#ot7au where Jeongguk’s been a witch his whole life and has never tried to hide it. His hyungs just think he has an excellent albeit slightly odd sense of humour.

⋆ jk centric
⋆ polyamory
⋆ canon universe
⋆ supernatural
⋆ short au
The first time Jeongguk makes a joke, Namjoon freezes, glances around at the other members and then nods a little uncertainly.

Jeongguk, face straight and showing absolutely no sign that he was joking, drops onto the small couch, joining the rest of them.
He assumes Jeongguk’s maybe tired or maybe he doesn’t really hear what’s coming out of his mouth, they did just spend the whole day dancing in a small, non-ventilated room.

So he brushes it off and pretends that Jeongguk didn’t just say +
‘The water went cold halfway through my shower but it’s ok, because I’ve heated it up again.’

Jimin, who had been waiting to shower after Jeongguk, gives him his signature smile.

“Thanks, Jeongguk-ah,” Jimin chuckles, pressing a kiss to his damp hair as he passes.
Except as it happens again and again, Namjoon thinks maybe Jeongguk just has an odd sense of humour. One that the others seem to be slowly picking up on too, given how their awkward smiles are slowly being replaced by genuine ones.
And now, it’s been three years, there’s been a change in their relationship and it no longer surprises them when Jeongguk says something like ‘Oh Yoongi-hyung, here’s some magical tea. You look like you have a headache.’ or +
‘Taehyungie-hyung, is your ankle still sore? Let me get my spell book, I’ll heal it.’.

It’s Jeongguk’s own special little way of trying to cheer them up after a long and hard day.

Namjoon has really found appreciation for the boy’s jokes.
Jeongguk gives a confused little look sometimes when his jokes are met with warm chuckles, a hand ruffle through his hair, a peck to his lips.

The boy’s humour lifts up Namjoon’s mood in the darkest times.

And Namjoon's in love with him.
He tells Jeongguk that one day when they’re cuddling. Doesn’t expect the boy to giggle in response, nose scrunching and head shaking the cute way that has Namjoon pressing a kiss to his lips.
“You’re only saying that because I accidentally put a little too much relaxation potion in your tea, hyung,” Jeongguk tries to say, only it comes out muffled because Namjoon can’t stop kissing him.

“Hm, what?” Namjoon asks, too distracted.

“Nothing,” Jeongguk chuckles.
Namjoon falls asleep in Jeongguk’s arms later that night. The younger boy only smiles, hoping his hyung's stress will disappear after their upcoming comeback.

Hoseok has always thought the deadpan kind of way Jeongguk makes jokes is a rather interesting contrast to the softness of his personality. From the boy's giggles to the unconscious little scrunches of his nose to the times he curls inwards to make himself smaller, +
everything about him is cute and gentle.

But then he opens his mouth to say the oddest things that seem completely taken out of context.

It’s now become just another one of the reasons Hoseok loves him so much.
It happens often enough that Hoseok doesn’t bat an eye anymore.

Like today.

After an entire day of preparing for their album, the seven of them are finally home, trickling into their dorm in a slow and exhausted manner.
Hoseok watches Jeongguk disappear into the kitchen. As always.

He had once worried about the boy’s refusal to shower first, only for Jeongguk to say ‘The proportion of potion needed in the tea is hard to get right. I want to do it before I’m showered and too relaxed.’
There are six familiar cups on the table of the family room when Hoseok returns from his shower. Jeongguk emerges from his own soon after with a sparkle that always glitters in his eyes.

Hoseok reaches an arm out, pulling the boy onto his lap.
“How do you make your teas so amazing?” Hoseok groans in appreciation. “They’re absolutely magical.”

“I’m a witch.”

“Yes, you are. Our cute, little witch,” Hoseok hums immediately, tickling the boy’s chin.
Jeongguk rolls his eyes with a shy smile, attempting to swat his boyfriend’s fingers away.

Hoseok only grabs the offending hand and tugs Jeongguk down so he can kiss the boy silly.

There’re only a few more days until their comeback and their laundry basket is overflowing with clothes that need to be washed.

Seokjin comes back early after a rerecording and is adamant that he’ll have at least half the load done before his boyfriends return.
Only, he finds Jeongguk sitting cutely in their family room, surrounded by piles and piles of clean laundry and humming softly to himself. All their clothes are folded neatly, save the shirt Jeongguk’s currently fiddling with.
Seokjin stands speechless at the entrance until Jeongguk’s tilting his head up and smiling.

He takes note of how soft and small Jeongguk looks amongst the mountain of clothes.

“When did you get back, hyung?” Jeongguk murmurs.

“How… how did you manage to wash everything?”
“Magic. I made the machines go faster,” Jeongguk shrugs.

Seokjin feels an absurd amount of warmth at the boy’s light joke. With a chuckle, he rushes forward to tackle Jeongguk with a kiss.

“Thank you for washing them.”
Then kisses him three more times just because. And then ten more because Jeongguk’s giggling and pretending to squirm away.

And if some clothes, dirtied during their escapade, turn magically clean, Seokjin is far too busy to notice.

After they finish the promotions for their long-awaited comeback, it’s safe to say they’re utterly exhausted. The time they’ve managed to spend privately is little to none. Only fleeting pecks and gentle brushes of hands against waists and thighs. A quiet ‘you’ve got this’.
When they conclude their final schedule of the period, Yoongi thinks he’s ready to pass out for two days straight.

He keeps his head down, following the rest of his boyfriends into their home. He doesn’t pay too much attention to where he’s going so when they come to a halt, +
he walks into Seokjin’s unfairly broad shoulders.

“Can we turn the family room into a fort? I want to spend the night together,” he hears Taehyung murmur.

“I would love to but I’m too tired to even move my arms, much less the cushions and blankets,” Jimin groans.
“I’ve got it, hyungs,” Jeongguk offers.

Yoongi is about to lend his help too; he doesn’t want Jeongguk to do all the work by himself.

Except as he steps forward, he sees Jeongguk’s arms raised, quietly chanting beneath his breath and eyes twinkling even brighter than normal.
Their family room is moving. And rearranging. And shaping into a fort under Jeongguk’s command.

Yoongi can feel the other members frozen behind him. He’s not sure how long they spend gaping at their family room but then Jeongguk’s turning to them with a blinding smile.
It drops when he takes in, what Yoongi presumes is, their shocked expressions.

“What?” Jeongguk asks carefully. The boy looks back to adjust a crooked edge of the fort. Yoongi wants to kiss Jeongguk until he never stops smiling again.

“I… what… you,” Taehyung stutters.
“Do you not like it?” Jeongguk whispers, looking too crestfallen for their liking.

“No, it’s– the fort’s marvellous. Amazing. Perfect. Just like you,” Taehyung quickly corrects.

The way Jeongguk beams has all of their mouths clamping shut again.
“Come on then,” Jeongguk grins, flinging his slippers off and sliding under the blanket that’s acting as the roof.

Yoongi watches the way everyone glances around. Jeongguk peeps his head out not two seconds later.

Yoongi takes it upon himself to move past the shock first. He follows Jeongguk into the fort, the younger boy immediately falling into his open arms, and waits for the rest of their boyfriends to settle before clearing his throat.

“I didn’t know you could do that,” he murmurs.
“I learnt it recently. I can make the potions in my sleep now so I wanted to see what else I could do to help.”

“Potions. Right. You can make them in your sleep?” Yoongi says. He feels a little silly, repeating Jeongguk’s words and turning them into questions.
“Yeah,” Jeongguk nods, bottom lip jutting out. “With how much the comeback was stressing all of you out, I made a bunch of the relaxation ones.”

He’s blinking slowly and Yoongi knows from experience that the boy’s not far from falling asleep.
“The teas,” Hoseok declares suddenly and Yoongi watches realisation sweep across their faces. Jeongguk peeks an eye open to give them a funny look.

“You’re… a witch,” Namjoon says. The word tastes funny coming out of his mouth.

“I know,” Jeongguk mumbles sleepily.
Yoongi feels foolish.

“Our cute, little witch,” Jimin murmurs and Yoongi just knows he’s mirroring the fond yet slightly exasperated smile as he comes to terms with his own lack of percipience.
Yoongi watches in adoration as the younger boy in his arms only giggles cutely at the affectionate name. When Jimin goes to attack him with kisses, Jeongguk only curls up more, nose scrunching but accepting the kisses.
“You’re a witch,” Yoongi repeats once more, mostly for himself. “Of course you are.”

Jeongguk, more asleep than awake, grumbles a soft hushing noise and Yoongi can only listen to his command.

After all, Jeongguk is their cute, little witch.

Thank you if you made it to the end of this mess! Come talk to me on Tellonym because I’m in the middle of my second 7-day self-isolation of the year and I’m terribly bored :(


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