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14 Jan, 9 tweets, 3 min read
Gender is a social construct?

Let's dissect this agenda which has been pushed heavily by the LGBT+ community in recent years...
There's a huge misconception within the LGBT+ community which suggests that gender and sex are completely separate, in other words you could have a full biologically born boy with sex organs but his gender identity would still be open.

I will prove that gender is mostly innate.
1. Physical brain differences by sex.
2. Toy preferences between male and female babies.
All mammalian reproduction is rooted in the idea that there is a sexual dichotomy between male and female.

To obscure that with how you feel subjectively has no bearing whether male or female.

Two people can be born in the same year and be the same age.
Yet one person can be childish/young at heart while the other person can be mature, no one will argue their biological age, although they have different mindsets.

Same goes for race: You can have two people with the same ethnicity, and one completely identifies with their
national culture while the other has zero interest, he could have moved to a different country, learnt a new language and felt a lot happier.

The argument is, whatever you identify and feel comfortable with is not automatically determined with that which you are born with.
If gender is a meaningless social construct created by society, why does it matter more than sex which is actual real biology and why is gender more real than biology itself, why would anybody need to change his or her body in order to align with gender, a social construction?
The notion that 'Gender is a social construct' was first pushed by a professor of medical psychology in the 1960s.

His name was John Money, he has an interesting but dark life story that I'd recommend you to read about.

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15 Jan
Hello 👋

I'm that person that will explain why this is wrong.

Let's dissect her argument one by one.
''My point is feminism is there to keep our rights intact.''

If you take a look at my previous thread I have already debunked this claim.

''Our only problem that many women face today, is the fact that the rights are taken away due to culture and men''

Yes, rights are taken away due to culture which is why we need Islam as Islam came and abolished these wrongful actions towards women which stemmed from culture!
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15 Jan
Does Women's rights = Feminism?

Let's take a look at the history of the Feminist movement and the true motives that were behind it.

So many Muslim teens have been influenced by the west to think that Feminism fought for women's rights only, let's see if that's true.
Firstly, we have to note that Humanity has always been patriarchal from the beginning and it has been embedded into human nature.

Throughout human civilization, 99% of human societies have been patriarchal.

You can look at ethnographic atlas or anthropological studies.
The roots of Feminism began in the 17th century, and it corresponds with industrialization and modernization in Europe.

Feminism was used primarily as a tool for colonialism and education reforms.

Started with John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham and arguably John Locke.
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15 Jan
Homosexuality is innate?

Time to refute this baseless claim made by the members of LGBT+ community.
Scientists Dean Hamer, Simon LeVay and Anne Fausto Sterling have tried to prove that homosexuals are born as such but all of their studies have been refuted and rejected. p.s they are all gay

Let's dissect them one by one.
1. Twin Studies

There have been many genetic studies done to prove that homosexuality is linked to genetics, however these studies were small and not conclusive.

The study done in 1991 by Bailey where he interviewed homosexual men and their identical and biological brothers.
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