Hey everyone, Rabbi Mike here.

The Bible's book of Samuel documents the battle of David and Goliath, where an 11 ft. tall warrior was slayed with a sling.

Goliath's son would later return to challenge David. He had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot—24 in all.
This evidence suggests that Goliath suffered from a pituitary gland dysfunction, and that his condition was passed down to his son.

A pituitary tumor pressing on his optic nerves would have made it extremely difficult for him to see David's stone while it was in flight.
The stone launched from David's sling struck Goliath with such force that it "sank into his forehead" (1 Samuel 17:49).

Loss of bone density can occur as a result of deficiencies in pituitary hormones, further validating the suggestion of a tumor.
External Links:

Bible Gateway - 1 Samuel: bit.ly/3A1fjiM
Bible Gateway - 2 Samuel: bit.ly/3GtaBg4
OHSU - Understanding Pituitary Disorders: bit.ly/3I551Rf
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5 Jan
Hey everyone, Sir Mike here.

Over 30% of the German workforce was unemployed as a result of World War I when the National Socialist Party took office in 1933.

Between 1934 and 1937, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler would create as many as 6 million jobs.
In his first radio address as chancellor, Hitler promised to overcome unemployment within four years.

He introduced policies banning the purchase of labor-saving machinery, and gave government contracts to companies that relied on manual labor as opposed to machine labor.
He further reduced competition in the job market by introducing measures that encouraged women to stay at home.

Married women were paid a lump sum of $1,000 Marks as part of a family benefits program that focused on the next generation of German children.
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2 Jan
It’s stress-induced mass hysteria brought on by a thoroughly dishonest news media.
In 1957, US Air Force social scientist Albert Biderman created a chart used to illustrate the methods of Chinese and Korean torture on American POWs during the Korean War. How many of these look familiar to you? Image
Isolation - "Lockdown/Quarantine"

Monopolization of Perception - "CNN moves to 24/7 COVID-19 coverage"

Humiliation and Degradation - "You're not a horse-paste eating Republican are you?"

Exhaustion - "Constant vigilance is the only way to ensure survival"
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14 Dec 21
Many groups have claimed to be the original inhabitants of Israel, and the Babylonian Talmud documents one such instance.

Is it possible to find the Lost Tribes of Israel?

Join me now for the full breakdown!
Following their return from captivity in Babylon, the Jewish people were summoned before Alexander the Great.

A group from Afrikiya—the region encompassing modern-day Algeria and Tunisia—claimed that the land of Canaan was theirs, and cited the book of Numbers as evidence.
A Jewish sage named Geviha ben Pesisa deliberated before Alexander, and countered the claim by quoting Genesis 9:25 which states “Cursed be Canaan, the lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers.”
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7 Dec 21
Did Jewish rebels use guerrilla tactics in open war against their Greek rulers?

Who is Yehuda HaMakabi, and how did the festival of Hanukkah begin?

Join me now as I answer these questions and more!
Jerusalem was part of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt until 202 BC when Antiochus III the Great of Syria defeated Ptolemy V in battle.

As part of the Seleucid Empire under Antiochus III, Jews were guaranteed the right to live according to custom.
While cultural change did happen, it was largely driven by ideas inspired from abroad.

The Greek rulers did not make efforts to force Hellenization, and Antiochus III allowed his Jewish subjects to practice their religion in the Temple according to their heritage.
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30 Nov 21
Did the world’s most famous comet lead the Three Wise Men to the Christ child?

Was Jesus born in the year 1 AD, or over a decade before?

Join me now as I answer these questions and more!
Halley’s Comet has been charted by Chinese, Greek, and Babylonian astronomers who documented its earliest sightings as far back as 466 BC.

One reference describes a “broom star” that appeared in the skies over China in the year 240 BC.
One of the most compelling accounts of Halley’s Comet can be found in the Book of Han, written by Chinese astronomers during the Han Dynasty.

In the year 12 BC, Chinese astronomers tracked the comet from August through October.
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27 Nov 21
Hey everyone, Rabbi Mike here.

The foundational basis for Communism can be found in the Jewish Kibbutz.

Kibbutzim were communities in Israel based around agriculture where socialism, zionism, and the principle of "equality" were taken very seriously.
Members of the commune, called "Kibbutznik," did not individually own tools or clothes, and gifts received from outside were turned over to the communal treasury.

Children slept in communal children's homes called Beit Yeladim (בית ילדים) instead of at their parent's home.
Collective childrearing was used to eliminate the patriarchal society that the founders came from. Children would not be dependent on their fathers economically, socially, legally, or otherwise.

This would eliminate the father's authority and uproot the patriarchy.
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