it’s always the sub sucking the dom’s cock - but the other way around could be even better.
imagine dom jk sucking off his sub jм’s pretty cock, licking and biting the head of it until it hurts. edging him for hours, torturing his dainty cocklet until it’s all swollen and leaking
🔞dub-con, dom/sub dynamics, bad bdsm etiquette, cock and balls torture, choking, marking, pain kink, verbal humiliation, multiple orgasm denials, using female terms for male genitalia, begging, rough fucking
jm tied stomach up to the bed, all spread out, ball gag in his mouth, hole loose and ready to be fucked. but his dom takes his cock in his hands instead, and jm is confused. jk almost never touches him there so it’s super sensitive,every touch sending sparkles through jm’s spine.
jm jerks in his restraints, hips bucking in attempts to get away from jk’s prying hands. but jk holds his cocklet firmly between his hands, not allowing him to escape.
and then, jk puts his lips around it.
jm wails through the gag, not used to such intense sensations to his front. jk focuses on the head, creating vacuum with his mouth while his tongue circles the tip in quick movements.
in just a minute jm feels close to coming. he mumbles through the gag,
not sure if he’s allowed to come inside of his dom’s mouth.
but he doesn’t have to worry about that bc the moment he feels close to coming, jk pulls away and squeezes the tip of his cock, his thumb pressing on the opening of jm’s urethra.
jm whines, cock twitching pathetically
in his dom’s hands.
jk just smiles, looking jm straight into the eye.
and then he dives in again.
he sucks on the head, tongue painfully digging into the slit of jm’s cock. jm cries out, but he’s leaking precum all the same.
he shakes his hips, feeling his orgasm approaching
despite the pain. but by the look in jk’s eyes, he knows it’s all in vain. as soon as he’s about to finish, jk grabs his cock tight. he waits for jm to calm down, and then he goes back to it. he sucks on the tip like it’s a lollipop, collecting the precum and swallowing it,
making it even more painful for jm. he waits for jm to be close to orgasming, and then he pulls back. every time he does, the pain in jm’s balls heightens. by the fifth time it happens, jm is a total mess.
his hole twitches, pink pucker opening and closing frantically, desperately seeking for something to fill it. it’s all loose and lubed and ready to be fucked, but it’s left empty and it feels awfully neglected. his balls are all blue and swollen, sitting heavy and pulsing from
the empty promises of orgasms.
jm’s breathing is shallow, his chest going up and down quickly, heart beating to the rhythm of jk’s tongue around his tortured cock.
the poor thing is all red and sensitive, veins popping from all of the blood that went into it in such a short time.
jk strokes it, and every touch sends shocks through jm’s whole body. he drools around the gag, trying to beg jk with his eyes to let him rest for a moment.
finally, jk lets go of his cock, coming up to caress jm’s blotchy cheeks. he bends down to plant a kiss on jm’s nose,
petting his head all the while. jk licks jm’s lips that are spread around the ball gag, collecting the spit that drooled past his mouth. jm hiccups as he cries, legs shaking as his swollen cock twitches between his legs.
“your little clit is so sensitive” jk says, still petting jm’s head “it cries as easily as you do. it makes me want to torture you more, just to make it’s shade of red match with the color of marks around your neck” he whispers, fingers tracing the bites all over jm’s neck.
jm shakes his head, trying to say ‘no’ but he’s unable to say anything understandable with the ball gagging him.
he shakes in his restraints instead, tears falling from his eyes.
“shh, baby” jk says while he soothingly caresses jm’s chest,
teasing his nipples in the process “you always say no but end up loving what i do to you anyways. such a fucking painslut. stop trying to defy me and play innocent when we both know you’re anything but” jk growls, grabbing jm’s neck and stopping his airflow, successfully
stopping jm from squirming. he applies pressure on the marks on jm’s neck and it distracts jm from the pain in his cock, making him focus on his breathing instead. once he’s calmed down, jk lets go of his neck, kissing and sucking on it instead. he goes down and down until
he’s at the base of jm’s cocklet again.
jm feels his cock twitch in anticipation. he has goosebumps all over his body, every part of him going rigid in hoping for the pain that he knows is coming.
he looks at jk with doe eyes, waiting for the moment his dom
takes his cock between his lips and make him hurt. he blinks a couple of times as he looks at his dom,hips bucking towards jk’s mouth out of his own volition.
jk looks at him, shaking his head. “you’re so fucked up” his dom says with a smirk, and then he bites down on jm’s cock.
jm screams, a blood-curdling sound that goes straight from his lungs, throat hurting from the intensity of it. his cock pulsates, jk’s teeth digging into the soft flesh of his hard cock making him see stars. his eyes are rolled to the back of his head, legs uncontrollably shaking
as his cock leaks like a faucet.
jk moves away, grabbing his cock into a tight fist until it no longer feels like it’s burning.
but jm’s balls are in constant state of pain, and the feeling only intensifies once jk wraps his lips around the tip of his cock again.
jm plops back onto the bad, body finally relaxing as he gives himself whole to jk. he embraces the pain, moaning brokenly as jk sucks his soul through his cock.
he feels like he’s stuck in a constant orgasm that never reaches it’s peak, in a state of oversensitivity
that makes him feel high. he feels pleasure and pain so intensely, all sensations melting into one that makes his brain feel like a mush.
he whines and whimpers and mewls, more tears spilling from his eyes every time jk denies him of orgasm after orgasm.
there’s been so many he can’t even count anymore, his whole body limp except from his cock that feels like it’s gathered all the blood, and the balls that sit heavy under it.
he sniffs, not even aware of spreading his legs as jk holds his cock tightly again.
“ung…ook…” he tries
to call his dom’s name, feeling like he’s going to go insane if he doesn’t come soon.
“what is it baby?” jk asks, pushing his thumb into jm’s urethra opening. jm tries not to shake too much so that he can answer.
“‘anna ‘ome” he pleads through the gag, hoping jk will understand.
“wanna come?” jk asks, still holding jm’s cock tightly in his hand.
“aaah” jm confirms as best as he can.
“do you wanna come with me playing with your swollen little clitty? or with me fucking your needy hole?”
jm blinks a couple of times, mumbling something incoherent.
“i don’t understand you, baby. you want me touch your clit, is that it?” jk laughs, placing his palm directly on the tip of jm’s cock and circling his palm over it.
jm cries out, shaking his head. he tries to say ‘no’ but he’s left to whine dumbly as his cock
feels like it is about to burst. it’s throbbing in oversensitivity and jm isn’t sure if he’s even able to come anymore.
jk takes his balls in his hands, fondling them as finds great satisfaction in watching jm struggle.
when jm’s grunts, rolling his eyes to the back of his head in pain, jk deems it enough.
he unbuckles the ball gag, finally freeing jm’s mouth.
jm was never the kind of a sub to beg for his master’s cock so jk is taken by surprise when jm opens his mouth immediately.
“master, please fuck me. please fill my needy hole with your cock” jm pleads. he’ll take anything at this point if it means leaving his abused cock and balls alone.
“aww look at you being all polite” jk praises, petting jm’s head. he frees jm out of his restraints,
admiring the red marks ropes left on his sub’s wrists and ankles.
“present yourself to me” he commands.
jm usually isn’t obedient and jk has to force him a little to do anything he desires, but it seems like jm is properly broken into an compliant little slut this time because
he immediately turns around, lifting his hips as his head and chest touch the bed. he spreads his legs wide, and even though jk knows it’s more bc he can’t bear anything touching his cock than wanting to present properly, the sight fills him with pleasure nonetheless.
“spread yourself for me and say what you want.”
when jm doesn’t immediately move to do so, jk adds “or i’ll just spank your clit until it turns blue.”
upon hearing those words, jm’s hands immediately fly to his ass, small fingers spreading his cheeks to reveal his trembling hole.
“i want you to fuck me, master, i’m b-begging. please give me your cock” he breathes out, cheeks burning red. he isn’t used to begging so the words come out rather quiet, jm not able to make himself say it out louder than that.
“well, since you asked so nicely” jk mocks, unable
to hold himself back anymore. he watches jm’s swollen cock as it leaks all over the bed sheets, and his balls that look ready to burst. he slaps jm’s taint for the fun of it, relishing in the sound of jm’s whimpers as he lines the head of his cock with his sub’s desperate hole.
jm moans as jk pushes into him, inch by torturous inch until he’s all the way inside. it feels so good, so right, the pleasurable feeling in his ass melting away the pain from his cock.
but jk doesn’t give him a moment to relish in the feeling, instead pulling out harshly,
leaving jm gaping. jm whines, wiggling his hips in invitation. jk slaps his ass, loving the way jm’s hole tightens the moment his hand makes contact with his sub’s skin.
and then he thrusts back in, enjoying the warmth of jm’s tight and wet walls. he grabs jm’s hips
with both hands and then pushes his ass away from his cock, only to thrust back in again violently. he sets a punishing pace, one that leaves jm drooling over the pillow, unable to say anything coherent as his dom uses his body like a fleshlight.
jk uses jm like a sex doll, a tool for his own pleasure, not caring about jm’s comfort at all. he knows his sub is delighted about finally having something to fill his ass so he just chases his own orgasm, moving his hips violently fast and watching jm’s delicate body as it gets
jostled with every thrust. jm moans, circling his hips every time jk hits his prostate. it looks like he’s close too and it doesn’t take much for jk to come as he watches his sub getting rendered speechless from his cock. he spanks his ass couple of times, relishing in the way jm
clenches around him, opening his mouth to pant like a dog. jk pulls jm by the hair to impale him on his cock and then he’s coming, spilling cum deep into jm’s ass, painting his body from the inside.
jm sucks him in with his hole, circling his hips once, twice and then he’s coming
as well, whole body shaking from the force of it. he screams brokenly, his abused cock finally spurring cum, spluttering rivers of the white substance all over his own abdomen, his legs, the sheets. jk prolongs his orgasm by grinding his hips, poking into jm’s prostate
with his cock, making him spill even more cum. soon it becomes too much and jm cries, body going limp in jk’s hold, begging to be left to rest.

but jungkοοk isn’t done.

he fucks jm couple of times more throughout the night, wanting to milk his prostate to the last drop,
until jm’s balls are empty and his cock unable to get hard anymore. jm lays motionless through half of it, unable to move as he lets jk do whatever he pleases with his body.

when he feels first rays of the morning sunshine on his tear-stained face, he’s so spent he can barely
even talk anymore. there’s fingers in his ass and they make him come for the god-knows what time, cock pathetically trembling as it’s milked dry. he sniffs as he holds his dom’s one finger with his entire hand, finding comfort in it.
his ass is fucked raw but at least
the pressure from his cock and balls is gone, and he’s thankful for that. jk finally lets go of jm’s ass, giving one final slap to his cock.
“what did we learn today, jimiոie?” he asks, wiping the tears from jm’s face.
“m-my cock is useless” jm says, repeating the words jk carved
into his brain as he fucked him the whole night.

“let’s try that again. your what?” jk asks, squeezing jm’s cheek.

“my clit. my c-clitty is useless” jm sniffles, correcting himself.
“that’s right baby. and if i ever catch you jerking yourself off without permission like you did yesterday morning, i’m not gonna go easy on you like i did this time” jk threatens, bending down to plant a kiss on jm’s forehead.
jm smiles, grateful for the light punishment.
he knows he shouldn’t have touched his own cock, let alone jerk himself off. he knows it’s all his own fault and he wants to apologize once again but his eyelids feel heavy, the exhaustion from being fucked roughly for so long finally catching up to him.
still, he needs to be assured that his dom isn’t mad at him anymore before he passes out.
“‘m i forgiven?” he asks warily, bringing jk’s finger closer to his mouth.
“you are, baby” jk reassures, watching fondly as jm takes his finger and puts it into his mouth🤍

• • •

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13 Jan
omg i just realized i haven’t properly thanked you for 4k followers!! i am really so thankful to you all, when i started this acc i never even thought i’d be writing so now to have so many followers who enjoy my drabbles feels almost unreal! this might sound stupid+
like i think i’m famous or something but it’s not like that, i really mean it when i say that this is all bc of you guys! if you haven’t encouraged me to write more i would’ve never thought of doing so…
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jk sending this to jм, mimicking the sound of a clock ticking away. it’s a warning to show jм how close he is to home, how little time jм has to put himself in the right position. chest down, ass up, paws on, tail in, the leash from the collar around his neck between his teeth.
if jм isn’t in his position as jungkook’s pet by the time jk enters the door, there will be consequences.

unfortunately, when jм receives the video he’s still in the bathtub, drinking wine as he relaxes. the moment he sees the video, his blood freezes.
he knows he’ll be fucked up if he doesn’t do as his dom requested so he scrambles to get out of the tub, wiping himself quickly as he grabs all of the toys from his room. he runs down the stairs, buckling up the collar around his neck as he counts the seconds.
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