It's really telling of how good Republicans have gotten at play-acting like ignoramuseses that so many liberals have no idea that Ron DeSantis is both a Yale and Harvard graduate.
The point here was not to say everyone who went to an Ivy is a SUPER GENIUS. My point is, as usual, that it's wise to start releasing that desire to feel smarter than right wingers, because they're exploiting that dynamic in order stir up pointless culture war shit.
DeSantis CONSTANTLY talks about how he's warring with "elites". Well, again: He went to Yale, and then went to Harvard. He is the elite of the elites. And yet, I see liberals fall for his act, assuming he's some outsider to the world of elite education and money.
A lot of Republicans who pretend to be yokels that just fell off the hay wagon have these expensive, elite educations. Just take some time browsing their bios on Wikipedia. Real eye-opener.
I see folks would rather lose to Republicans than admit that their leaders are savvy political operators merely pretending to be backwoods ignorant hicks. Okay, your egos are tied up in this. But seriously, refusing to see it’s an act is hurting us.

• • •

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14 Jan
As I note over and over: Republican liars aren’t trying to fool their followers. Their followers see themselves as in on the con.
The reason D'Souza isn't worried about being exposed for lying about Betty White's death is because he knows that his followers know the vaccine is perfectly safe. They aren't fooled so much as collectively rejecting reality as a show of power.…
As I noted before, we see this in the reaction to Trump talking about getting the booster. They aren't worried about his health, because again, they know the vaccine is perfectly safe. They're mad at him for not playing along with the official lie.
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14 Jan
New Standing Room Only! Today's sample is from a section on why Dr. Fauci did not, in fact, "own" Roger Marshall by calling him a "moron".

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Music by Ronnie Spector. Image
I had to pick a song by the late, great Ronnie Spector. This song was chosen for a couple reasons. First, it's an ironic pick (fitting with the song's irony). You should, in fact, be very worried, just as the narrator should worry about drag racing.
Second, that Ronnie got to record this song is a triumph. Brian Wilson wrote it *for* her, but Phil Spector, ever the controlling pig, wouldn't let her do it. But later she cut an EP with Joey Ramone, and finally had her chance to record this song.
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13 Jan
I remember being a kid and images like this were used to scare us about the evils of communism. Well this is happening under American hyper-capitalism. Which isn’t to say we should embrace communism. But hyper-capitalism with no safety net and rock bottom wages isn’t peaches.
The times of middle class growth at the height of the Cold War causes a lot of conservative nostalgia. What they overlook, however, is how that was bolstered by high marginal tax rates and robust spending. In 1956, the minimum wage was, in today's dollars, $10.25 an hour.
Importantly, a third of workers in the 50s were in unions, compared to 11% now. The hyper-capitalism of today is all about draining the pockets of the country so that a rich few can hoard all the money. So of course it took very little for this empty shelf problem to manifest.
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12 Jan
Yesterday was a perfect illustration of the right wing derangement feedback loop. Republicans use hearings to elevate idiotic conspiracy theories, which incentivizes the fever swamps to come up with more idiotic conspiracy theories to feed politicians.…
Cruz's Senate stunt yesterday read as pathetic to you and me. But it worked exactly as intended, by giving propagandists video they could edit in misleading ways to fuel the narrative that the FBI is hiding the real story behind the Capitol insurrection.
Cruz's behavior is SOP for Republicans now. They basically treat congressional hearings as opportunities to feed what I call the right wing derangement loop. And it follows the logic of addiction, where they generate ever-nuttier conspiracy theories to get the same fix.
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11 Jan
Reflections on the fact that it's 2022, and yet we've regressed to the point where Democrats are struggling to pass basic voting protections, while Republicans are engaging in ever more unapologetic neo-Nazi-inspired rhetoric.…
Biden is framing his push for democracy reform in explicitly racial terms, which is good, because the GOP attacks on voting rights and elections are overtly racist. Republicans barely try to hide that they're trying to push Black people out of our election systems.
In Indiana, a Republican state senator who was defending his "critical race theory" bill — which would ban teachers from saying slavery or Jim Crow was bad — argued that teachers should also be "impartial" on the subject of whether Nazism was bad.
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10 Jan
The tiff between Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson is a turning point moment, I believe. Republicans are not going to be able to pull off this tightrope act where they are somehow for Trump but agaisnt the insurrection.But Democrats can hang them with it.…
As baffling as it is, polling shows a huge percentage of voters are willing, eager even, to pretend the GOP is a normal party, instead of the party of fascist insurrection. The more cognitive dissonance they experience, the harder it will be to justify voting Republican. Image
You cannot be for Trump but against the events of January 6. They are one and the same, and Trump himself is having a harder and harder time pretending otherwise. He just wants credit so bad! Image
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