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13 Jan, 4 tweets, 1 min read
At this point, I must have received 10,000+ DMs along the lines of:

"Something something job something something mandates something something vaccine something something masks. What should I do?"

Stop following stupid rules.

Stand up for yourself.

This remains the answer.
If you are not willing to walk away from your job, then you have no leverage and no power.

If you are not willing to be inconvenienced nor sacrifice anything, you will be taken advantage of.

Sorry there is no 'easy' answer.
What I've noticed is that everyone thinks their situation is special and unique, but it's not. All the stories are very similar.

Most people have jobs. Most people have kids.

I can sympathise, but you have to make your choices and sacrifices... All choices have consequences. 🙏🏾
As I've said before, the more you comply, the more the noose tightens.

You didn't believe me then, but you've seen it play out now.

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14 Jan
This whole phenomenon has little to do with health, safety, nor science.

It's tribalistic 'in group' vs 'out group' cultish bull crap.

People aren't mad at others for being unmasked or unvaxxed. They're mad at them for not CONFORMING.

It's a new incarnation of old programming.
We've had racial supremacy, gender supremacy, and religious supremacy.

We now have 'vax supremacy'.

People literally think they are superior and special for taking a shot.

If you don't, you must be punished. It's why even natural immunity is denied.

You must pledge allegiance
Also, people who say 'no' and stand up to authoritarianism make those who don't look like cowards.

They'd rather such people be punished, than make them look foolish or cowardly.

It's all psychological.
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13 Jan
Have you noticed that 'fat acceptance' and 'being fat is healthy' type messages are always targeted at women?

I'd argue this is a sly form of misogyny. This stuff is shortening women's lifespans and reducing their overall quality of life. Image
I don't know who needs to hear this, but being obese is not healthy and never will be.

You shouldn't be cruel to people for being fat (you shouldn't be cruel in general...) but this 'being fat is healthy' stuff is false, unhelpful, and potentially dangerous.
The fact that they do stuff like this KNOWING that obese people are more at risk of virtually every disease (including the rona) is sinister.

They pretend its about 'care' but they're just hurting people with these delusions and lies.
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12 Jan
Does it LOOK like we are in a pandemic?

Does it FEEL like we are in a pandemic?

Do you fire healthcare workers DURING a pandemic?

Are otherwise HEALTHY people dropping dead left, right, and centre?


The pandemic is on TV and in some people's psyches.
The Amish had no pandemic.

Most people in Africa had no pandemic.

Rural people in many countries had no pandemic.

The media is the most deadly virus.
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11 Jan
Every single Anglosphere country jettisoned all of the principles that made them special to begin with... all because of hysteria around a virus with a >99% survival rate.

- civil liberties
- human dignity
- freedom of speech
- non-discrimination
- fairness
- tolerance

These are unique freedoms, rights, and principles that Westerners used to physically FIGHT for, to the tune of millions of casualties.

And the descendants of those people just gave them up instantly, because they are scared of the coof.

Still scared.

If you had told me that places in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe would bring back SEGREGATION, open discrimination, and make it 'illegal' to merely go outside... And that millions would support it, I wouldn't have believed you.

Now, I see clearly.
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10 Jan
If they had just called it a 'therapeutic' instead of a 'vaccine' then this whole thing would have been far more honest and far less divisive.

Don't underestimate the hypnotising power of a single word.
I'm worried that people will be hospitalised with broken bones and exhaustion, given all the mental gymnastics and goalpost shifting they are being forced to perform to explain what is going on. 😂
Of course, if they had called it that then the entire narrative about 'doing it to protect others' would not register in people's brains... And thus mandates would be completely off the table.

You're dealing with very clever social engineers here. Not incompetent fools.
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8 Jan
Building wealth is important if you care about liberty.

It's not about materialism... It's about being able to exercise options when stuff hits the fan.

And feeling less pressured to compromise or conform with things you don't agree with, due to financial weakness.
It's trendy to talk crap about people who talk about the importance of making money, saving, and investing.

Some say it's 'shallow'.

Nope. It's deep. You should strive to make yourself strong, resilient, and sovereign. That includes your financial health.
A lot of the shenanigans going on are occurring because so many people are in weak financial positions.

When people are financially desperate and dependent, it's easier to mess with and control them. Carrot and stick.

Secure that bag.
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