Man, folks really are just doomer spiralling lately aren't they?
So. Stuff is hard right now. We are experiencing an unwholesome and painful surge. Exhaustion is valid. A need for a normal social life (especially after 4 already traumatic years) is valid.

It is not, I think, going to be forever, nor even multiple further years yet.
The folks screaming "give me normal back RIGHT NOW!" AND the folks screaming "REPENT! REPENT! ACCEPT DAMNATION! THE VIRUS REIGNS OVER ALL!" are about equally annoying and unconstructive, imo.

they're really the same reaction, just in opposite hues.
There are also practical logistical concerns to navigate and standing in both the way of a total lockdown for weeks or months at a time AND an immediate "let 'er rip!" response, but you'd never know that by discussion on here.

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12 Jan
I feel like people reflexively discuss the Jewish worldwide population in ways intended to soothe naive antizionist sentiments.

"More than half of the Jewish population is spread throughout other parts of the world" is, implicitly, an acknowledgment almost half are in Israel?
In most contexts I feel like we would single out any region containing such an enormous portion of any particular tradition's population, not try to obscure it with an appeal to how *most* members *don't* live in a particular place - except to broaden popular ideas of location.
There ARE examples of this being done with other religious movements, of course. Most noteworthy, when discussing Islam in an effort to broaden peoples' understanding, it is not unusual to remind the naive that some of the largest Muslim populations aren't in the MENA.
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5 Jan
So I've got a theory about COVID, calls for lockdown, and the splintering of the (for lack of a better term) anti-Nurgle factions.

tl;dr: the "problem" for unity is that the COVID vaccine, by and large, is extremely effective, shattering the enforced consensus for isolation.
When there wasn't a vaccine, the anti-COVID faction had basically all the same, unbiased course of action as their only action: mask and isolate. The personal or economic costs of such actions were irrelevant; they were the only course we had, & affected everyone "equally."
Disabled folks, the immunocompromised, and abled folks alike faced a terrible and largely incurable danger in COVID, & with adept media coverage of the horrors of COVID it was easier to persuade folks regardless of how badly isolation hurt, the risks of COVID were greater.
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28 Dec 21
It's perhaps worth observing this pattern doesn't seem unique to Christianity as missionary religions go. Buddhism likewise enjoyed far more success in lands other than that of its origin, & I'd argue the generic Exotic Otherplaceness of its founding myth may have played a role.
I think another key thing that needs to be acknowledged - which I don't necessarily agree with Effie about - is that missionary religions are basically exactly backasswards in the popular conception in their relationship to empire. Far from challenging empire, they evolve from it
This does not mean missionary religions have nothing to SAY about empire - to the contrary, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity have all at times observed and criticized the injustices of their own imperial spheres while offering (varying levels of sincerity) support for victims.
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28 Dec 21
Well I'm disgusted by recent events.
Seriously, we need to fuckin' stop some of the awful, awful dynamics on here, and not simply coopt them for our own ends.
And an awful, awful lot of folks absolutely just wanna keep doing those dynamics because folks get off on being able to exercise the minute and illusory power they present over others.
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27 Dec 21
Ok so I'm really sick of a particular species of angry tweet which amounts to gleeful distortions of complex history for the sake of cheap dunks on Bad People
"Penitent why do you care it's just Twitter"

Crowd pleasing lies and distortions spread like wildfire on TikTok too & folks take it seriously there. As someone at least theoretically interested in history I think it's important for it to not be subordinated to a pissing contest
History isn't the search for angels and icons, it's the study of an amazingly complex tapestry of events. If your goal in studying history is ONLY to exalt your own origins or those of origins you approve of and denigrate those you do not, you're Doing it Wrong
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20 Oct 21
Targeting Jewish organizations for a definition of Zionism that includes "yeah we'd rather a major Jewish enclave exist" while NOT targeting Christian organizations for similar stances, in fact, antisemitism, and I don't particularly care what Cool Jews claim otherwise.
When people proclaim Zionists need to be ejected, they're usually actually stating that they consider Jews organizing by and in solidarity with other Jews is inherently suspect.
It is generally understood that most other groups' advocacy for other communities that share their demographics is not inherently sinister. Christians appealing to solidarity w/other Christian communities, or Muslims w/Muslims, is seen as acceptable by leftists.
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