Paintings in KASHMIR (1800-1850)

painting the first two parts of a long scroll that had been cut into five section of approximately equal length illustrate the five chakras of the centre realizations within the subtle body of a yogi
Description is these paintings attached here 👇
Source - manifesto of shiva

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13 Jan
Mahavidyas are the forms of Sati the wife of Shiva, who divided herself into ten different forms to keep Shiva fleeing from Kailas and blocked all ten directions, When Sati asked Shiva to Attend Yajna being performed by his father, he refused er by paying that she was not
invited and Sati felt ignored, so in order to how her form of divine mother she did so, ten forms are

Kālī (काली)
Bagalāmukhī (बगलामुखी),

Chinnamastā ( छिन्नमस्ता)
Bhuvaneśvarī (भुवनेश्वरी)
Mātaṃgī (मातंगी)
Ṣodaśī (षोडशी)
Dhūmāvatī (धूमावती)
Tripurasundarī ( रिपुरसुन्दरी)
Tārā (तारा)
Bhairavī (भैरवी)

Tara is the Mother of the three worlds—of the heavens, the atmosphere, and the earth.Much of Tara’s symbolism can be related to death—but in its broadest perspective. The death it refers to is the death of the ego,
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11 Jan
Was This really Newton..?

Gravity explained much before

In 6th century BCE by Maharshi Kanada


He explained gravity

Gurutva-- Gravitation force

Prayatna-- External upward force
Samyaganam-- confluence

Utkshepnam-- upward movement

In his Vaisheshik darshan sage Kanada talked about atoms and molecule he also explained that works is made up of small particles of whose smallest unit is atom and propounded it with spiritual behaviour,
In his verse..

पृथिव्यापस्तेजो वायुराकाशं कालो।

दिगात्मा मन इति द्रव्याणि।।

In this verse he explained that everything in this nature is made up of Six thing

Pruthvi-- earth
Apas-- water
Tejas-- fire
Vayu-- Air
Kala-- time
Dikh-- space
atma-- Self
Manas-- mind
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7 Jan
In Sri Ramayana: The Indian Epic written by sage Valmiki, toward the end of "Kishkindha kand" where sampathi the elder brother of Jatayu, narrated to Vanar sena how sampathi and jatayu lift high in the sky, during the part of narration sampathi explains about different kind of
birds and their zones if flying in the sky, here are few lines of that conversation

Sampathi says:
आद्यः पन्थाः कुलिङ्गानां, ये च धान्येजीविनः
Which means sparrows and other seedeater birds like pigeons fly in the first plane of sky.

द्वितीयो बलिभोजानां ये च वृक्षफलाशनः
The second plane of sky is the flying zone of doubt nuts (fruit eating birds) and crows.

भासास्तृतीयं गच्छन्ति क्रौंचाश्च कुर्रे: सह
In the third plane there fly the birds like cranes and herons

श्येणाश्चतुर्थम् गच्छन्ति, गृध्रा गच्छन्ति पञ्चमं
Further the falcons fly much
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6 Jan

Our ancient scriptures describe in great detail about mathematics, physics, biology, philosophy, astronomy,health science, linguistics, science and technology where we are forgetting to gives the credit. Going to explain all ahead in #thread
1. Rigved- means praise it’s explain in various hymns praising the elements of the nature and cosmos.
2. YAJUR Veda - means worship and explain different procedures of worship of the nature.
3. Saama Veda- saama means song it gives music driven canonical format
4.- Atharva Veda- means stable mind it sets the rules for a daily life we spent.

Vedic literature consists of four vedas, six external blocks called vedangs, four upvedas,
Smriti, Puran, Sanhita, Epics, Aagams and Siddhant.

The six external blocks are called Vedangs
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25 Nov 21
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30 Oct 21

Sigmund Freud had explained the interpretation of dreams in the last century, but our scriptures explained this thousands of years back.
What is the significance and meaning of our dreams. These are explained in Kanv shakha of our scriptures.
Dreams in the first quarter(पहर) of the day give result in one year,
if the dreams are in the second quarter(प्रहर) the results are in eight months, for third the dreams are fulfilled in three months, the fourth one takes one fortnight, the dreams of dawn take ten days, morning dreams after you awaken after dream are fulfilled forthright.
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