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SO, where do we begin? Lift regularly, eat healthy and cook your own meals, filter your water and sleep well.

Then investigate the following, and take steps to improve your health. It’s all possible.
- Fake 'food' products being eaten, lack of real food
- GMO food
- Processed Seed Oils (soy, canola, vegetable) replacing saturated normal animal fats in diets, wrecking metabolism and impeding cell function
- Pesticides in food supply reducing nutrition of crops and wrecking bodies

- Contaminated water supply (fluoride, chlorine, all cleaning products we flush down the drain)
- Ph4 rmaceutical Companies overprescribing (includes treating symptoms with antidepressants /painkiller which have far worse side effects, Heavy metals in overprescribed v4xeenes

- Symptom Treatment, not Cause Treatment Model of modern medicine (created by Rockefellers btw)
- Soy Fed animals, factory farming in general rather than grass fed free ranging wholesome animal raising

- Oversexualisation of society, promotion of casual sex, normalised birth control (makes you infertile sure that's good for you!!! /s ) a shift from traditional values
- Pornography being pushed to young people + people in general, over-ejaculation in males

- plastics being used in everything, leaching into our bodies and acting as endocrine disruptors

- lack of direct sunlight and minimal time spent outdoors
Ask me further about how to deal with all these issues in Sol Club, my discord community launching tomorrow Friday 6PM EST
- completely totaled sleep from stimulant abuse and poor sleep hygiene
- overuse of caffeine, nicotine, other drugs
- fried dopamine receptors from social media and mobile phone use, constant consumption of media leading to lack of real introspective thought
- toxic Blue light exposure increasing to multiple hours every day.
- Overprescription of antibiotics leading to destroyed microbiome in the body
- Electromagnetic Fields Exposure such as Wifi, 4G/5G radiation in most if not all workplaces, cities and homes
- Lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyles as we drift into consumer bots sown into our chairs

- A culture that demeans love, incites aggressive competition and materialism, consumption
There's a lot that's gone wrong with our current soyciety as it has drifted away from an environment that maxes the vitality of the individual

We will fix it. For now, through your personal choices you can do a lot of good in removing yourself and your body from these influences
forgot the first image

jee whiz

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Jun 5
You should leave the gym pumped up, feeling good - not completely drained dragging yourself out

Key to long term gains
You can elicit a muscular hypertrophy response without completely draining your battery - if your intensity is high.

Short and sweet baby.
Now, I’ve had huge monster sessions every now and then, of course they have their place. And, as you get further down (years) the line training you need to up your workload

But thinking that every time you train needs to be ride or die?

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1. Stop wearing underwear. You are constricting your vital life parts with polyester poison.
2. Cease consuming mass media. You don’t need to see the new SoyMan Supreme 3000 movie
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What you desire must outweigh your contentment with how you feel Currently

complacency is death of progress
Gotta balance appreciating what you have and not needing anything

With feeling of never having enough

Two opposing beliefs that can feed off each other

One centers and grounds
The other lifts and inspires (sometimes roughly)
The matrix of your mind can be designed so different aspects can be used in different situations

When you need juice or to gas yourself up, feed the fire, then chillmax

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Dec 20, 2021

It’s believed the philosopher, Aristotle, introduced the Shilajit elixir to Alexander the Great who fed it to his armies to ensure victory on the battlefield.

So what is this mysterious powerful substance surrounded by legend?
Shilajit is said to have been found by the ancestors of the langur monkeys.

Nearby villagers observed these white monkeys prying at the cracks of the mountains to retrieve a black tar that was infused within the rocks.

Why were these animals prizing it so? He looks wise.
Shilajit is composed of humus soil and organic plant material that has been compressed by layers of rock over millenia.

In warmer weather, Shilajit leaks out of small cracks in the mountains where it’s collected and purified.
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Dec 18, 2021
The Microcosmic Orbit / Blue Balls

"The Microcosmic orbit is the natural energetic flow of the body.

This is the flow of energy that allows the individual to circulate their energy and absorb the sexual energy that stays within the balls during semen retention. Image
This channel of energy runs from the perineum up the spine to the head, down the throat and rests at the stomach ending back at the perineum.

The flow of energy is in this direction.
Your focus is to learn how to circulate your energy and move the energy from your balls to your head and down to your stomach.

You want to push the energy from your balls up your spine.
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Dec 16, 2021
weed kills your edge
like anything, its a tool. ive smoked before - long meditative walk in nature + spliff with friends? awesome, on occasion.

smoking regularly dulls your REM sleep, clouds your mind, and gives you less drive. thats just a fact. like alcohol does.
if this observation angers you consider you might be egoically attached to the idea of weed.

there are medicinal uses, sure - the vast majority of people don't use it that way

If you wanna use it, just know its a tradeoff, like all substances can be.
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