Apologies to any followers who follow me for market stuff. Please disregard. I just have to put together a thread on an unrelated matter. Normal service resumes after this.
For context, I was doxed by Paddy Cosgrave simply for having opposing political POV. I’m a right-leaning centrist, he is a lunatic. This thread is my reply.
First of all, let me deal with Cosgrave. The first point I will make is that if you expect me to take morality lessons from a man like him, you are mistaken. See below for just a sample of his kind of morality. He is no position to speak about bullying, misogyny or racism.
Feel free to find any of my tweets referenced by him and you will see they are all taken out of context, part of a wider conversation, jokes or some other perfectly fine explanation. If not, I’ll address each one in time.
Now I could point him to lots of tweets where I am equally critical of Fine Gael & Fine Fail for their housing policy, MUP, budgets etc. But that is not really the point. His whole thing is to take stuff out of context, demean and bully.
Secondly, if you think I am in any intimidated by Cosgrave, again mistake. He is the definition of a silver-spoon, privileged private school motherfucker. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror again if I allowed myself in any way to be intimidated by a chap like that.
No doubt he has cast me as the big bad businessman, working in finance, evil bankers etc. It plays well with his following. I’m not going to remedy that here but suffice to say, Cosgrave is far better example of everything that is wrong in this state than I am.
He has led a gilded life with doors opened at every step of his life because of family or school connections. And what has he chosen to do with it? Work quietly in the background improving society (like the Collisons)? No, he has used it to increase his profile.
For me, he is as close to the definition of an upper-class wastrel as you can get. And if you think he gives a fuck about the less well-off, he doesn’t. But more on that later.
I am from one of the most socially-deprived areas in Dublin. What I have, I got through my own effort and sweat. What Paddy has he got through his family background and his connections made from his €19.5k (yes 20 grand a year) private school.
What is Paddy’s overall goal here? Well Cosgrave strikes me as the sorta fella who got halfway through The Art of War once and now considers himself a master strategist. So, he probably has some grand plan in mind. I have four theories.
Theory No. 1 - could be he wants all intelligent analytical contributors off the platform before next election. Specifically, ones who are critical of Sinn Fein and may be able to critique their election manifesto in an analytical manner.
Go scroll my tweets. You will see I love civil debate and engage in it regularly. What Paddy may actually be doing is trying to introduce a US style “hate the other side” to Irish politics. Why? Because the more polarized sides become, the more likely extreme outcomes happen.
Theory No. 2 – Cosgrave has some court cases pending. Google it. If he were to lose them (no opinion on whether he might), this little crusade would allow him to spin the narrative of glorious rebel taken down by the state.
Theory No. 3 - he could just get off on bullying. After all its an account with 70k followers targeting accounts that often have less than 1k. And encouraging his “pirate crew” to pile on. And look at what his employees say about him on glassdoor.
Theory No. 4 - He could be doing it out of some chip on his shoulder and unrequited love from his Daddy and wider family who sent him away to boarding school.
Either way, Paddy probably thinks he is representing the common man. Let me say this, that motherfucker has about much in common with the working class as Rees-Mogg. If you are working class, Cosgrave deep down couldn’t give a flying fuck about you.
He is using you for his own aims (whatever they might be) and will sell you out in the end. Pretty much like GOP with rural US or the Tories with Northern England. Additionally, he has his own business and family wealth to fall back on. Most people he is targeting do not.
So he is hoping his own brand of intimidation will force them to acquiesce. Because people get scared about livelihood, family, providing for the kids. So again, Paddy is using the exact thing he moans about (privilege, background)
To intimidate people who don’t have that luxury. Remember he doesn’t really give a fuck about the homeless, housing, what future your kids have, social mobility. And he certainly doesn’t give a fuck about any of his followers.
So that’s the long and short of it. Morally, I can’t let a silver-spoon bullying motherfucker like Cosgrave influence anything I do or think. Just couldn’t live with it. He (or any of his middle-class anarchist mates) wouldn’t last 20 seconds where I grew up. So, fuck him.
Some admin stuff. The account was anon so I could research/ask questions/talk about stocks/credit I may have been researching/hold positions in. If u look at my account, 95% of my tweets were about markets, hurling, boxing, Irish housing policy & taking the piss out of crypto.
Where are @Twitter, @policy, @smcs and @Ronan_Costello on all this? Twitter bang on all the time about bullying, mental health etc. But this account with 70k followers has been consistently allowed to target smaller accounts.
So far nothing too major has happened. But what if he targets someone who is mentally fragile or loses their job? What if something much worse happens? Retrospective action won’t count for shit.

• • •

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To @websummit employees, my sympathies. If you want to, feel free to continue to post your experiences on Glassdoor. Former employees, go one further a drop a mail to a journo or newspaper of your choice in Ireland.
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