🎶 Blood is Blood, it runs through us all,
Hate is all alone, it makes you very small,
We are one, and one for everyone
So take my hand, and open your heart to love anyone🎶
We get introduced to sabo the as the friend of ace and later on goes to become the brother in arms with ace and luffy ..all three brothers share the same ambition to be free of restraints and to give their all for their brothers when need be..later we see ger blown up by the CD's
We then get to see the proper & respectable burial for WB and Ace all thanks to shanks and sengoku coming to terms out of respect for them...and thus the great pirate era came to an end ...shanks still didn't want to meet luffy cuz he know it will just break their promise ...
Back in luffy's hometown garp get bitchslapped and rightly so in regards to her motherly feelings towards ace and luffy, thinking about how luffy must be suffering but Garp was the one who had it the hardest he couldn't do anything for his grandkids as he watched it happen..
Luffy was going in denial mode for had just occurred...he couldn't believe it all...and was lashing out like crazy but jimbe was right there to guide him through it all and remind he of what he have left to protect and cry for,"I saw this as his brother's last guiding aid to him"
Rayleigh, luffy and jimbe stormed the marineford once again only this time to let his crew know what has to be done and deliver a mssg only the strawhats can understand that was to meet after 2yrs at sabaody archipelago and thus began everyones grind to grow stronger and stronger
The era finally enters new age ...and the 2 yrs of hardwork from the "crews need to grow strong for their captain to the captain's need to grow strong for his crewmates" finally came to end and they meet up at the place where their dearest frnd lay awaits the thousand sunny.
This is the arc which portrays discrimination a topic which if done greatly will definitely become one of the greatest weapon in a stories storytelling as well as spreading awareness or mssg across the readers and imo oda translated it very well in the manga medium. A rare sight.
Oda tried to depict our society with luffy's tale , we see that majority of the times it humans fault (wbk)..but queen otohime tried her best to let her ppl know that they must not judge an entire race just cuz of one person ...this is my fav moment from the arc👇
the blood flows the same for everyone regardless of their race or gender it's red the same for everyone...jimbe finally breaks the long imposed rule and transfused his blood with luffy ... fulfilling queen otohime's dreams and saving luffy's(his frnds) life with that noble act.
*coughs*...The WINGS of the pirate king 👑
Finally got to meet big momma I've been hearing about on anitwt 😩..and sheeesh it was as I expected and and not expected at the same time.. expectations being-scary,strong & BIG and what I didn't expect was that she didn't care for any treasures except anything that is edible🗿
Fav straw hat - still luffy 🗿🗿...😭😭😭😭 I'm done with his ass mf is toooooooooooooooo easy going and utterly unhumanely stooopid😭😭. Also just look at these mfs 😭 I can't-
Overall the fishmen arc was good I enjoyed it for what it depicts and do it in a way that can fun and educational (as in spreading awareness) at the same time👍 8/10.
Ps: I can't fathom mfs who skip skypiea but watches fishmen Island 😭😭 I really can't ..
Ignore any grammatical errors..lol..
I'm currently on punk hazard👍.
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Forgot to met that they name dropped someone called joyboy 🗿 seriously oda that's what you came up with 😭😭...also we get to know one of the 3 world destroying weapon "poseidon"

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11 Jan
🎶There's many different worlds
So many different suns
And we have just one
But we live in different ones
Now the sun's gone to hell
The moon's riding high
Let me bid you farewell
Every man has to die
Just let me tell you this ...
you're my brother and I'll love you everyday🎶
The punishment of standing against a celestial dragon would be this HUGE was not what strawhats had ever thought...they were being their regular selves this time too..but this was the first time we saw luffy at his low, the stage of self pity and self loathing at his weakness.
Enter boa- the arrogant and selfish empress of the seas knows no bound reason being her conq haki and the warlord title. Past shrouded in slavery hiding her shame to protect her kingdom and her name. wanting nothing but mere recognition as a human even with the past of a slave.
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🎶Remember me
Don't let it make you cry
For ever if I'm far away
I hold you in my heart
I sing a secret song to you
Each night we are apart
Remember me
Though I have to travel far
Remember me
Each time you hear a sad guitar
Know that I'm with you
Until the day I SEE YOU AGAIN..🎶
Before reading OP I didn't knew a ship could make me tear up the way going merry's takedown did,think of it as this way-the moment when you're told to takedown your pet ..it's the hardest thing for an owner to handle..but they know they have to..it's for the better for the pet😔
Finally got to see haki being used , haki translates to ambition , meaning the more ambitious a person is the more intimidating their haki will be.. puts a whole another meaning of viewing the characters from that point of view.
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7 Jan
🎶Oh,we meet again..mom
It's like you never left
Time in between was just a bad dream
This crazy fire surrounds me
You wrap your arms around me
All I can do to try and breathe
Let me breathe,Let me cry,Let me hold you for one last time...it's my war cry..plz
Nico Robin- The moment she joined strawhats she's been a mysterious fig always hiding something, then we see her joining cp9 to get the ships blueprint,we all thought she was doing it for her dreams but no she just didn't want her saviors(friend) to suffer the same fate as Ohara.
She gave up on her dreams the moment aokiji showed up infront of strawhats...after that she just wanted to do anything possible even giving up her life just to make sure the buster call is not called upon her saviours being constantly reminded of the last time when it happened.
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5 Jan
🎶You who has always been waiting for me,You who embrace me with your arms,I won’t forget I will make you happy with the fabled city of gold's truth .Although time passes, there is a word I can't express,sinking down in my heart 'I'm sorry''I'll show u' asking you to believe me🎶
I've seen emphasis made on this phrase in the manga this is the second time I heard someone say this. First time it was Dr hiriluk and now Blackbeard , I really liked his introduction in the series I like his personality and belief in the phrase can't wait to see more from him ✌️
Enter Doflamingo-
a name which I think everyone on anitwt have heard even if they read/watch OP or not. Finally met him in the manga heard a lot of hype about him as a villain and mf have 300M+ bounty 🗿 he can control anyone from what I've seen. Excited to see what he does ✌️
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3 Jan
🎶Just let it rain.
I still feel so cold.
Surrounded by your pain.
There's no where left to hope,so we'll just fall like rain.
We'll just cry like rain.🎶
[220 chps in]- 🌧️
The fights between the B.W's and straw hats was really impressive to watch the way each of the straw hat hold their own against individual B.W was freaking amazing to read.This helped each and every member of starwhat shine so much they all proved why they are luffy's crewmate.
Finally got to see this panel which I've seen soo many times on anitwt and holy shit that shit was fucking lit 😩👌 zoro finally understood what it means to cut & spare whatever you chose as a swordman. Loved his development 👍
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2 Jan
🎶oh how your world's crashing down...
Only one of you can survive this tide...
Oh little one it's time you woke up and realize.🎶
[160 chps in ] Image
Tony Tony chopper-
A character whose story comprised of pity, self pity, loath , self loath, love , sorrow , conflict , lies, eternal bliss , accomplishment & RESPECT. A story that hit me hard and moved me to tears ... such a cute lil fellow.
Also Mad respect to his parent fig 🥂 Image
🎶Sing to the blue to meet the red..
And think of way back when
The two were often seen as one
Happy giant friends
Let's sing into the gleaming sea
So they may meet again
Call the argument all done
And they gladly make amends🎶 Image
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