I have so many thoughts about this. It bugs me beyond words when I hear church leaders say people are "apathetic." NO THEY'RE NOT! The people rightly care more about their own callings & too many pastors want them to care more about the pastor's calling. christianitytoday.com/news/2022/janu…
A pastor's effort should not be to convince more people to give more time & treasure to the pastor's ministry activity. It should be to shepherd people to live with God in the places & vocations he's called THEM to in the world.
The problem isn't that people are apathetic about what church leaders are called to do. It's that church leaders are too often apathetic about what God has called his people to do Monday thru Saturday. Get outside the church, pastor. Genuinely seek to understand the lives...
...& vocations of your people. Seek to equip them for the works of service they are called to in the world (Eph 4:12). It will transform you & your people & you'll discover they are not suffering from apathy; it's pastors who are suffering from myopia.
Few will admit it, but too many pastors believe their calling matters more than others'. I know, I was a pastor & I had this same delusional arrogance. I tried to convince non-pastors to abandon their callings in order to do more activities that looked like my calling...
...all in the name of "mission" or "purpose" or "significance." But I gave little thought to the value of what God had called them to do 40+hrs each week. & I had little vision for the true scope of God's redemption of "all things" (1 Cor 15). I ministered as if God only cared...
...about the institutional church. I preached "In the beginning, God created the heavens & earth" but I pastored as if "God then retired into full-time ministry." If this is the vision church leaders have, it's no wonder we give so little energy to what happens beyond the church
It wasn't always this way. In the past, most pastors spent the week outside the church ministering to the sheep where they were—homes, hospitals, fields, factories, prisons & schools. Today, we've reversed that. Pastors stay inside the church & people must come to them for care.
This professionalization of pastoring means few pastors really know what life looks like for their people outside church walls. Few know the dignity & difficulty of vocations of their sheep & therefore few know how to truly minister & equip them. What they see are passive, tired
people on Sunday morning reluctant to sign up for yet another commitment or another church program & interpret this as "apathy." It's not apathy. It's exhaustion. & rather than alleviating this burden, too many churches make it worse. Rather than offering rest for the sheep...
...too many churches want to extract more work from them in order to validate the pastor's calling by growing the church or expanding its influence. Pastor, spend 1yr outside your office with the sheep & then tell me if they're "apathetic." If you still think so, I'll repent.

• • •

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17 years ago today I was taking a train into Chicago to visit a friend when my wife called. She was in premature labor & being rushed to the hospital. I switched trains & got there just in time for my son, Isaac, to be born. He was 2 months early & barely 4lbs. That was the...
beginning of months of fear, uncertainty, & stress. Although initially healthy, on Christmas Day he nearly died. Blood transfusions & other emergency procedures saved his life, but he remained dangerously small & unable to eat for months. He lived in an incubator...
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Just finished “The Family” on Netflix. Anyone who listens to our podcast knows I’m critical of evangelicalism & political power, but I think that documentary was a hatchet job, misleading, & dangerously biased even if it stumbled into some truth at times. Your thoughts?
The review on @mashable got it right: “What could be a scathing exposé of a theocracy in the making falls flat, following too many leads that go nowhere in an already complex narrative.”
The documentary claims to reveal a secret group of evangelicals hiding their political ambitions behind religion. It’s sexy, scary, & scandalous. The real scandal is how evangelicals have been doing this IN THE OPEN for 40 years! No scary music or Nazi montages required.
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12 Jun 19
1/ Can we talk about pacifism? It’s an area of Christian ethics/theology I’ve wrestled with for a long time, and I’m still not clear on my view even as I have friends I deeply respect who’ve embraced pacifism & advocate for it from Scripture & history...
2/ We live in a culture addicted to violence & one in which even Christians have come to put their faith in war & the tools of war for their safety rather than Christ. I grieve this idolatry & want to stand against it through by not participating in it...
3/ This means identifying with the crucified rather than the crucifiers, identifying with the sheep rather than the butchers, identifying with the peacemakers rather than the warmongers, & identifying with the healers rather than the killers.
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1/ I spent a good part of my afternoon researching (again) the 1965 Hart-Cellar Immigration Act which opened the door to immigrants from Africa & Asia like my dad & has profoundly changed American society....
2/ It’s the family reunification (aka, “chain migration”) element of this 1965 law that many conservatives now blame for making the US less white, more diverse, & less Christian. It’s also what the Trump administration wants to reverse with their immigration policy...
3/ It warms my bi-racial heart that the family reunification part of the law was introduced late by a conservative, racist congressman, Michael Feighan, thinking it would preserve the old quota system and “favor immigration from the northern and western European countries.”....
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16 May 19
Abortion was not invented by feminists in 1973 & merely criminalizing abortion won’t end it. Sensible laws are part but not all of the answer. Pro-life Christians need to think holistically & compassionately about the issue by caring for women rather than incarcerating them.
Reading about the 19th cen Abolitionist movement, I see parallels to the Pro-Life movement today. Some white Christian abolitionists wanted to end the evil of slavery bc they feared God’s judgment of the US, but they didn’t all believe in racial equality...
...or integration. Instead, some advocated for the repatriation of freed slaves to Africa. They wanted a clear conscience by ending slavery, but also avoid the sacrifices necessary to make America a racially diverse society...
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3 May 19
Too many Christians live with a dis-integrated vision of life where some things matter to God and many, many do not. Then they are told that engaging the things God cares about = a significant life & any time spent on other things = a wasted life.
Can someone please tell me which part of his creation God does not care about? Which sparrow is beyond his concern or what undertaking does not require his sustaining presence?
It is a terrible error to tell any of God’s children that their work does not matter no matter how ordinary it may appear, or that they are “wasting” their life on earthly things. Did Jesus waste his years as a carpenter or David when a shepherd?
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