Is anybody doing a deep dive into the 🤡s who signed the anti-#rogan letter?

I started at the top, with Adriana Sosa, graduate of « Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. »

Would you go this « doctor? » I wouldn’t.
The second signatory, Adriana Tseretopoulos, isn’t even on LinkedIn and has no results on DuckDuckGo.

The only place this « doctor » shows up is on…another group open letter! How weird is that?
I dunno. Should I continue?
Number three is Alexis Paulson, a Nurse Practitioner from Nashville. She actually exists, and her pronouns are She/Her, in case you were wondering.
Seriously, these are the « scientists » who are challenging the inventor of mRNA technology ???
Number four is one Alie Ward, podcaster. That’s right. She calls herself a « Science Communicator, » which is cool. What’s her degree in? Cinema.🙄
Five is Allison Myers, another nurse practitioner. I’m not sure which person by this name is the signer of the #rogan letter, so I will set this one aside. We’ll come back later to the qualifications of signatories later.
Ok, number six on the letter is Allison Neitzel, MD. She graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin (Wauwatosa) but has since gone on to an MA in Public Health. Another prolific open letter writer, Dr Neitzel recently scolded Aaron Rogers…
…for having insufficient faith in Covid vaccines, thereby letting down Packers fans and Wisconsinites like herself.…
By the way, has anyone noticed that the letter lists signatories alphabetically by FIRST NAME??? Lord grant me patience.
Alyssa Fears is the 7th name on the #rogan letter list, and the first actual research scientist with publications.

Her LinkedIn page refers to her as a « High consequence pathogen researcher. »
I could go on (and might later) but For now I want to draw attention to WHY this all matters.

It matters because lazy journalists and bloggers have frenziedly responded to the smell of chum (and money) in the water with scores or articles, all of which look like these.
Not one of them asked for more information about the letter or it’s signers. They just repeat the number 270 and the (misleading) words « scientists » and « doctors. »

In other words, they fudge the very thin facts to smear @joerogan and demand @Spotify discipline him.
Ok, getting back to the list, number 8 is Dr Anand Swaminathan, an asst clinical prof of Emergency Medicine in Paterson, NJ.…
Another pause—all of these people are qualified to comment in general on medical matters, but very few are qualified to question Dr Malone’s bona fides, or the veracity of his answers to Rogan’s excellent questions.
I note that most signers are fairly young and generally early in their careers. Is taking a collective stab at @joerogan, whose interview with Malone has garnered 50m views, the kind of thing that can get you noticed by higher ups? You bet. Is that what’s happening? Who knows?
Number 10 on the list is Andrea Love, PhD. Definitely a scientist by training. But working right now as a (you guessed it) podcaster. Can a smaller podcaster lose by publicly attacking the king of all podcasters? I don’t think so.
Sorry, obviously Dr Love is number 9, not 10.
The number 10 slot on the @joerogan letter is occupied by Andrei Mayer, PhD of the Brazilian Federal University of Santa Catarina.

Guess what? Dr Mayer has a pretty popular @YouTube channel about brains. Not Rogan popular, but respectable (68k subscribers).
Pause: there sure are a lot of podcaster and YouTube scientists on this list, aren’t there!
Next up at number 11 is Andrew Bauman, MD. Dr Bauman is considerably older than many others on this list. He is listed as a faculty member at Dartmouth Medical School, but I could find very little about him.
Number 12 is Angela Lindsay, AGPCNP (Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner). She lives and works in the Detroit area. Professionally speaking, it’s hard to say what would qualify her to question Dr Malone’s work in vaccine development and mRNA technology.
Angharad Âmes, MD is number 13 on the list of signatories. She is currently Resident Physician in Psychiatry at UC Riverside. There is no mention of vaccine research or immunology on her profile pages.…
Ok, number 14 is quite interesting. Anita Patel, MD is an asst prof of pediatrics in DC. She has over 48k followers on Instagram. Some of her research has been funded by NIH. Nice.
Here’s a link she posted and her response from a few days ago.🤔
Let’s dive back in. 15 and 16 on the @joerogan letter are both in the « science communicator » space, so I’ll address them together. Anna Stovall, PhD, works for Apothecom, which is a pretty weird outfit based in London.
Apothecom works mostly for clients in the Big Pharma and Big Medicine industries globally. I don’t know if AZ or Feyzer are clients, but they could be.

In other words, this letter could itself be part of a slick pr strategy, and they threw one of their own on for branding.
The 16th signatory is April English, who works for the same podcast as number 9: @unbiasedscipod. In fact, it looks like the entire staff of this podcast signed the #roganletter. But more on that later.
Number 17 is named Arden Heath, and appears to be a research tech in LaCrosse, WI.

Who ya gonna trust, right? The inventor if mRNA technology, or a lab tech ?🤔
18 is interesting. She signs as « AS Richards: Research Fellow, Science Communicator. » But you may know her as @abbieasr. Check out her pinned tweet. It’s « internet famous. » She recently joined @TheARConsortium. They’re studying « insurrectionary accelerationism . »🤪
The 19th name on the #roganletter is a Chemical Engineer named Asher Williams, with a resume and website that put to shame, well, all of us. She seems to spend 80 hrs a week doing research and another 50 teaching and attending conferences🤩.
Number 20 is a mysterious doctor named Ashim Ahuja who MAY live and work in Brooklyn, NY but otherwise is practically invisible on the internet.🤔
Number 21 is Ashley Pacheco, a nurse practitioner in Stamford, CT.

Mkay. Next!
At 22, we have Atoosa Khourosh, MD, MPH, a sometime immunologist, sometime yoga instructor, consultant and dessert baker. I can’t find anything connecting her to the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine. But then, why would anyone lie about that?
Number 23 on the #roganletter is a licensed clinical social worker from California named Autumn Schuster. I could tell you a bit more about her, but why? She’s a social worker and we were promised doctors and scientists.
Avisha NessAiver, MS is next. He is the Chief Science Officer at Medstartr Direct, which makes a product that (supposedly) cleans the air inside buildings. Is this someone who wants a swift end to the 💩demic ?…
Number 25 is Azad Gucwa, PhD, who teaches at (checks notes), Farmingdale State College in NY. In point of fact, her cv points to a conscientious lab researcher, whose grant submissions keep getting turned down. Change your luck, change your stars?…
26 on thé Rogan letter is Azizul Rehman, a cardiologist who appears to have recently moved to Dallas and doesn’t mind pissing off @P_McCulloughMD. Maybe not a smart move, Azizul, but good on you for taking a stand against people talking openly about science in a free country.
I’ll do one more. At number 27, we find Azza Gadir, PhD immunologist. They call her « the vaccine whisperer » (no, I am not making this up).…
BTW, the amount of misinformation in this article is staggering.
But who cares, right? She’s very pretty and seems nice.

• • •

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