his hand to slick it up and stroke him properly.

“Oh, you’re - you’re big,” Taehyung couldn’t help but say.
Jeongguk snorted at this, a breath out through his nose before Taehyung stroked over the slit on the head. “Shit. You know your way around a cock, Taehyung-ah. You been a little whore at your school?”
Taehyung looked up at him with wide eyes, wondering how he could possibly know that.

Jeongguk tongued his cheek as he smirked. “God, you are a little whore. Well don’t worry, baby, none of those boys can compare to me, I promise.”
Jeongguk hitched Taehyung's leg up around his hip and hooked his shorts and underwear to the side in one motion. Taehyung’s eyes widened again and his heart jumped in his chest at the realization of what he was going to do.
Jeongguk kissed him to distract him while he fingered him open, Taehyung letting out little desperate whines all the while. Jeongguk barely separated their lips while he lined his cock up and Taehyung spread his leg further. “Shit, yeah. Let me see that pretty pussy. Ah, fuck—“
“Oh, Jeongguk,” Taehyung moaned as he breached him with his cockhead, breathing heavy. He held onto Jeongguk’s neck tightly as he worked his cock inside in taut little strokes.
“Fuck. I don’t believe you. Whores don’t have cunts this tight,” Jeongguk gritted out. Taehyung could only whimper, trying to relax to welcome in Jeongguk’s thick length. People had always said his pussy was kind of small, but Jeongguk was especially big.
It stretched his walls once he was bottomed out, hitting the very back of his entrance and filling him up in every way.

“Fuck. Can’t believe I’m inside you.” Jeongguk started moving, gripping his hip as he pulled out and then worked himself back in again.
Taehyung moaned loudly. Jeongguk knew how to fuck - rolling the length of his spine and hips to get his cock to hit just right inside him, sparking pleasure from Taehyung's nape to his toes. “Jeong-Jeongguk, oh…”
Jeongguk laughed dryly between pants. “Bet those kids couldn’t do this. I’ll show you how it feels to get fucked by a real man, Taehyung-ah.”
He got a good rhythm going as he pounded into his pussy, and Taehyung held on for dear life as the dresser banged the wall rhythmically behind them, the flute of mimosa tipping and spilling over the wood.
Jeongguk licked over his slick bottom lip as he drove his cock inside tightly, one of his hands coming up to grope his big tits.
“Jeongguk, oh- Daddy,” Taehyung moaned, then felt his neck flush. He had never called Jeongguk Dad or Daddy or anything, preferring to call him by his first name. But then why did it feel so right to moan it out when he was balls deep inside him?
“Fuck. That’s right, sweetheart, say it again. Who’s your Daddy?”
Taehyung moaned, getting closer and closer to his release with the way Jeongguk was curved just right to hit his g-spot every time, the heat burning in his stomach. “Daddy, Daddy, don’t stop,” Taehyung pleaded.
“Shit, that’s it.” Jeongguk brought one hand down to play with his clit. “I want to feel you come. Your pussy is tiny, fuck. Do you think you can squirt for Daddy, princess?”

Taehyung whimpered. “I don’t know…” He didn’t know if he’d ever squirted before.
Jeongguk panted in his ear as he ground his cock inside him, relentless on his clit. “C’mon, baby, make your Daddy feel good. You know your Daddy owns your pussy, right? Shit, yeah, just like that, let it all out.”
Taehyung cried out as he fell forward with the force of his orgasm, clenching around Jeongguk’s cock tightly as it washed over him.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk cursed. “So tight. Shit, look at that, you did squirt. What a little whore.”
Surprised, Taehyung looked down to find liquid glistening at the base of Jeongguk’s cock and on his hips, dripping down.

He felt embarrassed, and it must have shown because Jeongguk just kissed him tenderly and assured him, “So hot, baby. C’mere, let me see you ride.”
He slid out of him and tossed him on the bed, stripping them both down bare before he joined him. Taehyung did what he asked, straddling his stepdad while he lay flat on the bed, huge cock rock hard against his thigh.
Taehyung positioned it at his slit and sank down, both of them moaning with how good it felt for Jeongguk to be inside him again.
He sank down slowly while Jeongguk pinched his nipples lightly. “Fuck, your tits. Let me suck on them.” Jeongguk lifted up on one elbow, taking a nipple in his mouth while Taehyung sank all the way down steadily.
The feeling of his stepfather’s cock splitting him open while his warm wet mouth wrapped around his sensitive nipple was overwhelming. He ground his hips back and forth, getting the hard length inside him to rub against all the right places.
Jeongguk sucked in a breath through his nose while he palmed his ass, switching to the other nipple. His eyes fluttered closed while Taehyung rode him, sucking his nipple into his mouth roughly before pulling off.
He fell back on the bed and Taehyung whimpered as he looked down, looking at how red and puffy his nipples were now from all the attention. Jeongguk’s fingers tightened on his ass cheeks, helping him move forward.
“Shit. feels so good, baby. You have a fat fucking ass. Your body is so perfect, fuck,” he cursed as one hand ran up the deep curve from his hip, to his waist, to his tits.

A whine fell from Taehyung’s lips. “Daddy,” he whimpered, starting to bounce up and down on his cock.
“Yeah, I love hearing that. Who’s your Daddy, Taehyungie?” Jeongguk said as his hands went to his hips instead, helping him lift up.
Taehyung’s cunt pulsed around the length inside him. He’d never thought he’d hear those words coming from his stepfather’s mouth, but here he was, his dick buried deep inside him and tattooed skin of his chest under his hands as he rode him.
“You are, you’re my Daddy,” Taehyung whimpered, eyebrows knitting together as the pleasure started to mount in his low belly again.
“I know you can ride Daddy’s cock better than that, princess. Let me help you.” He used his grip on his hips to make Taehyung arch up then roll back down to the hilt, guiding him into the smooth motion he wanted.
“Oh, feels good, Daddy…” Taehyung moaned. He kept up how Jeongguk liked it while Jeongguk played with one of his wet tits, pinching the swollen nipple.
“You feel so good, Tae. Your mother’s hole is so loose but your pussy is so fucking tight, shit. Your big tits, too. C’mon, make ‘em bounce, sweetheart.”
He slapped Taehyung’s ass, gripping both asscheeks in his hand while Taehyung put his all into riding his cock, his tits pressed between his arms bouncing with every motion.
Jeongguk moaned loudly, his jaw slackening and fingers pressing nearly painfully into the plush fat of his ass.

“Daddy,” Taehyung said in a pleading tone. “Want you to come inside me. This pussy is all yours.”
Jeongguk moaned again. “Shit, Tae. Yeah? This little whore cunt is all mine?”
Taehyung nodded, whimpering as, lewdly, his pussy dripped out more slick on his length.

Jeongguk forced his hips down to fuck his cock up inside him as he came with a low groan, spilling his hot come inside his stepson and fucking it deep inside.
Jeongguk sucked on his nipple and played with his clit until Taehyung came again not long after, the feeling of his stepfather’s warm seed spilling out of his cunt making him topple over the edge.
He rested on Jeongguk’s hard chest, their breaths calming while Jeongguk rubbed his back gently.

Like a silent agreement, neither of them moved when they heard the hotel door opening.
The familiar jangle of his mother’s purse sounded closer and closer to the bedroom door, until it was being pushed open with a creak.

“What the fuck is this?” Came the screech after a full minute of silence and a stare off between Jeongguk and his mother.
“We’re done, Wua. Get out,” Jeongguk said with a low, firm voice.
Taehyung bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut as his mother stormed out in tears. Maybe this would tarnish their mother-son relationship, leave it in shreds so fine they could never piece it back together again.
He looked up at Jeongguk, tears filling his eyes.

“It’s okay,” Jeongguk whispered, bringing him in for a sweet kiss. “We’ll be okay. I won’t let anything bad happen. I love you, Tae.”
Taehyung sniffled, feeling his last words hit him like a ton of bricks. They had never expressed the sentiment to each other. Now, it was so tangled between what was familiar, fatherly love and what could possibly be romantic love.
Taehyung decided at that moment that he didn’t care. “I love you, too, Jeongguk.”
They kissed slowly, Jeongguk cupping his face and stroking his cheek gently. After they separated, a corner of Jeongguk’s mouth twisted up in a barely-concealed smirk.

“So I’m Daddy now, hm?”

• • •

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