This manipulative tactic might have worked in 2020.

But now, if you choose the right to terminate a pregnancy over the population's right to gather, show our faces, our children's right to socialize, access vital services, & be educated, you're the bad person.
I'm sorry that we're being put in a position to choose between 2 bad options, but I choose a toddler's right to proper speech therapy, an autistic child's right to a proper social development, the right to be educated & our right to live w/o constant gov't threat over abortion.
Forgive me that I care far more that families across the country are locked out of their city's indoor spaces because they're not ready to give their child an EUA vaccine that just became available two months ago, even if their child already had the virus than I do about abortion
I choose a young person's right to decide how many vaccine doses they get with their doctor instead of their college administrator, and their right to gather, socialize, and be educated over the right to terminate a pregnancy.

I choose this unapologetically.
I choose our right to live peacefully, with control over our own risk tolerance, without the constant threat of a government mandate that wipes away our livelihoods, our mental health, and our children's well-being over the right to terminate a pregnancy.
I sincerely question the values of anyone who believes that preserving unrestricted access to abortion trumps everything that I have mentioned.

You're welcome to hold this view, but understand that you are unequivocally wrong and will eventually realize this.
It's completely mind-blowing to hear people still drone on about abortion as if it is the single most important right to preserve, when we have literally lost the very basic civil liberties that are guaranteed in our Constitution through executive decree.
I don't know how you people tolerate my abysmal grammar, but hopefully my point is clear.

• • •

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16 Jan
So 61% of the country now seem to disapprove of vaccine mandates.

We should encourage medical decisions to be made between doctors and patients.
For some, this opposition has always been a line in the sand. Others were willing to consider the societal benefit of mass vaccination into the equation.

It shouldn't be controversial to acknowledge that the community benefit of vaccination has dwindled in the face of Omicron.
And now given the astronomical number of Omicron cases, coinciding with vaccine passports in blue metros and booster mandates, it is even more important to abolish all mandates and allow these decisions to be made privately, based on a patient's individual medical history/need.
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16 Jan
Everybody should look at the demographic profile of Richmond Public Schools. Predominantly low income and minority students will continue to have restrictions placed on them while suburban, white, affluent districts will have a normal school year.
And the people in charge will attempt to justify this by claiming that low income minority districts require some extra level of "protection", as if providing parents in this district with a choice about how to "protect" their own children is somehow insufficient.
If we are still sitting here in a year, silently and passively observing the harshest restrictions getting applied to urban environments while wealthy, white and middle class families are able to give their children a normal school year, then we have completely failed.
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16 Jan
New study on ~52k healthcare workers comparing vaccination, natural immunity, and hybrid.
"Both previous infection and vaccination provide substantial protection against COVID-19."
"Vaccination of previously infected individuals does not provide additional protection against COVID-19 for several months, but after that provides significant protection at least against symptomatic COVID-19."
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14 Jan
Sorry but I don't particularly care that a HS student would rather roll out of bed, get on a Zoom, & have very little accountability in school.

Kids have parents for a reason - to guide them until their prefrontal cortex is developed enough to grasp consequences.
This is why we have an age of consent, and why we don't allow kids to emancipate at will.
It's our job to foster an environment where kids' needs can be met as they make their way to adulthood.

We give them what they need - not necessarily what they want at a fleeting moment.

My kids would love to stop brushing their teeth & to eat candy for every meal.
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14 Jan
The 2016/2020 political playbook has been rendered obsolete.

Sorry, but you're not going to scare everyone about abortion, "the threat to democracy", Voter ID laws, Russia, & whatever other nonsense you throw at the wall when we're literally living w/o basic rights for 2 years.
Imagine actually thinking that you had the moral high ground to cry about voter ID when you think that it is completely reasonable for all of society to show proof of a medical procedure that has limited community benefit in order to enter their own city's indoor spaces.
Imagine thinking that you had the moral high ground to talk about body autonomy when you believe that the government should have more control over our medical decisions than a person's own doctor.
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14 Jan
I spend every waking moment fantasizing about the Democrats getting crushed in November, or at least the fear of this driving their behavior, but I haven't given much thought as to what will happen if the people who get elected *don't* put an end to this nightmare.
Are there actual candidates who are explicitly running on the platform of restoring 2019 freedom?

Ending all NPIs & mandates, and restoring 100% normalcy, while ramping up efforts to boost hospitals, investing in updated pharmaceuticals?
If so, how can we support these specific candidates?

It's not enough to be passive anymore - I want to support candidates who are explicitly rebuking this "new normal" and running on a campaign of 2019.
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