[220113] Akdong Seoul radio w/ DJ #KUN 🐻 Chinese to English Translations 🎙translation thread🎙 #KUNONAIR #AkdongSeoul #KunD #DJKun #钱锟 #쿤
🐻: A person needs a window to look at the world outside and a mirror to look at their inner selves. Self-reflection allows us to understand ourselves better and move forward!
Now playing “Believe It” by Cimorelli

🐻: In life, we need a mirror that reflects our inner self. That way, we can shine from the inside and continuously improve ourselves!
~Today’s TMI~
First OP’s goal for the new year is to exercise more bc they work I’m an office and rarely get to move around. Their masseuse said their shoulder muscles are too tight
🐻: ah, that’s right. Sitting for long periods of time is not great for your health! It’s not +
+ good for your waist and other parts of your body. For friends & listeners working in an office setting, try to see if you can take a couple minutes to stand up and walk/move around! That way it’ll be better for your body/health~
Now playing “Words Befitting One Who Loves Someone” by Lee Seungyoon

Today’s segment: Oldies with Jinyong ge!

The theme for today is “old things, old scenes, old songs” JY said he was listening to old songs the other day and pulled him back to the time when he first heard this songs and the environment/era around that time
🐻: not only songs, but a scene or an item - when you see them you can be reminded of a time in the past
JY: another fascinating thing…perfumes/scents!
🐻: ahh that’s right. I rly like perfumes, so if my friends go to a place and it smells like a scent I use, they’ll be like “why does it smell like you in here?” If it’s a perfume I use often people will be like “ah this is the kun scent” 😂
[1st song: “她的背影” by Dave Wong]

they chatted about how Dave Wong’s songs (ballads) are often used for OSTs as this song is also an OST for a Taiwanese drama (idk the name off the top of my head rn :’))

🐻: What’s your favorite song from Dave Wong?
JY: still “A Game, A Dream” it was actually a song passed over by other singers and Dave picked it up and rearranged it himself! It became a widely loved sensation
🐻: Ah this situation is pretty common - where “leftover” songs come to then become famous when songwriter interprets it themselves, transforms it, and becomes popular. Just like a lot of Jay Chou’s songs! When u said this I immediately thought of Jay Chou
[2nd song: “When you pass the book of memories” by Lee Sun Hee]
JY talked about how Lee Sun Hee is a veteran singer in Korea and has a soothing, highly skilled/quality sound and also gave a bit of her background on becoming a singer!

[3rd song: “一人有一個夢想” by Vivian Lai]

Kun said this is his first time hearing this song and JY ge talked about how this song has a soothing, romantic melody that flows well. JY said the part of the song that leaves the deepest impression is the counting pattern in the +
+ lyrics “one person…two people…three people…” and might seem childish on paper, but sound really nice especially when sung by Vivian Lai.

JY: I think lyricists are people with extraordinary minds to be able to string ordinary words together like this

[4th song: “Bounce” by Cho Yong Pil]
Jinyong ge described this song as a dynamic, up beat song with positive lyrics
🐻: ah this song is one we practiced a lot to as trainees! Especially when practicing dance since it has a very rhythmic feeling~

JY also talked about Cho Yong Pil’s career and how it spans more than 50 years since he was in high school and how he and Lee Seungcheol are considered the most active veteran singers in South Korea today~
[5th song: “愛不愛我” (Do You Love Me) by Zhou Xiao Ou]

Kun wasn’t sure who this singer was at first until Jinyong showed him something (probs a pic) and then he was like “ohhh this is a rly big senior I’ve seen a lot (on media/programs)”

T/N: I can’t find the audio sry 🥲
🐻: Our program is coming to an end! Lastly, we’ll play a song I recommend - a song I really like, which is Onew and Lee Jinah’s “Starry Night”. This is a song I sang with Jungwoo during our trainee evaluations!! It was very memorable~ See you tomorrow, bye bye!
~broadcast end~

Now playing “Starry Night” by Onew and Lee Jin Ah


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14 Jan
[220114] Akdong Seoul radio w/ DJ #KUN 🐻 “New KPOP” Chinese to English Translations 🎙translation thread🎙 #KUNONAIR #AkdongSeoul #KunD #DJKun #钱锟 #쿤
🐻: I heard a phrase recently, “做人如水做事如山” and I thought there was some truth to that - as humans we should be fluid and tolerant. When doing things we need to be as strong and stable as mountains. Hope we can all work hard to become people like this!
🐻: strong/stable person usually give people a reliable/dependable feeling. This is also quite advantageous in interviews, jobs, and exams. I hope we can all become people like this!
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Kun said every morning is an important start to the day and if we use our mornings wisely we can do a lot of things! Today’s question is “What time do you normally wake up in the morning and how do you use your time?”
Now playing “Brunch” by Gain and HYUNGWOO

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Now playing “Gift” by Park Hyo Shin

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Kun asked if we’ve heard about the 3 to 7 rule like we don’t use 70% of the capabilities in our phone and likewise with the things in our house
🐻: Often, we’re not happy because we’re stressing over that 70% in our life and not cherishing the important 30%
Now playing “30 SEXY” by Rain

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