If you have zero clients, zero dollars, and zero experience in business...

Read this thread.

This is a full masterclass on how you can make $100k as a freelance copywriter this year.

Anyone can do this.

Click this tweet and learn in less than 10 minutes.
Before you go through this, please RT the first tweet above this.

This is basically a mini-course that you're getting for free.

I want this to hit 100,000 Twitter accounts.

Let's jump in.
For context, I started copywriting in 2019 with NO clue what to do.

I bought courses, but nothing was able to explain to me exactly how everything worked.

I had to figure it out on my own.

My first month working, I made $5k. My best month, I did over $50k.
Keep in mind that I'm an idiot and made thousands of mistakes.

If you avoid the mistakes I made, you'll get to your goal 100x faster.

This is how you get started.
If you're brand new to the world of copywriting, read Cashvertising.

It's a free PDF. You can read it online, and it'll take you 6-8 hours to get through in total.

It explains the psychology behind the words you use and how to make your customers take certain actions.
Once you have a basic understanding of the LF8, AIDA, and PAS, you know enough to get clients.

After you read this book, for the next 10-20 days, write SOMETHING. Blog posts, journal entries, ad scripts, whatever.

Just get used to writing.
Download Grammarly, the free chrome extension. Your grammar doesn't have to be picture-perfect, but it has to be passable.

People won't take you seriously if your spelling is awful.

Once you do this, develop your portfolio.
"But, how do I develop a portfolio if I don't have clients?"

Make it up.

Find a brand you like, and start writing emails and ads for them.

Get used to writing what's called a "welcome series", because you'll be doing a lot of those as a freelancer.
Find a brand. Write a 4 email sequence.

Email 1: Welcome, here's your discount
Email 2: Founder/brand story
Email 3: Testimonials
Email 4: Best sellers

Get creative and make it your own. Be funny, be unique.

Now you're ready to sell.
Here's something you need to understand:

EVERYONE needs a copywriter.

Every business wants to find a talented copywriter to help sell their products, but they don't know where to look.

Sending cold emails is how you pitch yourself and make it easy for them to find you.
Businesses want their copy done well, fast, and cheap.

Cheap can mean $100 or $10,000. It's all about the relative value you provide.

If your copy is WORTH $5k a month and you're charging $3k, the client will feel like they're getting a deal.

Just do good work.
This is what your pitch can look like.

"Hey {name}, found your business on IG and it looks like you're crushing it. I'm a conversion copywriter that works for businesses in {niche}. I wrote a sample for your business that I'd love to show you. Can I send that through for you?"
If they respond, quickly write them some sample copy that you can send them.

Make it fire. Make it so good that they'll wish they could send it to their email list or run it as an ad TODAY.

It's not hard to outperform a brand's copy. Usually it's written by some intern.
This will get them SO EXCITED, especially if it ends up being good.

Of 100 emails, you'll probably get 15-20 responses with this pitch.

Of 15-20 responses, you'll get 5-10 calls booked.

Of 5-10 calls, you'll close 1-3 clients on a trial.
The trial will usually be on an hourly rate.

Tell them after 2 weeks, you'd like to switch to a retainer model.

Not every client will go for this, but it's totally reasonable to charge $2-3k a month.

You only need 3-4 of these to be financially free.
Here are the different types of freelance work you can do:

- in house with brand (retainer)
- in house with agency (retainer)
- project basis on upwork (hourly)
- in house with a personal brand (retainer)

You don't have to niche down right away. Just do everything.
To find clients, just scroll through IG and Facebook to see who's advertising to you.

Google "founder of {company}" and see who's in charge.

Go to hunter.io and find their email.

Super easy.
If you wanna be more specific to the niche, let's say you wanna work with real estate gurus.

Go to facebook ads library and just type in "real estate". Pitch everyone who appears as an advertiser in the search results.

If you've never freelanced before, you'll be skeptical if this works.

That's how I was 2 years ago.

It's literally this easy. You don't have to trust me, you just have to follow what I do word for word. It WILL work for you.

That's how I made 6 figs in my first full year.
When it comes to the advanced sales techniques and ways to make this process even EASIER...

That's what cashflowsyndicate.io is for.

Yes, you can make 6 figures with the method I just outlined, but there's always more to learn, to step your game up.

Here's the best part...
It's cheaper than any course you'll ever buy, and 1000x more valuable.

It's $9. That's it.

$9 has made over 50+ people inside their first $5k online.

The sales techniques from @yourealazyfvck and the marketing techniques from me are unlike anything else you'll see on Twitter.
We'll even proofread your copy and help you with your pitch.


Can you still make 6 figs without it? Of course.

But to get full access to me, my partner, and other verified 6-7 figure freelancers and agency owners...

It's worth it.

If you enjoyed this thread, please RT the first tweet so I know to make more content like this.

This is gonna be a crazy year for all of us.

Can't wait to see you inside.

• • •

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