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Bakugo’s parents insist he goes on a month long trip overseas with them after All Might’s passing to “get away from everything”. When he comes back, his world is flipped upside down when he meets Izuku’s new MUCH OLDER boyfriend.
All their friends seem to LOVE and adore him. But Katsuki can’t help but feel something is off. Alarm bells ring in his head when he first sees them together. Izuku’s smile doesn’t reach his eyes. This “Kaiba” guy squeezes his hand too tightly when he holds it.
The air between them is tense and Katsuki can practically feel his childhood friend’s suffocation.

“So this is the famous ‘Kacchan’” Kaiba laughs.

Everyone was attending a “Welcome Home” party for Katsuki thrown at Yaoyourozu’s mansion.
“That’s Bakugo to you.” Katsuki seethed making it clear he dislikes him already. Izuku smiles at that. A concerned humor in his eyes.

“Common man! Play nice!” Eijiro laughs.

“Its alright Ei, It’s not a proper Bakugo introduction without a little hostility.” Mina giggles.
“It’s quite alright. I think it’s cute actually.” Kaiba teases. “All your little friends are.” He gives Izuku a peck on the forehead which makes him pout.

“Um. How was your trip Kacchan?” Izuku quickly changes the subject which again sent alarm bells to Katsuki.
“Boring. Mom just made me pose for pictures the whole time.” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“Her Instagram is quite popular these days!” Life returned to Izuku’s eyes. “The photos of you guys at the Eiffel Tower received more likes than Endeavor’s Christmas post!”
“The photo of you stuck in a tree tangled up in your own damn quirk received more likes than that.” Katsuki reminded him making him laugh.

“That cat was hard to catch, okay!”

“Izu…” Kaiba suddenly placed his hand on his shoulder making Katsuki scowl.
“Why don’t we let your other friends have a chance to catch up with him? I’m famished.” He requested. Izuku looked at his boyfriend with his puppy dog eyes before pointing to the refreshment table.

“Start us some plates and I’ll meet you over there?” He pleaded.
“We can entertain him don’t worry about it Midoriya!” Eijiro stuck his thumbs out.

“You’ll probably bore him anyway.” Mina teased.

“Yeah…I guess you’re right…talk to you later?” Izuku smiled sadly. “Let’s go eat” He turned sweetly to Kaiba before they walked off.
“Why the fuck is he dating that old man?” Katsuki whispered harshly to Kirishima.

“Common…he’s not that much older than us Bakugo…He’s only 32. And he’s really been there for Midoriya after….you know…” Eijiro smiled sadly.

“Izuku’s 18, Broomhead. It’s creepy as hell.”
“Look Bakugo…” Mina sighed. “Midoriya could barely get out of bed for WEEKS after All Might died. We all tried to make him feel better but the only person who could possibly get through to him was IN THE UNITED STATES.” Mina pointed at Katsuki’s chest.
“Don’t be so harsh Mina…” Eijiro put his hands up. “Kaiba and Izuku met at the cemetery.” Eijiro informed Katsuki. “He just lost his sister and they got to talking and it’s like they were the only two could understand each other.”
“I know you don’t get it…but we’re just happy Midoriya could smile again. It’s a miracle he’s even here at this party.” Eijiro sighed.

“Bakugo! Welcome back!” Uraraka interrupted their conversation with a playful punch to his chest.
The rest of the party went by normally. But Katsuki couldn’t keep his eyes off Izuku. Everyone seemed to feed off this Kaiba guys energy. By all appearances, he was a good guy. An up and coming news reporter from Katsuki and Izuku’s hometown.
He had just lost his sister. Katsuki knew that part was true because he shamelessly looked it up. She died in a villain attack. She was their age. Just graduated high school. It was all rather tragic.
Katsuki thought maybe he had the wrong idea. Maybe Izuku was just depressed and that’s why everything felt off about him. Katsuki tried to focus on the party at hand. Have a good time with his friends. But he noticed someone was absent.
“Where’s Half and Half?” He questioned. Katsuki hated to admit it but Todoroki was great to have at parties. His relaxed stoic nature that was oblivious to everything going on made Katsuki feel less crazy for just wanting the night to end.

“Half and half?” Kaiba questioned.
“He’s asking about Todoroki.” Izuku quietly informed the man.

“Oh. Him.” Kaiba put on a strained smile.

“He said he wasn’t feeling well but he sends his regards!” Iida declared.

That was weird. Todoroki had perfect temperature control. He doesn’t get fevers.
The party was wrapping up and Katsuki was anxious. Izuku promised to talk to him later but he didn’t approach him the rest of the night. That was unlike him. Izuku would normally pester him with hundreds of questions EVEN WHEN they didn’t get along. This was fucking weird.
Katsuki needed to get some air so at some point he went outside to the balcony on the second floor living room when he heard harsh whispering.

“Baby…calm down…” Kaiba instructed.

“I just wanna talk to him, I haven’t seen him in a month! Why is that a problem?!” Izuku cried.
“You completely blew me off as soon as you saw him Izuku…it was like I was nothing.” Kaiba expressed his frustration.

“I didn’t mean to blow you off, I was just excited to see my FRIEND.” Izuku emphasized the last word.

“Your FRIEND who completely abandoned you?”
“That wasn’t HIS fault. His mom booked that trip A YEAR in advance, how was she supposed to know-”

“Oh please Izuku, I don’t want to hear another ‘Kacchan is perfect’ rant from you. We’re going home.” Kaiba grabbed his wrist which made him flinch.

“Hey.” Katsuki interrupted.
“Kacchan!” Izuku gasped before swallowing down the lump in his throat.

“Oh…Bakugo-kun. Hello again.” Kaiba smiled sheepishly.

“Let go of him.” Katsuki demanded.

“No can do.” Kaiba pulled Izuku into his chest before wrapping his arms around his waist. “He’s too irresistible.”
“I’m fine, Kacchan…” Izuku squirmed before turning to Katsuki. “I’m sorry if you heard…that…” He sighed in frustration before looking up at his boyfriend. Katsuki couldn’t help but cringe at how much he looked like a baby in his arms. “Let’s go home.”
They left the balcony in mostly silence and Katsuki felt a part of himself die when he heard Kaiba whisper “Good boy” to Izuku. He was gonna be sick. This was wrong. This whole relationship was gross and Katsuki needed to snap Deku into his senses.
The next day, Katsuki made his way to Endeavor’s Agency to do his first patrol since returning from his trip. He was excited to finally get back out there and was warming up in the gym when he saw Todoroki.

“Welcome back.” Shoto happily approached him.
“Good to be back…” Katsuki stretched his legs into a split. “Where’s Deku?”

“Oh…he’s with Lemillion’s Agency now.” Shoto said sadly.

“HUH?!” Katsuki’s eyes widened.

“When did Vault Boy get his own Agency?!”
“Just before you left. You don’t remember?” Shoto chuffed fondly.

“Not really…” Katsuki grumbled. “Why didn’t Deku tell me he was switching Agencies?! When did that happen?!”

“Just last week. You’ve missed a lot Bakugo…” Shoto couldn’t help but let his bitterness come out.
“Clearly…Deku switching agencies…dating Grandpas…” Katsuki sighed and Shoto actually laughed.

“Huh? What’s got you so giddy?”

“I can’t stand the guy…” Shoto admitted hesitantly.

“Thank GOD someone has sense!” Katsuki let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding.
“You hate him too?” Shoto’s eyes widened in shock.

“He creeps me out.” Katsuki shuddered.

“I thought I was going crazy. Even Iida thinks he’s ‘an upstanding candidate for Midoriya’s heart.’” Shoto sighed as he ran his hands through his hair.
“I thought for sure, Prez would riot at the fact that the guy is ANCIENT dating a fucking TEENAGER.” Katsuki growled.

“I thought so too. It’s almost like everyone is just all too relieved to pass Midoriya’s problems onto this guy. So they don’t have to deal with him…”
Katsuki groaned in frustration. “I should have never gone on that trip…”

“I don’t blame you for going…” Shoto took a seat on the stretching mat next this friend. “He meant a lot to you too, it’s hard to properly grieve if everyone’s concern is ‘Midoriya this and Midoriya that”
“But still…All Might meant everything to Deku and I just…I let him go through it alone. He insisted I go on this dumb trip but I should have known he needed me…” Katsuki sighed. “I needed him too…” He admitted. “Now I have this geriatric asshole in the way.”
“I was hoping he’d see you at the party and dump him on the spot.” Shoto admitted.

“Yah. Didn’t happen. Speaking of. ‘Not feeling well my ass’ why didn’t you come?!” Katsuki questioned.

“Seeing them together makes me angry. Last time we all gathered together, I snapped.”
“He was hovering the whole party. Hovering over Midoriya. And he was clearly uncomfortable. He spoke for him and I simply said ‘I ASKED Midoriya’” Shoto rolled his eyes. “That brought down the mood as Kirishima, Ashido, Uraraka and Iida INSISTED I apologize. It was a huge scene.”
“I knew how much seeing you again would mean to Midoriya, so I opted not to go because if you didn’t see what was wrong, I would have blown up.”

“You lack faith in me. I hated the guy the second I saw him.” Katsuki stood.

“The problem is Midoriya DOES seem attached to him.”
“And we all know how stubborn Midoriya is…” Shoto sighed.

“Especially if whatever asshole he’s attached to helped him out in some way..” Katsuki was kicking himself. How did he not see this situation coming?
They both decided the optimal strategy would be to go to Lemillion’s Agency and get Deku alone. Shoto easily got them the day off. His father had a hard time saying no to him. When they arrived, Lemillion greeted them with his cheery smile.
“Woah! If it isn’t Shoto and THE Great Explosion Murder God DynaMight. Back from an exciting vacation!” He pointed.

“Where’s Deku?” Bakugo got straight to the point.
“He told me he wasn’t feeling too hot. So I gave him the next couple of days off. Not that you two can relate! Since you’re both ALWAYS hot! Get it? Cause of your quirks?! I’m here all day.” Lemillion laughed and Shoto sighed.

“It’s not like him to call off…” Katsuki noted
“Common! That was a good one! And yeah…Midoriya works hard…I thought it was unusual but I’m happy he’s finally taking time off…after losing All Might and everything…I know I was WRECK when Sir died. He must feel the same..” The rising hero smiled sadly.
Shoto and Katsuki left the agency frustrated. “Ya think that loser is WITH him at his apartment?” Katsuki asked.

“Oh Midoriya out of that place…and IN with Kaiba.” Shoto informed him which made Katsuki stop in his tracks.

“They’ve only been together a couple of weeks, right?!”
“Yeah…it was all rather fast. But Kaiba has a large house. He had the room. Midoriya hated being alone…” Shoto sighed.

“Just Great. Deku’s dating a walking a red flag and everyone just supports it. So. Where’s the place?” Katsuki questioned.

“Nobody knows.”
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO ONE KNOWS?!” Katsuki was flabbergasted.

“Midoriya said Kaiba liked his privacy. Since Izuku’s a pro hero and All Might’s successor, his whereabouts are bound to get attention so…he hasn’t told anyone.”
Katsuki begrudgingly took out his phone and dialed a number.

“What are you doing?” Shoto asked.

“Calling the bastard.”

It went straight to voicemail.

“What the fuck?” Katsuki dialed it again. Voicemail.
“Give me your phone.” Katsuki demanded and Shoto handed it to him. He dialed Izuku’s number again. The phone rang.

“Did he..block me?!” Katsuki seethed while the phone rang and rang. “Pick up. Pick up the damn phone.”
The phone line connected and Katsuki held his breath before putting the phone on speaker and handing it to Todoroki.


“Todoroki-kun?” Izuku’s voice sounded unnaturally happy.

“Iida and I were wondering if you were able to meet for lunch.” Shoto quickly pitched.
“Oh I’d love to…but unfortunately I’m busy. You know if I were you guys, I’d want to go to the ROSE cafe. The THIRD one down the street…or was it the FIFTH one? Maybe it was the FIRST? I get everything BACKWARDS these days. I need Kaiba’s HELP for everything…”
Katsuki quickly decoded Izuku’s message and typed in the address on his phone. 153 Rose street.

“I’m sure you and Iida will have a lovely-” suddenly they heard a loud banging noise before the line went dead.

“Call your driver. NOW.” Katsuki demanded. A chill down his spine.
They arrived to the unassuming house that was so normal, you would think Ojiro lived there.

“Do I knock?” Shoto wondered as they approached the door.

“No idiot.” Katsuki then kicked the door off its hinges.
“Deku!” He called out. They both walked into the house where classical music was playing. It was eerie.

“Midoriya!” Shoto shouted as he scanned the spacious living room.

There was a fireplace lit up. A tv on. Picture frames of Izuku and Kaiba along the coffee tables.
“You made it.” Izuku turned the corner holding hands with the taller man.

“You did a good job making sure the address was in code Izu…though I expected your other friend.” He shrugged.

“Let go of him now.” Katsuki demanded.
“I didn’t know Kacchan was with you, Todoroki.” Izuku smiled sadly ignoring the blonde.

“Midoriya…what’s going on?” Shoto asked.

“I thought maybe you and Iida would like to have lunch with us…Kacchan’s also welcome to though!
Katsuki was fuming as he stared at his childhood friend. His hair was messy. He had bags under his eyes and puffy cheeks like he had been crying. There were bite makes along his collar bone and his bottom lip was busted up. He felt Katsuki’s gaze on him and gripped Kaibas arm.
“Actually…maybe this was a bad idea…I’m sorry for worrying you guys.” Izuku sounded robotic. Like the life was sapped out of him.

“My humble apologies, I told him a coded message would-”

“CUT THE CRAP!” Katsuki fired an AP shot at Kaiba but Izuku quickly interfered.
“Kacchan! Stop!” Izuku had grabbed his boyfriend with Blackwhip and moved him out of the way.

“Look at yourself! What has he done to you, Izuku?!” Katsuki barked.

“He hasn’t done anything! I did this to myself! I was fighting a villain and-”
“Don’t try that with ME Midoriya…” Shoto used his ice side to freeze Kaiba but Izuku once again managed to maneuver him away in time.

“It’s not him! Stop attacking him!” He begged.

“Then come with us! Come with us or we won’t stop!” Shoto demanded.
“Izu…I know I promised but..” Kaiba suddenly raised his hand. “These two are getting on my nerves”

“NO! STOP!” Izuku cried and before Shoto and Katsuki knew it, they were out cold.

“Shit…where…” Katsuki looked around and found himself surrounded by nothing but darkness.
“DEKU!” He shouted but all he heard back was the sound of his own voice echoing. Katsuki sent tiny sparks off in his hands hoping to see anything but the only thing he could see was the sparks. Nothing in front of him. Nothing behind him. It was like he was in a void.
He was trying to make sense of everything. Obviously this was this guy’s quirk. There had to be a way out of it… was it just an illusion? Katsuki didn’t know. He just knew all he could hear was the sound of his own breathing.
“DAMNIT!” He screamed. He tried to walk forward but only managed to walk backwards. He then tried to walk backwards and found himself upside down. This whole void was disorienting as hell. Time passed. Katsuki was sure of that but he didn’t know how much.
He figured this dumb quirk couldn’t last forever but goddamnit was it irritating. Katsuki felt like throwing up. He felt complete revulsion to whatever he was in but his stomach wouldn’t purge itself.
Katsuki fired an AP shot just to see how far it would go but whether sound of his explosion was so loud in his ear, he felt his ears ring….and they wouldn’t stop.
“What is this place?!” “DAMNIT DAMNIT!”
Katsuki felt like he was going crazy. He needed a way out. The more time passed, the more aggravated he got. This quirk. This quirk was too much. He began to cry. He hated feeling so weak but this void was painful. He needed out. How could he get out?!
After what felt like weeks, Katsuki woke up in his bed at his apartment gasping for air.

“I…IZUKU!” He shouted as he jumped out of bed. He then reached for his phone which revealed the date and time. Only 2 hours had passed.
By his phone was a letter. Katsuki quickly opened it and shuddered at the contents.
“Katsuki Bakugo,
I tried so hard to hold back for my dear Izuku. And I hate to punish him for your actions but he never seems to learn. You’ve seen what my quirk can do.”
“I haven’t had to use it on him till yesterday. He was so well behaved before you came into town and ruined everything. Consider this your warning. Never come near him again. He’s been through enough.
Izuku felt hopeless as he woke up next to someone he THOUGHT loved him. He held him when he cried. Let him talk for HOURS about All Might without seeming annoyed at all. And the way he kissed him made Izuku feel like he was the most special treasure in the world.
But here he was waking up from reliving that horrible nightmare for the 6th time in two days. Kaiba always played coy about his quirk with Izuku.

“You’ll know when the time is right.” He would laugh sweetly. “I hope you never find out though.”

“Why not? I wanna know!”
“I know brat.” He pinched his nose. “You’re used to getting what you want…”

“That’s not true…” Izuku pouted.

Izuku should have pressed further. Should have investigated more. But he was willing overlook so many things with Kaiba. So many things he normally wouldn’t.
There was something about Kacchan not being around that made him want to be entirely reckless. And jumping into this relationship was just the kind of recklessness that made him forget his grief. It’s not that he was MAD at Katsuki for leaving but he wasn’t happy about it either.
Kaiba was new and exciting. He was also going through loss and Izuku felt happy to talk to someone who really felt what he was going through. He wasn’t a hero wanna be. But he was just as passionate about heroes. Kaiba expressed to Izuku he had the strong desire to care for him.
And call it morbid, but the way he cared for him reminded him of All Might. Izuku would feel pathetic about it but whenever Kaiba praised him, Izuku felt like a puppy who just received his favorite treat. He knew he wasn’t in the right headspace, but he didn’t care.
So what he was older? So what he talked down to him sometimes or was over intrusive about his friendships? So what he rougher in bed than Izuku would have liked. He was there for him. He was there for him when no one else was.
Izuku was fine moving in with him after barely a week and a half of knowing the guy. He made him feel safe. That is until the blow up with Todoroki. After that, he got angry at Izuku for not sticking up for him.
“You’re such a child.” He scolded him. “You don’t let anyone speak to me that way, especially your friends.”

“Todoroki was probably just having a bad day. I didn’t know what to say without making it worse!” Izuku defended himself.
“You knew what to say when your friends were talking about your precious “Kacchan’s” trip overseas?! Didn’t you? You defended him really quick.” Kaiba seethed as he grabbed Izuku’s wrist hard enough to activate danger sense.

“Kaiba-San?” Izuku’s mouth trembled.
Kaiba sighed before letting go of his wrist and putting both his hands in the air. “Sorry…I’ve had a hard time controlling my temper lately after my sister…I’m so sorry baby…” He pulled Izuku in and held him tenderly once again.
Izuku should have ended it then. But he wasn’t going to lie. There was some part of him that wanted to see Kacchan’s face when he introduced him to his new boyfriend. And he was coming back in a week. All of his friends were weirdly happy about Kaiba .
All of them except Todoroki. But after the way Kaiba blew up at Izuku, he didn’t text him as much. He felt guilty about it but he didn’t know what else to do. Kaiba loved to read his text messages and he didn’t want to rub a sore spot.
Izuku began avoiding sex with his boyfriend because it getting too aggressive. Too scary. Kaiba was becoming an animal and while it was hot at first, the love that Izuku once felt was no longer there and that made it hard to endure.
Kaiba finally broke down and apologized. He told him he needed to fix himself and he understood if Izuku wanted to move out. He should have said yes. He should have ran and never looked back but the broken look on this man’s face made Izuku want to stay. He obviously felt remorse
Then Kacchan came back. Izuku was thrilled that Katsuki hated Kaiba. He didn’t know why but it made him feel like finally, someone actually sees him. Someone actually cares.
Izuku was glad at first and was able to stand up to Kaiba. But then he felt guilty. Like he was using his own boyfriend. So he backed down until Kaiba told him he needed to go home WITHOUT talking to Kacchan and then he lost his patience.
He felt EMBARRASSED when Katsuki stepped in and demanded Kaiba let go of him. Weak. Like he let himself be in that situation. He knew he needed to end it and he needed to end it that night. When they arrived home, Izuku acted like nothing was wrong.
Kaiba showered him with affection and Izuku didn’t resist. He needed to leave quietly.
“Mmm…we haven’t done this in awhile.” Kaiba began unbuttoning Izuku’s shirt.

“I know but….I feel gross…why don’t you start a bath and I’ll meet you there?” He suggested.
Kaiba agreed and went upstairs and while he was there, Izuku went to work, packing everything. His notebooks. His figurines. His clothes. He only had so little time and when Kaiba burst in to catch him, he sighed sadly.

“So you don’t even want to say goodbye?”
“Goodbye Kaiba…I’m sorry.” Izuku stood his ground.

“Baby…you know-”

“I’m not a baby Kaiba! I’m sorry I thought this was a good idea but…it wasn’t! I’m just not in the place for-”

“It’s fine, Izuku!” He laughed softly.

“Yes…it’s fine if we break up but….it would be a shame if we did before you see my quirk.” He then raised his hand up and thus began the worst two days of Izuku’s life.
After the first two times in the void, Izuku apologized for everything and unpacked all his things. He was a mess. He was disoriented. He hated everything. He tried once more to escape and found himself back in that place. Then his phone rang.
Hearing Todoroki’s voice was like a godsent. He gave him his address hoping, praying he could decode it but he was so damn disoriented, he didn’t notice Kaiba watching him the whole time.
“WHY DONT YOU LEARN BABY?!” Kaiba shouted at him as Izuku trembled in fear.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

“Sorry isn’t good enough. You’re MAKING me do this to you…I don’t want to do this to you!”
“I have an idea! Okay? I’ll fix this! I promise!” Izuku whispered the plan. Todoroki and Iida would easily fall for it. He didn’t expect Katsuki to burst though that door. And nothing gets past Kacchan.
He hated the fact that Katsuki and Todoroki had to suffer because of him. He was done. He needed not to fight. It was just gonna hurt others in the end.

“Zuku…look at me.” Kaiba instructed and he turned to face him. “You know I love you right?”

Izuku laughed. “No. No I don’t.”
Katsuki needed to save Deku from that hell. He NEEDED to get him out of there. He called Todoroki and his sister picked up the phone.

“Bakugo-kun?” She asked.

“Do you know what happened to Shoto? He was brought back by a strange man and he hasn’t stopped crying since he woke up.”

Shit. Todoroki would probably have a harder time dealing with a quirk like that. It really messes with the mind.
Katsuki didn’t know why he vented everything to Fuyumi, but he did. He felt himself over explaining just like Deku would but he was so worried, he didn’t care.
“This is all because I left.” He was crying. “I left Izuku to deal with everything all alone like he always does.”
She listened intently the whole time. “It’s not your fault Bakugo-kun. I know it’s hard to hear but…Midoriya-kun just lost someone he loved..so he replaced him with someone who he thought loved him.

“Deku doesn’t know anything about love…” Katsuki said solemnly.
“Neither do I…if we did…if we did then maybe we could actually talk about how…talk about how the only person on this earth that I would die for is him. How I’m angry! I’m not grieving over All Might. I’m angry at him! Cause how dare he abandon him!”
“But more importantly, I’m pissed at myself. Because the only person I think of when it comes to love is that damn smile on his damn face but I left him! I abandoned someone I supposedly loved!” Katsuki began to sob.

“Bakugo….” Fuyumi said sweetly. “You’ll save him.”
Katsuki didn’t know why but that confidence from her filled him with a burning desire to get his shit together. He WILL get Izuku out of that hell Damnit. And when he does, he’ll hold his hand and they will cry over All Might together like they always should have.
“Thank you” Katsuki said shyly. After getting off the phone he knew what he had to do and if it risked him experiencing the hell again then fuck it was worth it.
Izuku stared at the ceiling. He was scared to make a move. Scared to wake Kaiba. He was sleeping so peacefully. The way he snored used to comfort Izuku in some way but now he found it positively irritating.
He really needed to pee. He hated how he had to ask Kaiba for permission to leave the bed but he said until he regained his trust, he would use his quirk if he discovered him anywhere in the house without his knowledge.
But awake Kaiba was frightening because that eventually led to turned on Kaiba which led to things Izuku didn’t want to think about. He would rather risk the void. He gently got up and tiptoed quietly to the restroom. He left a note just in case “had to pee.”
He closed the door and turned on the light and almost lost his shit when familiar green and orange gloves grabbed his mouth preventing him from screaming.

“Shhh….shit. Keep it down.” Katsuki whispered.

“Wh…what are you doing here?!” Izuku whispered back as QUIET as possible
“Saving your ass.” Katsuki declared.

“Kacchan…I can’t have you being effected by his quirk too…”

“Good thing I wasn’t asking your permission. Now put this on.” Katsuki handed Izuku a blindfold.
“What’s this for?” Izuku questioned as he slipped it over his eyes.

“I gotta theory. But I’m not willing to test it on you. So listen. As soon as you hear an explosion, you make a run for it!" Katsuki instructed him.


“NO BUTS. You use float and you get you ass FAR AWAY”
“Kacchan….” Izuku’s voice trembled. “Thank you…” He felt pathetic relying on Katsuki when HE was the one who got them in this situation. If he was in his right mind, he would refuse him but this was his way to freedom.

“You can pay me back by buying me dinner…”
“AND Dessert.” Deku promised.

“And you’ll dress nice. And we’ll enjoy ourselves AS FRIENDS because you have a lot of shit to sort out after this asshole fucked you up but after, I’ll buy you dinner for real, and flowers and all that sappy shit. You owe me for this hell, got it?”
“Kacchan what are you-?” Izuku’s heartbeat quickened.

“Figure it out later nerd…if you don’t hear from me in an hour…GET HELP from anyone who will help. Lemillion, Endeavor, Aizawa…but don’t you dare come back by yourself.” Katsuki demanded.

“Okay….” Izuku nodded.
It happened all so quickly. Kacchan opened the door. He walked out. BOOM. And Izuku ran. Danger sense luckily alerted to every wall because he couldn’t see anything but he floated away flying flying without seeing anything and he had never felt more free in his entire life.
Izuku removed his blindfold when he was a safe enough distance away and found himself hovering over All Might’s statue that stood proudly over Kamino. He didn’t know why the sight made him laugh but it did. It made him laugh so hard he cried.
The second Katsuki opened the door, that asshole was there. He could feel his presence just from how revolted he was. He couldn’t see shit. But he didn’t need to. Pure and utter rage was driving him.
He immediately tackled the bastard making sure to land a small explosion. Katsuki could tell a couple of things from the last thing he remembered before he fell for the awful quirk.
1. Kaiba raised up his right hand and put up two fingers.
2. His own eyes were shut.
That made him wonder if he was affected by his own damn quirk. It was just a theory but he needed to see if it was true and the fact that the guy below him was clawing at his blindfold confirmed all his suspicions.

“Ha! I gotcha asshat!” Katsuki grinned.

“Get off of me!”
“Not until you pay for everything you’ve done to him…” Katsuki growled. “There’s a REASON I haven’t called the police yet.” He grinned manically before letting a small explosion detonate near the guy’s crotch. Not enough to seriously hurt him. But enough to hurt like a bitch.
“You’re CRAZY. First you break into my house, then you kidnap MY BOYFRIEND and now-” Kaiba screamed but was interrupted by an explosive slap to the face.

“News flash bastard. He’s NOT your boyfriend. And you will never…and I repeat NEVER get near him again.”
“It’s all your fault.” Kaiba spit at him. “I wouldn’t have had to hurt him if YOU never showed your face. I LOVED HIM damnit. But if I didn’t stop him, he would have left me…he would have left me just like Risa did when she died…” He began to sob from the pain.
Katsuki paused for a moment before leaning into where he assumed the guy’s ear was. “Don’t worry…keep talking and you’ll get to join her.” He then flipped him over and broke the guys’ arm behind his back before handcuffing him.
“Sue me all you want. But you’re the one who’s gonna burn in hell.” Katsuki then stood up and kicked him in the face.

The police arrived later and Katsuki explained to them his quirk and also what he had done to Izuku.
Tsukauchi let him off with a warning for excessive injury but understood given the circumstances. After the police took Kaiba in for questioning, Katsuki packed up all of Izuku’s things and helped him move back in with his mother for the time being. He needed to heal.
“We’re so sorry Deku-kun….we didn’t know…” Uraraka apologized to him when all their friends came over to visit and apologize for not knowing what he was going through.

“He had us all fooled…” Kirishima bit his trembling lip.

“Not all of us.” Shoto reminded him.
“We should have been paying closer attention…” Mina cried.

“It’s okay guy’s really…I’m the one who should have left sooner…but I…”

“WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE FOR YOU.” Iida took his fogged up glasses off and bowed.
“Yeah….I’m sorry for leaving Izuku…I shouldn’t have left you after everything…” Katsuki joined Iida in his bow.

“Kacchan….you’ve done more than make up for it! You saved me!” Izuku reminded him.

“That doesn’t mean I’m not sorry…”
Izuku teared up and everyone spent the whole day with him just talking and listening to him talk about all sorts of things. Everyone shared memories of All Might and Katsuki talked about his trip to the US. “I forgot to give this to you earlier…” Katsuki blushed.
He handed him a gift bag from a New York City gift shop. Izuku opened it and was greeted with a Statue of Liberty snow globe that was replaced with All Might’s face and his signature victory pose.

“Kacchan! It’s beautiful!”
Katsuki’s heart warmed up as he saw Izuku’s genuine smile that lit up his beautiful green eyes for the first time since All Might’s passing. That smile that Katsuki loved.
“I’ll cherish this forever!” He cheered.

“Yeah…yeah…just don’t forget, you owe me that dinner…”
/End Thread.

A/N: Idk if it was clear but Izuku loves Katsuki just as much 😂
They didn’t go on their first REAL date for about a year after their “I owe you one” date. Izuku needed a lot to work through and Katsuki was there every step of the way. They were pining idiots.
Katsuki brought Izuku flowers just as promised and the two had a healthy loving relationship that made the entire previous year feel like it was just a blip in the road. Todoroki was always invited on any of their dates if he was bored. He earned it.

• • •

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12 Jan
#bkdk #fluff #comedy

One day while Katsuki, Shoto and Izuku are out on patrol with Endeavor, he runs into a girl on his lunch break who can’t help but burst into excited tears upon seeing him.

“What’s your deal?” He asks her.

“Ahhhh…sorry…I have a time travel quirk!”
She explains.
“15 years from now, you’re like..A REALLY FAMOUS AND COOL HERO! One of my favorites!” She fangirls.

Katsuki perks up at that. “Hah. I knew it!“ He grins cockily. But then his curiosity gets to him. “Future girl…are you able to send other people to the future?”
“I can! But only for a day! Do you wanna peak at your life?!” She excitedly asks.

“Fuck yeah. Show me how I’m number one!” Katsuki demands.

“Anything for Great Explosion Murder God DynaMight! There’s just um…one rule okay?!” She nods happily.

“What’s that?”
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1 Jun 21
Okay so I have to address the “DeKu wOuLd hAve unlOcked blAckwhIp if AnYonE wAs insUlted” argument because the setup for that scene by Horikoshi was brilliant and a lot of people are missing the point.
So this arc is the first time Bakugo and Deku interact after DkvKc2 with their newfound HEALTHY rivalry.
So Hori uses the downtime in the JT arc to showcase their new and improved dynamic as rivals and friends and also Bakugo’s involvement in OFA. (Which still has not been fully realized in the story. But its clear Bakugo and the 2nd user are somehow connected)
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