Lee Kuan Yew on the 'wisdom' of development economists:

"The accepted wisdom of development economists at the time was that MNCs were exploiters of cheap land, labour and raw materials. This “dependency school” of economists argued that MNCs continued the colonial pattern +
of exploitation that left the developing countries selling raw materials to and buying consumer goods from the advanced countries. MNCs controlled technology and consumer preferences and formed alliances with their host governments to exploit the people and keep them down.
Third World leaders believed this theory of neo-colonialist exploitation, but Keng Swee and I were not impressed. We had a real-life problem to solve and could not afford to be conscribed by any theory or dogma.
Anyway, Singapore had no natural resources for MNCs to exploit. All it had were hardworking people, good basic infrastructure and a government that was determined to be honest and competent.
Our duty was to create a livelihood for two million Singaporeans. If MNCs could give our workers employment and teach them technical and engineering skills and management knowhow, we should bring in the MNCs."

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14 Jan
It's not about misuse. It's about the procedural difficulty of establishing marital rape in court of the law as per the acceptable level of legal evidence and the very notion of criminalising the sexual union amongst the spouses, unless you believe that a woman is always right.
BJP is filled with so many retarded feminist socialites that it's no surprise that on social issues, this government follows the feminist footsteps. This lady has apparently studied law but can't understand such simple thing because feminism above everything.
The physical violence committed by husband on wife is already penalized under Domestic Violence Law. How are you going to establish that a husband raped his wife? Build an Aadhar based real-time consent monitoring app? FFS, implement the law properly which already exists.
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4 Jan
There is a difference between marriage and consummation of marriage. Throughout the history, early marriage has been the norm in India for majority of the people. But marriage wasn't consummated until girls were in the age of 15-16. They had their own reasons to do so.
For example, the upper class Bengali-s from 19th century such as Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee married at the age of 21-22 which was very late compared to the norm prevalent at that time. But if we compare it with our time, it was an early marriage for a guy.
Nobody is asking you to marry early as your ancestors did. But it's unfair to our ancestors to term their norm as oppressive because not all child marriages were oppressive in nature. It was a system which they found well suited for their time. That's it.
Read 4 tweets
3 Jan
Sylvian Levi in his work 'Sanskrit Texts from Bali' gives very intresting details of Balinese Brahmins. Quoting Levi: "If he (visitor) happens to be admitted into the house of a local priest, of a Pedanda as they call him, he will witness the same worship that +
is practiced all over India, a regular Sandhya Sevana, he will hear Sanskrit mantras recited in the Indian fashion, with the regular Indian accompaniment of mystic gestures, mudras. Still, his wonderment will reach a climax when he becomes aware that these people +
have not the faintest knowledge of India, even of her existence, that their widest horizon stops at the West with Java, that they don't understand one word of Sanskrit texts which they write, read and chant." He further mentions that in a survey conducted in 1929, +
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3 Jan
In the first chapter of Mimansa Sutra of Jaimini, there is a very good deliberation on why shastra is a pramana for Dharma. That's helpful to understand where we should be skeptical about considering Shastra as pramana. In the first sutra, the subject matter has been defined.
The goal of Mimansa Sutra is to elucidate the understanding of Dharma. Then there is deliberate reasoning on why only Vedas or Shabda Pramana is the valid source of Dharma in this context. As all other pramana-s such as direction perception, inference, analogy etc. are based +
on sense and mind, it can't be taken as authoritative due to the inherent limitation of senses and mind. As performing the vedic ritual results in अपूर्व which is a qualitative transformation in आत्मा, it can't be known by any other sensory based pramana.
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2 Jan
The tragedy of our times is that the actual traditionalists seldom get to voice their opinions publicly while the people who are neck deep in modernity give such absurd explanation and understanding of the traditionalism is that it's borderline comical.
It's an inevitable fact of the life that there will be material change in the world. There is nothing which can stop it. Even in agriculture, using the wooden plough was in practice but when a better alternative emerged in the form of iron plough, farmers went for it.
Such changes can't be called inversion or contrasted it with something else to show that it was wrong. In building construction, as the technology improved, the construction materials changed. Such examples can be seen in all the material domains.
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1 Jan
The likes of Michael Witzel, Romilla Thapar and others acolytes of the cabal deserve nothing but contempt and abuse. They label everyone who challenge them on Aryan Migration debate as Hindutavite, Hindu Fanatic, Hindu Revisionist and so on. Cretins deserve no respect.
By the virtue of their dominant position in the academia supported by citation citadel, they keep on spreading series of lies and when caught, they simply craft a new lie. You can never play catching up game with such dishonest Marxists and colonial historians.
Their favourite way to not engage with anyone who challenges them is ad hominem and calling the position of adversary as 'non-mainstream' as if truth is the monopoly of the ones who occupy the mainstream. They keep on playing it in the loop.
Read 4 tweets

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