130122 10pm KST
group Twitter Blueroom Q&A

note: due to the nature of livestreaming, this is not a transcript! how much I can translate depends on the pace of the questioning. thank you for understanding 🙆
They are introducing themselves and are saying how it's their 2nd Blueroom!

Kyubin: hot guy
Wookjin: cool guy
Rie: grapefruit guy
Mill: sexy guy
Junji: pure guy
Yoo: jung
Junji said that skinz performance has been released, but the album has yet to be released. Wookjin said before they discuss, watch the highlight medley!
Yoojung: "it's a really cool video but there are a few songs that stand out. We'll discuss 3 songs."

Rie asked Kyub to explain skinz.
Kyubin said many people helped them, ooo, Haeil, and Nap!er wanted to bring a new genre to kpop. Recording the breath sounds were difficult lol
Wookjin said the song is strong and has lots of glitch sounds and drum and bass. Kyubin said the keyword pertaining to the song is "fine art".
Yoojung said Junji first wrote lyrics for Coy, and suit dance is is indeed his second song he wrote lyrics for!

He said something along the lines of it being a masculine song (I missed his exact words sorry)

For ultimate bliss, Mill said that it was the hardest song for Nine.
Wookjin said rather than that, that he worked hard on all of the songs to make a great album. Kyubin said it seemed like Wookjin just made the songs easily (as a way to say he worked really hard I believe!)
Yoojung mentions "Re-bido". He says its a song he enjoys because only a little bit of it is revealed in the highlight medley, but having listened to the whole thing, it feels like you're at their concert. He said to anticipate it a lot!!
Wookjin said every song is perfect (lighthearted) so he knows why we are anticipating the album so much lol
Rie said Wookjin worked out a lot and improved his body lol. Wookjin said that Gaslighting is really good! He was going to explain the "control" lyric but he said that if he spoils too much it won't be fun lol
Mill likes la nausee. He said that Nine taught him the pronunciation lol. It was a background music for one of the teasers, and through that he thought the song was very cool. Wookjin said it's very artistic!
Kyubin enjoys skinz. First because he thinks that it was recorded the best out of all the songs the album, and also because there are a lot of strong and sexy points!!
Mill explained that this is the first time they are seeing the physical albums.
Yoojung asked someone offscreen if he could show us photocards 😆 He said he would flash it very quickly
Wookjin complimented Junji and he replied that he felt embarrassed 😆
Wookjin keeps wanting to keep secrets, he suggested that they don't reveal the last photocard LOL but they did as you saw
Wookjin scolded Rie for showing the photo took long and was like "why don't you just cut it out and paste it on your head"
Yoojung said that he feels more excited now that they've unboxed some of the album together.

And now we're moving on to the Q&A part!
I think they accidentally mentioned a third teaser that hasn't come out yet? Perhaps for a different song?
💬 a part that i think "wow i did this really well?"

Kyubin said that the 'finger acting' he did turned out very well. (I think its the nails dragging on the ground thing) He said "I can feel confident in my fingers right?"
Rie also mentioned his part with Mill & Junji.
He said that every time they did the choreo, Mill & Junji seemed to get closer. He thought, "aren't they going to kiss at this rate?"

Junji was like "if you're gonna kiss me just do it?" according to Mill?!?!
Junji denied it and Mill said that that's how he interpreted it
💬 describe album in one word

(not translating the english)

Wookjin mentioned that the quality of all the songs in the album are very high so please listen to them. They are geoljida
💬 any words you want to say to lyons?

Rie said that he was anticipating fans coming to see them perform on music stages. He feels that its a shame that we can't come due to increased restrictions.

Wookjin said that he's so thankful that people find so much enjoyment from them
Kyubin also said that he's extremely thankful. He made Rie show off his chest as a thank you.......
💬 what is your own bliss/paradise?

Mill says being with lyons, Kyubin said the same. Wookjin said to wait for them and that he will kill corona 😍😍
💬 will you tour? we are waiting for you in France

Junji said that of course they need to do a tour! Mill said for lyons in France to please wait. Wookjin said that the one positive is that they can show a more perfect image when they finally can tour
💬 long term goals?

Wookijn said its to make better songs and show us a better image.

Yoojung also wants more people to know about them so they will become a cool OOO!

Rie also wants to show us a wider variety of contents.

Kyubin wants to have a concert!
idk why Kyubin is chewing on his hands im sorry
💬 what was the time you wanted to see lyons the most during album preparations?

Wookjin: during suit dance m/v shoot
Mill: when skinz was announced to them as the title track
Yoojung: today 🥺
Kyubin: when they made gaslighting. he wanted to show off to us about the song!!
💬 what do u think is a killing part?

Wookjin: the "gaslight me" part in gaslighting, he thought its a part you can't dislike! And the reaction turned out to he the best. So his thought turned out to be correct.
💬 (question about overseas tour, where they wanna go)

Rie: That's easy! Where ever lyons are. No matter rain, snow, or fire we will find you.
Mill: Where ever lyons are we will go
💬 future concepts u want to try?

Wookjin just said to anticipate the next concept lol

💬 ip1 or ip2 harder to prepare for?

Wookjin said ip2, Kyubin said there were no days off
💬 is there a point choreo? please teach us

Junji said that there is a part where you hug and grab and he showed us quickly as a gesture lol
💬 nail care? everyones hands are pretty

Kyubin said that as you can see he does not get any nail care.
💬 (didn't catch the question lol something about point choreo)

Rie mentioned that scratching is a big point choreo. Whether its on the ground or on their bodies, its all over the choreo. And that it will be fun to look for it while watching the performances!
💬 what do u do when u dont wanna do anything?

Junji said that think about the opposite. It's harder when you have Nothing to do. So just think of it like that
💬 share a funny story from the album preparation

Kyubin said that Yoojung said to focus till the end for the album prep. So they were gonna stop playing games but one day Kyubin came back to Yoojung playing computer games and he was like "I thought you said we wern't gonna!"
Kyubin said that theres a lot of skinship in the choreo. At first he felt a bit burdened but now they are close. Rie mentioned that Kyubin & Mill had a part together but the feeling wasn't there, so Kyubin asked to switch to Yoojung. Mill said he felt hurt by that (lighthearted)
(Guys I'm gonna save the closing ments for later because I have to get ready for work, but overall they sincerely thanked lyons for waiting for them and watching over them. Kyubin stressed that many people helped them out, even including the member's friends.)
Mill also said to anticipate their Music Bank performance!!!

🤍 END for now, I will update this thread later today with the closing ments 🤍

• • •

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