Unpopular opinion ahead.

So the fuck what? I don't give a shit if the NFL is down to one black coach. It's about ownership & property rights. When I one day own a sports team, I don't want anybody forcing me to hire anybody I don't want to.…
We have got to stop defining racial success by how close a few Negroes can get to white people. Too often we define our collective success by how many black people get hired by white companies. Enough w/dis bullshit. Herein lies a cataclysmic flaw of the civil rights movement.
It reduced civil rights to sitting next to white people at lunch counters & getting to sit at the front of the bus instead of BUYING OUR OWN DAMN LUNCH COUNTERS& OWNING OUR OWN DAMN BUS COMPANIES. This shit is maddening. I aint trying 2live my life on my knees begging white folk.
I want my own shit. THATS THEIR SHIT! THEIR PROPERTY! I ain't for white people being forced 2do shit with THEIR PROPERTY that they dont want 2do b/c I don't want them telling me what 2do w/my property. This is the difference between an ownership mentality & a beggars mentality.
This is why I was cool with segregation, b/c it forced black people to be independent, do for themselves & not be so goddamn dependent on white people for our existence & survival. When you are so dependent on another group of people, they control your destiny and survival.
Give me separate but EQUAL. We were arguing 4 the wrong thing. We thought if we could just be near white people, thru some type of magical racial osmosis, whiteness would rub off on us. Bullshit. Separate but EQUAL forces the reparations conversation in away integration doesn't.
Well over a 1/2 century after Brown v. Board of Education & our kids are no better off. Why? B/c our school systems are still inherently UNEQUAL. HBCUs receive UNEQUAL funding. Environmental racism like the Flint, MI water crisis exists b/c infrastructure spending is UNEQUAL.
Integration ain't did shit for black people COLLECTIVELY. Integration has only helped a few niggas walk thru a few white doors & we celebrate that bullshit as true racial progress for all. FUCK DAT! This is why despite writing a pro-affirmative action dissertation decades ago,
I'm now against it. GET RID OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION NOW! I'm done fighting 4 a few niggas 2hv nice cushy lives by getting chosen by wypipo while the rest of us suffer& 2 often they dont reach back & help no damn body- instead they close the door & pull up the ladder behind them.
Often AffirmativeAction niggas are the greatest Toms. We need an entirely different mindset going forward. Stop getting upset when wypipo throw out a few niggas. Those few chosen niggaz are NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE REST OF US. They were chosen by white people as windowdressing.
And they ain't hurtin fo shit. Their severance packages are often golden parachutes that most niggas would kill for. Dey gone be aight. As for the rest of "Us," that's a different story. We need to focus on building our own apart from white people & NOT be so dependent on them.
This reminds me of this Negro community in Wakanda, I meant Atlanta, where every other week, these rich niggas on da news complaining bout not having high end dept stores in their black neighborhood & complaining how dey have 2travel across town 2shop near the good white folk.
HOW ABOUT BUILDING YOUR OWN GODDAMN SHIT INSTEAD OF WHINING ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE NOT BUILDING THEIR SHIT IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? Even when niggas get money, dey still beggars. Or what about rapper T.I. & some udder rich niggas complaining about how they were treated at-
a white owned restaurant in Buckhead. HOW ABOUT STOP PATRONIZING RACIST BUSINESSES & BUILD YO OWN SHIT? UGH. This shit is beyond maddening. We can't imagine life without white people. We too damn dependent on them for everything. This was not the case before integration.
There were many black areas that had their own stores, barbershops, their own everything & we only interacted w/white folk in as much as we needed to for trade and other business opportunities. I low key interview niggas all the time to see where their mindset is on such matters.
When I see a niggas who can't contemplate life W/O depending on white people for every damn thing, I cut dey black ass asap. Can't build with them. I'm only interested in black folk I can build w/ so we can have a better life & not be so dependent on shit that oppresses "Us."
This is very difficult as 2many black folk cant see operating this way. MLK& his doctrine of assimilating deferential respectability politics got outsized influence in the black imagination while the do-4-self philosophy of people like ChairmanFredHampton got lost in the shuffle.
Even Booker T. Washington, who often gets branded as an Uncle Tom, was shouting this same shit over a century ago. Hell, at the Atlanta Exposition in 1895, Booker T. even advocated giving up the right to vote if white people would provide the foundation for economic advancement &
wealth creation. This was called "The Atlanta Compromise." Initially W.E.B. Dubois supported it, then he rejected & launched his lifelong diatribe against Booker T. Washington & casted him as sellout. Unlike BTW, Dubois valued the intellectual over the vocational.
Heres the problem w/Dubois. NIGGA, who dafuck gave U yo 1st job when U flamed out at Harvard & da good whitefolks kicked yo high yella ass out? Booker T. Who published yo 1st book & articles? Booker T. Who gave you yo 1st platform 2reach a national audience. BOOKER T. WASHINGTON
BookerTWashington recognized DrDubois' talent& wanted him at Tuskegee Institute after da Ivy League rejected him. However Dubois was delusional. Dubois thought b/c he was da 1st nigga dem Harvard crackas gave a PhD, dey was gone let him teach dey good white students. NiggaUcrazy.
Here's a little known fact about Dr. Dubois. He didn't want to be around lowly niggas. He was a brutal elitist. Just ask the ghost of famed black historian Dr. John Hope Franklin about how arrogant & condescending Dr. Dubois was to him when they first met. True story.
Dis why most IvyLeague negros I meet 2dis day are arrogant as shit. It's the intellectual& behavioral DNA of the man they regard as their intellectual father. Like Dubois, many Ivy niggas let whitefolks blow smoke up dey ass convincing them dey better than the rest of us darkies.
Dubois believed this shit too & when it didn't pan out, he wind up stuck at an HBCU in Wakanda, I meant Atlanta. Dr. Dubois neva wanted to be at Atlanta University & only wound up there b/c the good white folks at Harvard chewed him up & spit him out.
Sort of like DrBoyceWatkins at Syracuse. When Dr. Watkins didn't get tenure at Syracuse, he fell back on the black financial empowerment space. Where would DrWatkins be if wypipo chose him & granted him tenure? I guarantee it wouldn't be selling financial flash cards to Negroes.
History is filled w/black people flaming out in white spaces& then running back to black folk to survive & thrive. Once they are no longer the darling of white folks eyes, they then lean into their blackness & get black folks to rally to their cause, whatever that cause might be.
Think Oprah Winfrey building a media empire catering to white soccer moms & kicking black folks out the room in Forsyth County, GA so racists could have free reign on her show about racism all those years ago, then falling back on black audiences to build her OWN network.
Or what about the black church, which has become this sort of way station for failed black leaders? Think Kwame Kilpatrick. Shit, a nigga can do anything & as long as you repent, walk down da aisle & come 2white Jesus, black folks will quickly usher yo ass straight to the pulpit.
Nevertheless, black people should be very leery & suspicious of black people who come to them by default. If black people weren't your first love, if you only came to "Us" after white folks rejected you, U can't just default 2 black people & rebrand yourself as a freedom fighter.
Well, I guess you could & many do b/c many black folks are not up on game to the ruse. The problem w/being window dressing 4 white people is that racial mannequins can always be removed at random. When a black person is cast out by white people & white folks say, "next nigga up,"
-we shouldn't just create a space for the nigga who flamed out with white people. Remember Tamron Hall saying, "when a black woman comes up to me asking how I made it as a black woman, I stop them right there & say everybody had it hard." Yet when the good white folks at NBC&
replaced her ass w/blond haired blue eyed Megyn Kelly, many screamed racism. In my mind, even if it was racism, black people should never expend any capital or energy on someone like Tamron Hall who for years behaved as though racism was no big thing as long as white folks were-
giving her that good life. Same w/Melissa Harris-Perry who stayed silent when NBC fired black men Carlos Watkins, Toure & others & then apologized for being silent when the good white folk finally fired her black ass & replaced her with the Congolese-Guyanese-American Joy Reid.
Which all brings me back to the tiff between Booker T & Dr. Dubois. Would you rather write books or build buildings? Booker T. built HBCU Tuskegee from the ground up. Yes, Dr. Dubois was an intellectual tour du force, but he died penniless and in exile. Tuskegee still stands.
Gimme Booker T all damn day. Hell, I'll take it a step further. If white folks offered you a billion dollars to never vote ever again to never participate in American democracy, would you take it? Now before you answer that question, remember, black people are only 13% of the US.
Or what if white folks were willing to give "Us" the Native American deal? Our own Negro reservations, no taxes, none of our internal disputes can be handled by American courts & we have our own police force? Would you take that deal or would you cling to them 13% ballots?
Or what if wypipo were willing to give "Us" reparations at whatever number we wanted including compensatory damages for back wages & punitive damages all w/interest & adjusted for inflation, would you then be willing to part ways w/your hyper-fidelity to ballots & the franchise?
Now this is usually when the "We Shall Overcome" niggas start singing & the respectability politics chorus led by the Oracle of Clyburnia come in. James Clyburne & Co. will start slave march lectures about how "our forefathers& foremothers died for us to have the right to vote."
Fuck our foremothers & forefathers. I gives a fuck about dem & their respectability politics. It ain't got us no damn where. Respectability politics only helped a few niggas walk thru a few white doors & voting is NOT some magic Harry Potter wand that erases history.
It was quite logical for Booker T. Washington to barter the Negro franchise for economic equality & independent wealth b/c regardless of whether respectability politics negroes will admit it or not:

They are pimps. We are prostitutes. & just like Zola & any other stripper or prostitute who realizes they've been selling ass for too little & too long, it's high time that the cost of black ass went up. I've argued for sometime that black folks need to have a stripper mentality.
When that music & money stop flowing, dem strippers stop dancing. Niggas on the other hand keep dancing even when the money ain't right & voting is the ruse that makes it all pop. Democracy is supposed to be give and take, but for "Us" it's been mostly give give give.
Booker T. Washington understood this at a very deep level & sought to head it off at the past. So I return to his age old question: would you give up the right to vote for a billion dollars or reservations or no taxes or our own equally funded school system & universities?
Or would you keep fighting for a few niggas to walk thru white doors & be black symbols in white spaces? OR as Killer Mike asked in Reagan,

"Da ballot or da bullet-some freedom or some bullshit?
Will we ever do it big or just keep settling for lil' shit?"
Thank U kindly for taking the time to read the work of Dr. Alexander Hamilton aka A-HAM.

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16 Jan

More Civil War tea leaves ahead. Now according to many in the media & citizens feel its apparently ok to mock unvaxxed people who die from Covid. I need you to get just how horrible this is & the type of anger such behavior can unleash.…
Or what about Joy Reid arguing that the citizenship of the unvaxxed should be devalued & in her estimation, the unvaxxed should bare the entire economic cost of the pandemic. Listen to her very carefully. She is unaware of the seeds of hate she is sowing.
It was also JoyReid who politicized vaccines by saying it was ok 2be vaccine hesitant when Trump was president but its not ok 2B vaccine hesitant under Biden. Readdatback. The video of her going in about this has mysteriously disappeared but not the tweet.
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13 Jan

Something just dawned on me on a very deep profound level. A lot of people could not take it if the world dumped on them they way they dumped on others. People want U 2 take a ton of shit off them, but dont want to deal w/an ounce of return smoke. This is coward shit.
They want to be free to say & do whateva dafuck dey please around you, but if you dare do the same to them, if U dare bring them an ounce of discomfort they will cry wolf & try to get U canceled. You know how in sports, the refs never see the first guy who throws a punch?
Its always the guy who returns fire that get fined, called for a foul or kicked out the game. This shit happens in everyday routine life where mafuckas come for you when you didn't come for them. Then when U blast dey ass, they play victim. Again, coward shit.
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11 Jan

There are a good number of people in this country who want to force others to get a vaccine for no other reason than to make themselves feel secure in their own decision to get vaccinated. They want to reduce your health to an everybody-gets-a-trophy mentality.
They will say shit like "it's not fair that they had to get vaccinated & U did not." Dafuck? How sinister is this type of thinking? Get this, there are companies rehiring employees who have covid but are vaccinated& firing people are unvaccinated but dont have Covid. Readdatback.
These are mafuckas like @Eugene_Robinson of the WaPost who is arguing that the world's top tennis player should be prevented from breaking records b/c he's not vaccinated. Never mind he has natural immunity & was previously cleared to play.…
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10 Jan
Pay very close 2 this.

Blackman DA. Blackwoman police commissioner. Black man Mayor who used 2B a police officer. Black man DA say, "we aint seekin prison time except 4real serious shit." Black woman policechief say "shiiiid, yall niggas gone learn 2day."…
Somebody tell sista girl dat ain't her damn job to worry about PROSECUTION & PUNISHMENT for breaking the law. Yo job is simply ENFORCING the law. Eerybody gotta damn job to do. I won't tell U how to do yo damn job & U don't tell me how to do mine.
I have always been against police trying to do anything outside of their job description. It's like Congress or the legislative branch's job is to write the law. The judicial branch is to interpret the law. And the executive branch is to enforce the law.
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7 Jan

Consider this post a public service announcement. If you've been paying attention, there is a lot of talk in the mainstream press about the possibility of civil war.……
There are also two major recently release books on this topic as well
People think the possibility of a 2nd civil war is crazy and far fetched. Well here is something that should scare the bejeezies out of you. Most of the MAJOR AMERICAN GUN MANUFACTURERS ARE MOVING TO SOUTHERN STATES. Let that sink in.…
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6 Jan

Excellent example of how people peddle experiences 2persuade others. This happens all the time in many facets of life. People use experiences as an argument when its not. If this juror lied 2get on the jury, the verdict will be overturned.…
Most people outside of the practice of law won't get what's the big deal. In a case involving sex trafficking & potential molestation, a few jurors may have peddled their personal experiences of child abuse to persuade other jurors to convict Maxwell. That is a huge NO-NO.
Maxwell is not on trial 4 the childhood sexual abuse of any juror. This case should be about one thing and one thing only: Whether or NOT Maxwell is guilty of what she's been charged IN THIS TRIAL. But let me take this out the jury room 4a second. This happens everywhere in life.
Read 25 tweets

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