@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn Agree with this. I both respect & appreciate your conduct & solidarity.
Solidarity is a 2 way street.
I'd like to explain why I'm so angry with the party & disappointed with it's elected representatives - in this context those in the @socialistcam as well as Jeremy Corbyn 1/
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam I, like 1000s of other democratic socialist members, who for many years have helped fund, supported & campained for the LP; who have literally put their heart & soul to promote the principles of justice, fairness & anti-racism; 2/
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam have been falsely smeared & labelled as cranks, trots and antisemites; harassed, abused, investigated, threatened & suspended by the very party we have invested so much energy, effort & heart into getting elected.Not only has this been felt as the deep betrayal it is 3/
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam but it is an attack on our very being. The fals antisemitism accusation made against those that feel the anti-racism fight the most, which is part of who we are & forms our very basic beliefs in what is right, naturally cuts very deep.
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam Add to this the dropping under starmer of support for the manifesto, the policies, principle & values we stand for; the attack on free speech, democracy, due process & natural justice in the party; and I'm sure you'll share our frustration. 5/
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam Throughout, we have shown solidarity to Jeremy & defended both him & all socialists, deefending him, them and our shared values at every turn - to our personal cost - more abuse, ridicule, smearing & persecution. 6/
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam And this is where solidarity being a 2 way street becomes important. We have been abandoned - the very opposite of solidarity. And by the very people we supported, campaigned for, defended & trusted. We have been left to organise & defend ourselves @LabourInExile @JVoiceLabour 6/
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam @LabourInExile @JVoiceLabour Where was or is the solidarity with @Jackiew80333500 @DerbyChrisW @Marcwads ? Where was or is the solidarity with the 1000s of members, like myself, who have been smeared, abused, harassed, thrown or chased out of the party? Nowhere, that's where. 8/
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam @LabourInExile @JVoiceLabour @Jackiew80333500 @DerbyChrisW @Marcwads The deafening silence from prominent socialists within the LP - MPs in particular has been one of the most difficult to swallow. This may be due to their naive belief in & attachment to the party, but at what cost? 9/
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam @LabourInExile @JVoiceLabour @Jackiew80333500 @DerbyChrisW @Marcwads It leaves them open (perhaps unfairly) to the accusation that their attachment may rather be to their considerable salary & career.
I hope this goes some way to explain why me & many others have totally lost faith in @UKLabour & can neither support nor vote for it. 10/
@LauraPidcock @jeremycorbyn @socialistcam @LabourInExile @JVoiceLabour @Jackiew80333500 @DerbyChrisW @Marcwads @UKLabour If the current management wasn't vile enough & the very antithesis of our core values & beliefs; the near total lack of reciprocity from 'comrades' we showed total solidarity to has been fatal.
I don't have the answer, but, as it stands, the LP isn't it.
Solidarity ❤✊

• • •

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2 Jan
I can only speak for myself & I realise twitter is a tiny microcosm of the 'real' world but, it should be clear that I & many others will not vote for @UKLabour under Starmer & co. I was an ardent activist, member, supporter & voter 2015-19. 1/
No amount of 'stay & fight' from socialists within the party or 'tory enabler' calls from demonstrable hypocrites, will change my mind.
It seems bizarre to ask me to support or vote for the very people who have abused me for 4 years & stand diametrically opposite to me 2/
Indeed, they openly attack my values & principles, whilst offering...nothing. I see no hope or change in the LP. Nothing. Sooo, what next? Will socialists within the party join forces with those outside it to offer an alternative before the GE. Will the unions sever all ties? 3/
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12 Oct 21
No amount of whataboutery, legislation around personal data nor focus on context; will erase the vile toxicity of those exposed by the #LabourLeaks report.
If you joked that a member would burn in a fire, that you would not 'piss' on them to put it out & wished for a petrol emoji; no data breach will take away from the fact that you are a disgusting individual. There is no context that would make it anything other than abhorrent.
If you laughed at the fact that one of the most abused black politicians had been reduced to tears & then decided to tip a 'journalist' as to her location; no data breach will absolve you from being vile & probably a racist.
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