How to hack and rewire your relationship with pain forever.

Why humans SUCK at gauging pain

Pain is something we describe terribly. We also categorize it woefully.

We know its there, how know vaguely how debilitating it is, but we cannot describe it objectively what so ever. Much like our other emotions.
A therapist asking your pain levels /10 is like asking how much you love each of your family members /10. It is nearly impossible to quantify.

We see bank numbers and can measure business success, but using pain to track progress sets you up for indefinite failure.
What do you do instead?

Use something you can control. Progression of load in the area of injury.
Here is a thought experiment.

PERSON A: 200m 2/10 pain which increases beyond this distance
PERSON B: Full Marathon 2/10 pain during whole event.

Who would you rather be?
Their pain levels are the same? Does that mean they are equal?

No. Because Person B's FUNCTION is far superior, so in this example minor discomfort is not an important metric.

Tendon Pain can last 5 years, so what? you are going to wait 5 years until you move? No.
We know whether we are on the right track or not, if we have the same level of discomfort, but can do significantly more, we are improving our tolerance to load, and eventually PAIN will dissolve.


Because the body doesn't perceive a 'THREAT'.
That is all pain is.

A security system. A system that was once life or death in hunter gatherer times.
Injury = Unable to hunt = Unable to feed family = death.

In the modern world we can reduce load through the injured site, recover, but the body is unaware of this.

It’s primary objective is protection of the billion dollar asset (your body).
Pain usually forces people to stop doing what they are doing, so the body is preserved.

Pain doesn’t actually equate to how much tissue damage you have actually acquired.
If you focused for 8 hours a day on a pinky toe injury you have had, you could influence just as much of a pain response as a low back or neck injury.

What you put more focus into, becomes hypersensitive and focused on.

Rewiring is like taming a lion, we need to teach it that what we do is not a threat. And that it will not cause tissue damage.

The way you do this is through a GRADUAL LOADING PROCESS.
You commence at a tolerable load (for a sprained ankle this may just be dorsi/plantar flexing it 100s of times a day at the start).

The body through repetition will trust that it won’t lead to further damage.
It will reduce hypersensitivity in the area, from there you can continue building load demands (SL balance, standing dorsiflexion, bodyweight calf raises etc).

The higher the level of complexity in movement you want to get back to, the more creative you need to be to rehab.
E.g from sprained ankle to MMA Sparring where you may get leg locked, this gap is a massive bridge that needs to be built in between.

And majority of therapists do 60-70% of the job, because the athlete no longer has PAIN.
Which once again demonstrates that pain is a terrible indicator of a well structured return to activity.

Rewire your alarm system, or let it rewire you. Chronic pain is a perfect example of those who have fallen victim to this exact thing.
I will be further delving into these concepts here:

Everyone inside are getting earlier access 3x faster than you are.
You are literally falling behind every single day that you don't have access.

It is free. and will be the best injury advice on Twitter.

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