Pro natalism in China (and elsewhere) will require a cultural re-orientation rather than economic one. Financial incentives can increase fertility at the margins, raising TFR from 1.4 to 1.6 at massive financial cost, but it won't get you over replacement fertility for the simple
reason that financial reasons are not primarily responsible for fertility declines. What goes unsaid by the people wringing their hands about birth rates but advocating impotent and useless solutions is that the culture shift has to move away from the direction of Liberalism and
away from the historical telos of Anglo thought to a nativist and parochial direction at odds with the global empire the US is running. Just as Jewish birth rates rebounded with the extinction of it's secular liberal social elements, so will birth rates recover elsewhere once
elites begin abandoning the individualistic material hedonism as the end state and values other than what the US state department declares as double plus good gain status. It will require the adoption of fairly reactionary value sets by elites that percolate downwards to the
middle classes that will result in enduring gains to fertility and not fiddling around with daycare and child subsidies. There is a reason best Korea has a fertility more than twice as high as worst Korea and that reason is Juche.

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13 Jan
You can tell the US government is full of absolutely malevolent lotus eating irredeemable morons in their post action "analysis" of their own failures. It's never, it was a stupid idea to begin with, or what the fuck were we doing, or the capacity to conduct social engineering
via power point, legal sophistry, and committee brainstorming meetings is extremely marginal. Oh no, they view their failures and and successes in the most banal and retarded fashion possible, attributing their inability to transform Iraq and Afghanistan into functioning liberal
democracies as process and coordination failures of their respective bureaucracy within the blob. It's never we were too stupid and overly ambitious, because that would challenge the utility of using intervention in the first place, but they literally blame the retired rival in
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12 Jan
The amusing thing is, these same qualities being ascribed to young Chinese in dark and ominous terms are usually described as Anglo-American virtues. An unflappable sense of self confidence and arrogance matched with condescension directed against everyone else. The fact of the
matter is, different ailments require different remedies. Just as a starving man should eat more and an obese one should eat less. More confident and pugnacious Chinese who stop viewing the moon as rounder overseas is salutory and long overdue. Yan is a giant cuck anyways, most
of the intellectuals of his generation are and the BA in English merely reinforces the point he is likely a closet liberal eunuch. It's natural given the material deprivations he grew up with that they would worship Westerners as always right. He's too old to revaluate new data
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12 Jan
One thing Westerners fail to understand when they critique the multiculturalism of their own homelands in response to immigration is the Western state orthodoxy isn't actually divisive at all, or even particularly multicultural. The new state religion is a pan-ethnic ideology for
the obliteration of actual ethnic distinctiveness in the most blatant manner possible and filling the resulting empty vessels with what is essence an Anglo weltanschaung. If you look at what multiculturalism is actually celebrating, it's essentially a disneyesque imagination of
of ethnonationalism with all sharp edges deliberately polished away. There is no historic ethnic vendettas, no enemies, no villains. Not particular values that differentiate themselves from Western norms. Just the celebration of milquetoast differences that boil down to foods
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12 Jan
One of the greatest lies is that a Liberal education spreads so-called "critical thinking". The actual truth is that the ability to think critically isn't an ability that can even be imparted but is in truth an innate skill that some people possess and some don't. Most simply do
not have the ability or inclination to reason from first principle or to question the received wisdom from authoritative sources. It isn't just a skeptical nature, plenty of skeptical people don't believe the official line but believe in something even more stupid and false, but
the ability to weigh given probabilities and assess information, even those that support your thoughts for weaknesses and errors. Most people aren't capable of this because it not only requires sufficient mental accumen but a degree of an asociality because social forces push the
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12 Jan
Broke: Blocking your critics

Woke: Blocking your fans

Ultimately, I think twitter accounts default to the lowest common denominator of their followers, or at least the segment that regularly interacts with you. What this means is that the quality of your audience dictates the
quality of your posts. This explains why the big 100k twitter accounts are all garbage because once having reached a sufficient critical mass of mouth breathing hoi polloi, users tend to tailor their posting to the tastes of that crowd. Rare is the account where this isn't true,
the exceptions being people that have notoriety outside of Twitter itself. Thankfully I am blessed in that my followers are for the most part bright people and the rare few blue checks that hate follow me have the decency to never interact with me so I have had to prune a rare
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11 Jan
Taboo avoidance is a universal feature of all societies but what makes the US and by virtue the West unique is their ever evolving greater number and scope of taboos. All sticky problems cannot really be addressed directly but must be spoken of obliquely and using euphemisms.
The issue must be tap danced around while the solutions must be tangential to avoid directly mentioning the taboo itself. Usually there is only a very small list of subjects for each society where this is the case where everyone agrees that it is best to avoid bringing up the
issue at all lest people become uncomfortable. So the problem kind of festers in the background but everyone studiously ignores it in the hopes it goes away. When people do broach solutions, they ipso facto become taboo breakers and are making things socially ugly which might as
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