My mom died on a Friday, a week before I turned eight

That was the day I stopped being a child

10 Lessons I Learned From Losing a Parent

1. People want to relate, but can't.

The number of times I heard "I know what you are going through".

They don't.

They are just saying that to fill the silence. The truth is unless you have gone through it you don't know.

The best thing you can do for someone is be there.
2. People take parents for granted

I use to watch friends treat their moms like trash because they didn't get their way.

When people complain about their parents it makes me mad that they can't appreciate what they have.

Love your parents while you can.
3. You will learn who's real

They say a tragedy always shows you who your real friends are, and this couldn’t be more true in this situation.

Many people can’t handle this difficult tragedy, and end up walking away from you. Let them.

You will be better for it.
4. Holidays will NEVER be the same

The first Christmas after my mom died when I saw the tree I started sobbing.

We use to do that as a family and I realized it would never happen again.

You can put on a smile, but there will always be a part that isn't fully there.
5. Its okay to not be okay.

I use to feel broken, useless, and a burden.

Then I did counseling and realized that it was okay to feel the way I did.

Now I help others know that they can get through anything.

Bad days happen, but they don't define you. You can heal from trauma.
6. Sometimes you need a push.

Mine was my my best friend.

One day he told me that it was time to start living my life again.

It hit hard, but it was needed. I started prioritizing my happiness and future again instead of living in sadness.

Don't stay down forever.
7. You worry about everything, all the time.

I use to sit outside my dads door at night just to hear him breathing.

I was scared...

You will worry and then worry some more.

My plea to you is to focus on what you can control and let worries run off like water.
8. Your words matter more.

The day my mom died, my parents got in a huge argument because of something she couldn't even control.

That was the last time they spoke, it crushed my dad.

Make sure you choose your words wisely, may be the last thing you ever say.
9. You learn that you are strong.

Strength comes when you hit rock bottom and are able to use it as a foundation for your future.

You are so strong just for making it to another day. Now use that strength to help others and change the world around you.
10. Don't take anyone for granted.

Life happens fast.

Your parents grow old.

Your kids grow up.

Your life passes in an instant.

Love those who love you and let the rest of the stuff just happen.
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My dad wasn’t always the dad of the year but he instilled some amazing lessons in me through stories (one was about him burning down a bridge).

Stories can last generations.
2. Accountable

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As a father, we should strive for our kids to know that they can always count on us.
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20 life lessons a father must teach his daughter

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29 Nov 21
When I started Twitter I was LOST

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Five lessons I learned

1. Make your own decisions

Free advice is everywhere on Twitter; Good and Bad

You have to do what works for you and build a system that leads to growth and engagement

Don't fall into the traps; Build and trust the Process
2. Make your profile different

When people visit your profile there should be a reason for them to stay.

Don't be another account that looks like 1000s of others and fades into the background

You have a story and are unique; show that in your banner, bio, and PFP
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