Sooooo, this morning I woke up tagged in a #tiktok video by my friend @rabbisandra . She tagged myself and other rabbis (thank you, btw!) to respond to a horrendous video by a young woman who was comparing abortion to the Holocaust (see below). So, how about a #thread on this?
So first, looking at who this woman was, it was not difficult to understand where she got this overly simplistic and incorrect comparison. Looking at her profile, and viewing some other videos of hers, we see that she is a #maga Trump supporter with right-wing views /2
I'll say also that when I pushed back that perhaps she had just heard this idea from her pastor she wrote back, "my pastor is JEWISH LMAO," which again is helpful to know that she is also messianic or part of a messianic congregation as Jews don't have "pastors." /3
So, yes, obviously this is a horrible and dangerous comparison, one which I will explain down the line, but my real question was, where was this woman radicalized? Who is the pastor who put this idea into her head, or at least the seeds of this idea that led her to make this?/4
It is painful to see that ideas like this (or seeds of them) are being imprinted onto people so young, as they have little to no historical merit or accuracy, but are presented as a "headline," to parrot back on social media platforms. It is troubling. /5
So, let us first address the irony of the fact that the Jewish people, who were the primary victims of the Shoah, actually allow abortion in some (or many) cases, even on the Orthodox side. As a Reform Jew, I can say that our movement has gone on record as early as 1967.../6 America affirming the right of a woman or individual family to terminate a pregnancy. Why is this the understanding almost across the board? It comes from the rabbinic understanding of Exodus 21:22, the only place in the entire Hebrew Bible to mention anything even.../7
remotely close to abortion (it mentions miscarriage), stating the following (see below image). The individual responsible for the miscarriage was fined, but was not tried for murder, therefore it is concluded that a fetus is not equal to a person, otherwise "life for life,".../8
...would have been invoked. This reasoning is confirmed in commentaries and codes, including: Yad Hil. Hovel Umazik 4.1; Shulhan Arukh Hoshen Mishpat 423.1; sekr Meirat Enayim Hoshen Mishpat 425.8. However, even earlier than these codes is the understanding from the Mishnah../9
...our 2nd century commentary, which states, rather graphically "If a woman is having trouble giving birth, they cut up the child in her womb and brings it forth limb by limb, because her life comes before the life of [the child]."(M.Oholot 7.6)/10
This understanding comes from the idea of the fetus possibly being a "rodef" a pursuer, thus endangering the life of the mother. This is where the denominations schism a bit as what constitutes "danger" to the life of the mother. In the Reform responsa this can include.../11
not only physical harm, but mental or emotional harm, thus permitting abortion in those cases. In sum, comparing abortion to the Shoah which decimated a people who are, overwhelmingly, in support of abortion (at the very least in some cases) exceeds irony. /12
Now, why else would this comparison, besides the irony, be extremely problematic? Well, we can begin by reminding the OP of the video that the Holocaust (despite her lack of education) was not simply murder, nor was it in any way attached to a medical treatment. /13
The Shoah was a build-up of 2,000 years of antisemitism (see my #thread on the direct line from the Gospels to the Gas Chambers - ). While the Nazi's transformed the religious persecution of the Jews to that of "race," the idea of the "final solution" /14
To the "Jewish problem," was in no way related or equal to medical procedures that may, in many cases, save a life, as abortion may, in many cases, save the life of the mother. Moreover, fetuses were not and are not falsely accused of causing social, economic and political /15
...problems, as far as I'm aware, nor are fetuses aborted due to anger over the loss of wars and ensuing economic and political crises. The abortion issue does not involve pogroms such as Kristallnacht, physical displacement, interment, theft, plunder, or forced labor. /16
While the OP believes she can equate the mass murder of Jews and other minorities to abortion (with most likely a simplistic understanding that "abortion is murder" and so a great deal of abortion is "mass murder"), this is a flawed and problematic comparison, not just.../17
...for the reasons stated above, but also because the Holocaust did not feature only death by gas chambers in systematic efficiency, though this is what is often highlighted. A large percentage of Jews were murdered in the ghettos and concentration camps.../18
...which are different from death camps, or were killed by starvation, disease, mass shootings (which occurred in broad daylight), or gas vans (portable gas chambers). Moreover, lining up men, women, and children in line to be shot or marched into gas chambers.../19
...due to an underlying idea of sub-species or racists rhetoric and misplaced anger, is in no way comparable to the medical procedure of abortion, and is insulting to both the victims of the Holocaust, and the women who go through the legal procedure of abortion./20
What we saw this morning, again many thanks to Rabbi Sandra for pointing it out, is seen far too much these days, which is a simplistic historically inaccurate take to grab likes and views, matched with a profound lack of empathy towards human beings. /21
Not only did the OP show no empathy towards the victims of the Shoah, but she showed zero empathy to the women who have to make difficult decisions regarding abortions, sometimes in the moments of labor, or beforehand, which take severe emotional and mental tolls... /22
...and can be devastating to the mother or family as a choice forced to make for medical, economic, abusive, or mental-health centered reasons.
While most of this seems like common sense to many of us, and while most of us would be just as disgusted with a comparison.../23
...of voting pro-choice for the woman's right to choose and that of the systematic genocide of the Jewish people, the fact that this #tiktok poster posted it, has thousands of followers, and that her video got many likes, shows us that this was and is a conversation to be had./24
For more on this topic, please see my article on @TimesofIsrael (…).
Keep educating, keep learning. Show empathy. Think critically.

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