Dear Med Schools and all affiliated academic centers, STOP using med students as your own personal stash of free labor because you don't want to pay a fair wage to people actually trained to do the jobs you want covered. STOP exploiting med students because you can. Dear
2)Attendings/Supervising Physicians, stop enabling this abuse. Dear Med Students, JUST SAY NO!! You are paying to go to med school--they are not paying you. You notoriously volunteer for many community events and activities w/o being asked. Do not allow these schools/centers to
3)exploit you. Don't interfere with others' abilities to get paid work. RTs, MAs and everyone else on that list should be paid their worth. Don't be a scab. Last but not least, Dear C-suite, get off your fat a**es and transport some patients or bedsit if you don't want to hire
4)people to do so. Give up your bonuses and pay people FFS. Better yet, half of you resign--that alone should provide enough funds to pay people a fair wage. For those who don't know, this lovely letter is from Perelman School of Medicine.
5)However, plenty of med schools have sent out similar manipulative letters attempting to take advantage of the natural altruism of med students while simultaneously avoiding hiring paid labor. Don't believe the garbage that this abuse will strengthen your residency app. No PD
6)worth anything should endorse this nonsense. If they do, shame on them. Students, "No" is a complete sentence. Use it. @pppforpatients @TakeMedBack @PennMedicine

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23 Dec 21
Physician colleagues, please, please, please stop accepting positions from recruiters like the one below. This is how you keep enabling the illegal practice of medicine. In response to a perfectly legitimate question by a physician, he accuses the doc of being egotistical. ImageImage
2)In addition to being unprofessional, the recruiter is incorrect in implying that an attorney would advise a physician that it is perfectly safe(or legal)for them to "collaborate" with an unknown NP in another state practicing hormone replacement therapy(HRT). For the record,
3)there are no NP programs that exist in the specialty of Endocrinology. New grads and physicians early in their career are vulnerable to this type of sales pitch. Don't fall for it. Unfortunately, there are corrupt and greedy physicians who actually sign up for this s**t.
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23 Dec 21
I typically have no interest in petty, childish tweets. However, this one in particular provides an opportunity to educate the public and HCPs interested in what the law has to say about the title "Doctor" and who uses it. Every state has a Business and Professions code(BPC) for
2)nearly every profession under the sun. That includes medicine and nursing. It is apparent to me whenever this issue arises, physicians and nurses have no clue what the BPC states when it comes to using the title "Doctor". First of all, it is imperative to understand,
3)BPCs ARE STATE LAWS. What one "thinks" or "feels" is irrelevant. A NP may feel that he/she can use the title "Dr." because they have that sham s**t, online, crap DNP degree, but it really depends on what the BPC states. BPCs varies state by state, so one cannot assume. In
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20 Dec 21
Kudos to Dr. Allison Brown, for going public and exposing more of the Cartel of private equity in medicine and how it affects the quality of care being provided to patients. Specifically in the specialty of Dermatology.…
2)Not surprising in the article is that the CMO and president of Pinnacle, the Pimp corporation backed by the Cartel, does what many of these sellout, traitor-trash docs do, parrot the same old bulls**t rhetoric about their prioritization of patient safety and quality of care.
3)"We...will continue to provide valuable dermatological care at the highest possible levels.” He then proceeds to disparage Dr. Brown. A colleague under his employ who shared her concerns, within the company, about patient safety and quality of care being compromised. ImageImage
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23 Oct 21
An adversarial "conversation" in Medical Economics between the new president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners(AANP) and members of Physicians for Patient Protection(PPP). AANP president April Kapu, DNP, APRN got a bit
2)testy with PPP member Dr. Alyson Maloy's take on filling the physician shortage with NPPs…
3)and decided to write a…
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19 Oct 21
There is not only structural racism in medicine, there is structural misogyny. EM is no different where the "Old Boys Network" is alive and well. When the cronies are at their best, there is no meritocracy. You can be the best physician you can be but if one does not fit in their
2)particular demographic, one will not receive equitable pay, benefit packages, promotions, etc. The powers that be are in charge and not objective--they have no ability to be. They assist each other to move upward and onward--qualifications be damned. I've read the complaint by
3)Dr. Carmody. It's believable to me for one reason--I've lived it. I'm providing a few snippets of the bulls**t that she has made part of her lawsuit. It's sickening and so f***ing blatant. The kind of arrogance one sees when the offender gets away with this nonsense over and ImageImageImage
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15 Sep 21
Dear Student Doctors and Unmatched grads, DO NOT allow yourselves to be used as free labor by any medical institution or facility. You are not indentured servants who are required to put your lives at risk for the business of medicine. If they want you to work as
2)medical or nursing assistants, they should pay you as such. Do not agree to work as RNs because you are not. RNs are a specialized discipline and trained accordingly. They are in demand and being paid their worth...finally. They deserve it. However, the powers that be don't
3)want to pay. If you work for free, they can attempt to use nurses less just to get by and save money. Don't do it. It harms you, it harms the patients and it disrespects the nurses who deserve every f***ing cent they get paid. If the facility is short-staffed, that is an
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