Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, love reading -

When it comes to love, you might be currently trying to move on from some past situations in order to have a fresh start. You are healing and growing a lot internally right now, and becoming more aware of what you truly want from love.
In the past, there was a certain level of stagnation and pain when it came to love for you. There may have been a relationship where there was unclear communication, or a lack of expression, especially emotionally. This could’ve been from you or the other person, or both.
There was a level of stagnation and you might’ve even walked away from this. I feel as though in the past in love there was a heaviness for you. There could’ve been a mother wound that was triggered within a love connection. This might have been painful and forced you to
Recognise things within yourself that were not easy. I feel as though there was a certain connection that you felt safe within, and there was a deep emotional bond. You and this person made each others inner child feel safe, but at the same time you triggered each other.
It seems that both of you were operating from a place of hurt and defence (18:18) because of certain childhood wounds. There might have been an ending between you two because of this. I feel like there was a lot of anxiety for you about this situation.
However, I do see that even though this situation uncovered and triggered a lot, this was for the best. It allowed you to see parts of yourself that needed to be healed and even though that wasn’t easy, it was necessary in order for you to be able to accept healthy love.
I feel like right now you are working through some fears and anxieties still, but you are sort of on the other side of it now. Before you were completely trapped in the darkness of your own mind, it may have felt emotionally intense a lot of the time. But now you’re in a place
Of more calm and stillness, even though there are still some fears you’re working through, you’re starting to see a positive shift within yourself and you’re much more focused internally. I feel like this connection and situation may have lead you to some sort of awakening.
There is a lot changing internally right now and I feel like you are in the process of freeing yourself from some lingering anxieties you have around love and around expressing your truth. You might find it hard to be emotionally expressive or open.
There may be a fear here around being hurt or ridiculed for expressing how you feel / your emotions. This might stem from childhood or a past relationship where you felt you couldn’t talk about how you felt or what was on your mind.
Your advice here is to allow yourself to slowly open up as you feel safe to. Know that not everyone is going to treat you this way. It’s okay to be vulnerable and open with your emotions. Even if you start off just writing or talking to a trusted person about it. It will help.
Talking to people you trust about how you’re feeling and about your love life will help you figure out what you want and what to do if you’re feeling stuck or confused. You might be feeling trapped currently but actually the solution might be easier than it seems.
It feels like the main thing keeping you stuck is your own inner fears and conflicts. You are allowing yourself to overthink and over complicate things too much. You may fear that someone is angry with you or that expressing yourself will lead to an argument? I don’t see this
Happening. You fear it will but in reality I see that things will actually be a lot easier as you open up and express yourself more. It will work out better than you think, but you have to be emotionally open and true to how you feel. There’s no rush though, don’t push yourself.
Right now when it comes to love, you are overthinking a bit too much and creating scenarios in your mind that aren’t even likely to happen. It’s just your fear. As well you might be doubting yourself or doubting love in general. It just feels like you can’t really see what’s
To come and that is making you worried. You might be confused or unsure how to move forward. If that’s the case - you need to stop worrying so much about the future right now and focus more on the present moment. Why do you feel this anxiety? Dive into that and uncover the root.
It might still feel a bit unclear at the minute with love, and that’s okay. As we saw in your last reading, you are going through such a healing period right now so it makes sense that love is on the back burner. But that doesn’t mean it’s not coming in. I do see a new start
For you. You can use what you have been through as wisdom, to guide you when it comes to love from now on. Use your passion and your feelings to guide you. You are lighting your own path in the darkness right now - please remember whatever you’re going through is temporary.
You have so much love inside yourself, so don’t fear showing it. If you want to feel this love, you’re going to have to let your guard down a bit and express yourself openly. You may be feeling some guilt around things from the past also - you might feel like things are
Ruined or not going to work out. You’re being asked to look at this situation from a different and higher perspective. Just because something isn’t clear right now, or you can’t see where you’re going, doesn’t mean you’re not on the right path. I feel like there may be some
Forgiveness, of yourself mostly, needing to happen. The endings and pain from the past has been a big lesson for you, and it happened for your growth. This Phoenix card is standing out so much. You are rising from the pain of the past and you are transforming.
I know this is a love reading and it hasn’t been very lovey dovey, but this is the message coming through. You’re being guided to take a leap of faith. To take action towards what you do want and leave behind the past situations, or just leave behind the pain from the past.
Love is not over for you and there is so mcuh emotional fulfilment coming in. The queen of cups and 4 of wands ending your spread. Don’t close yourself off to love now. Allow yourself to believe that you are deserving of love, despite the past. If you’ve acted out of fear,
Forgive that part of yourself. They were hurt and afraid. Take responsibility for your actions but don’t judge yourself or blame yourself too harshly for ‘ruining’ things. If something is meant to be in your life, it will be. Taking responsibility and admitting fault will
Help you forgive yourself which is necessary. The more you continue to embody emotional fulfilment internally and feel love for yourself and within yourself, the more this will reflect into your outer environment. The elephant and the swan here are showing me how your
Pain from the past can be transformed into wisdom and knowledge. Think of the elephant - it is strong and powerful and could be dangerous, yet it is wise and kind and doesn’t use it’s power to hurt - the swan is elegant and gives off the energy of femininity. Receiving.
The swan shows how we mirror others in life and they mirror us. Our outer experiences reflect back to us what we can’t see internally. The connections you find yourself in will reflect back to you what you are feeling. If you are feeling pain, you will be shown this
Through another. If you are feeling hope and love and joy, you will see this reflected externally. This is why it was so important for you to heal and go through what you’ve been through. You had to break old cycles and patterns of pain that had been there for generations.
You have most likely broken a karmic cycle when it comes to relationships in your family going back generations. This of course was not easy to do, but you can be the change and you will be if you believe in yourself and trust that what you have experienced has helped you grow.
Be proud of the healing you’ve done because it’s not easy at all - and it will pay off. This healing is allowing you to come into a type of love that you’ve not had before. Something slow but reliable, and stable. I don’t see this being far away now.
For some of you this could be someone from the past - but I’m going to explore more of who and what’s to come in the extended reading - overall I see this is going to be more emotionally fulfilling than you could’ve even imagined. You will see why all this healing had to happen.
Don’t give up on your healing or on love. Continue to walk away from things or mindsets that you know are damaging. Don’t allow your thoughts to overwhelm you either. Sometimes your fears get the best of you and make you doubt good things. Don’t self sabotage. You are loved.
Other relevant things - cancer, Virgo, Leo, Aries, cliffs, climbing, sea, water, wolf, fox, rain, storms, beach, flowers, plants, gift, swimming trunks?, magic, green, red, yellow, horses, hair, bugs, friends, face paint, mask, crows, arched doorway.
For the extended version, join my patreon - the wheel of fortune tier 🧘🏼‍♀️💓

Here I will go deeper into what’s to come, who this person may be and any further messages as well as channelled messages from your person ✨
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Oh yeah I forgot - this song is relevant for some cos as I started the reading I could hear it downstairs lol…

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