Jen Psaki—If Trump hadn't "recklessly pulled out of the nuclear deal," none of the actions we're seeing from #Iran, including "aggressive actions that they've taken through proxy wars around the world," would be happening.

Let's debunk Psaki.
Biden reverses Trump's policy, vows to re-enter #Iran nuclear deal
Iran sees Biden's appeasement as opportunity, constantly demands more concessions
Biden, refusing to acknowledge his failed policy, aims to blame Trump (read further appease Iran)
Psaki’s remarks are in line with a new White House disinformation campaign.

For those interested, read this excellent thread by @GLNornha that has fact-checked and corrected Psaki’s lies.
Here’s a periodic reminder for Psaki & the entire Biden administration:

Remember the $152 billion in credit & cash that the Obama/Biden 2015 nuclear deal allowed #Iran's ayatollahs and the terrorist IRGC to access?

Periodic reminder for Psaki & the Biden admin:

#Iran has been violating Obama's 2015 nuclear deal since day one

Obama's appeasement of Tehran's ayatollahs allowed the regime to obtain a highly flawed nuclear deal & begin violating it from the get-go.…
Periodic reminder for Psaki & the entire Biden administration:

#Iran escalated its human rights violations after the signing of the 2015 deal.
-high number of executions
-using torture to obtain confessions
Here’s what Psaki & the Biden admin WON’T tell you:

Thanks to Biden's appeasement of #Iran's ayatollah, China is buying more sanctioned oil from Iran & Venezuela at a bargain.

Exactly 324 million barrels in 2021, about 53% more than 2020.…
Thanks to Biden’s appeasement:

U.S. allows South Korea to send at least $63 million to #Iran.

For what in return from Tehran? Nothing.

Rest assured not a dime will be spent on the Iranian people.…
Reminder for Psaki & the entire Biden admin:

Jan 3, 2022
Attacks on U.S. Allies Raise Tensions on Anniversary of Killing of Iran’s Soleimani

Explosive-laden drones targeted Baghdad’s airport and Yemen’s Houthi rebels seized an Emirati-flagged ship…
-Killing of Soleimani shut down #Iran's escalation
-I am disappointed with the Biden admin. We had Iran on its heels after the killing of Soleimani.
-Biden admin stopped enforcing maximum pressure campaign, showing appeasement to Iran.
Biden’s Pentagon chose to be "careful," reluctant to blame #Iran-backed militias for an assassination attempt against Iraq’s PM.

This is more proof of the Biden admin's ongoing appeasement policy vis-a-vis Iran's regime.
November 11, 2021—#Iran-backed Houthis storm US Embassy in Yemen

Periodic reminder—As Biden took office his State Department immediately lifted the terror designation off the Iran-backed Houthis in an incentive to the ayatollahs in Tehran.…
Top US lawmakers are “alarmed” by the Houthis’ continued detention of U.S. employees and the #Iran-backed militia’s storming of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen in recent weeks.

More signs of Biden's appeasement emboldening Tehran's regime.…
The Biden administration has been seeking to prevent Congress from receiving information that harms its #Iran agenda and sanctions relief for Tehran.

Similar to Obama's tactics of hiding details of the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA).

#Iran seized a Vietnamese oil tanker

How did Biden respond?

“US officials spoke on condition of anonymity as the info had yet to be made public amid ongoing attempts to restart talks in Vienna with Iran over its tattered nuclear deal."

The Biden administration has for the third time delayed the trial of an accused Iranian spy, renewing concerns that the high-profile case is being used as a bargaining chip (read medium for #appeasement) in nuclear negotiations with #Iran.…
Thanks to Biden’s #appeasement:

-UN inspectors "subjected to excessively invasive physical searches" by #Iran security officials —JPost

-Iran has estimated stock of 17.7 kg uranium enriched to up to 60 percent—AP

-Iran resumes advanced centrifuge parts production—WSJ
Seeking to take full advantage of Biden's weak #appeasement policy, #Iran is demanding that the "Americans should give assurances that no new sanctions under any label would be imposed on Iran in future."

August 4, 2021
U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price couldn’t name any action #Iran could take that would stop negotiations.

This is #Appeasement 101.
There are so many more examples from Biden’s first year in office to prove that Psaki is lying blatantly & spreading misinformation.

The Obama/Biden nuclear deal didn't stop #Iran's nuclear program nor their support for international terrorism/proxy groups.
Less than 24 hours after Jen Psaki's remarks, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, #Iraq, is the target of yet another rocket attack.

• • •

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14 Jan

“He was suffering more from the outside than from the inside.”

Excellent read by @TherouxPeter on how @Princeton turned its back on @XiyueWang9 while he was #Iran’s hostage.

There are names you need to know about.
Let me explain.…
@hmousavian is a “specialist” of Princeton’s Iran Studies Center

Despite being a former senior regime official, when asked if he was ever asked by anyone at Princeton to intervene with his colleagues in Tehran on Wang’s behalf, Mousavian balked

@hmousavian 3)
“Mousavian, a former Iranian diplomat & head of its Nat Sec council, was hosted at the [Obama] White House at least three times” & “helped the WH craft its pro-Iran messaging & talking points that helped lead to the nuclear agreement with Iran.”… ImageImageImageImage
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13 Jan
C-RAM air defense system activated over Baghdad's Green Zone in #Iraq (near the U.S. Embassy) and intercepting incoming rocket(s).

Locals report hearing explosions.

My take:
Using its proxies, #Iran is flexing its muscles for the Vienna talks.
More footage from Baghdad, #Iraq

The Biden administration needs to adopt a strong #Iran policy or else these attacks will increase.

This latest attack comes after last night's remarks from WH Press Sec Jen Psaki blaming their failed policies on Trump.
Footage of C-RAM intercepting a projectile in Baghdad, #Iraq
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7 Jan

On January 8, 2020, #Iran’s IRGC deliberately shot down Ukrainian flight #PS752, killing all 176 on board.

Regime officials have lied from day one and refused to cooperate with international investigations.

My report:…

Ontario's Superior Court of Justice ruled that the shooting down of Flight #PS752 by #Iran's IRGC was an intentional act of terrorism.…

Ukrainian forensics chief Alexander Ruvin suggested from evidence obtained that passengers on flight PS752 were out of their seats before two missiles hit the plane outside Tehran.…

Footage from the site the morning after
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5 Jan
Something to watch:

Some reports of locals in Shahr-e Quds, west of Tehran, #Iran, saying they've heard a massive explosion.

-Governor's Office in Tehran denied all such claims
-Fars news agency, citing Alborz province IRGC office, claims it was only "scheduled military drills" ImageImage
"The incident is the latest case of an unexplained explosion sparking confusion and then being explained as part of a IRGC or Iranian military drill."…

Reports of a "drone attack" in Garmdareh, a town west of Tehran, #Iran, targeting Fort Anarky, a military training facility. Some are saying there were no military drills in the area & the regime's claims are lies.

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3 Jan

2 years ago today, the US military took out #Iran’s IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani, the world’s No. 1 terrorist.

Don't listen to MSM. Soleimani was a ruthless killer hated by people in Iran & across the MidEast.…
We all remember how #Iran’s dictator Ali Khamenei wept at a ceremony for Soleimani, knowing his regime had suffered a strategic setback.
A simple question for certain DC politicians & MSM who glorify Soleimani & describe him as a "popular general," a "divine" figure & a "national war hero"...

Why were Iranians tearing down posters of such a beloved man (!) & calling him a terrorist?
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2 Jan

The Iranian people are determined to establish freedom and democracy in #Iran in 2022.
Iranian political prisoner on hunger strike dies in custody

#WeStand4FreeIran where there are no political prisoners, no executions, and no torture.

The #Iran of tomorrow will respect freedom, democracy, and human rights.…
Iranians With No Shelter Forced To Sleep on Buses During Winter

#WeStand4FreeIran where no one should suffer like this and all the country's riches should be used to support the people, not terrorists, or any nuclear/missile program.

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