There are already a bunch of quote tweets saying how this is nothing but empty garbage, but I'm going to break it down piece-by-piece, because despite being nothing but empty platitudes, it's got a lot of bullshit mixed in with it.

First off, you can tell that an attorney wrote this whole thing because it's almost entirely composed of passive phrases used in the same manner to describe events when cops murder people. They're changing language to hide what happened. 2/
Example: " @SpiritofAtlanta would like to update the drum corps community on inappropriate incidents that occurred among youth members during the 2021 Tour..."

Inappropriate incidents?

IT WAS RAPE. Again, a crime was committed, you spineless cowards. 3/
"Spirit has not ignored this matter in any way, and we are committed to doing the work to better this organization and safeguard the safety and wellness of its members, staff, and volunteers."

Yeah, this has been demonstrably shown to be a blatant lie.
"In this public forum we will address information documented in the DCI investigation..."

A press release is not a public forum. Stop gaslighting us.
"Following two reported incidents that occurred in the summer of 2021, staff and corps members were questioned both internally and also by a third party at the direction of DCI."

Oh, so you'll investigate, "incidents" like this at the behest of @DCI, but not the victims? 6/
@DCI "The report included every step that Spirit of Atlanta took to listen and to act on the accusations that were made and recommendations on how to improve going forward."

I take issue using the word: "accusations". It implies that the victim is somehow not believable. 7/
@DCI "While many processes and procedures were found to address the protection of members and staff, more needed to be examined."

Examine what, pray tell? The fact that one of your members was raped by another member and you *tacitly ignored her report*?
@DCI "[SOA] and DCI agreed that it was in the best interest for the safety and well-being of all members and staff to reexamine several areas, including increased preventative training and investigative procedures that immediately follow any reports."

What took you so long? 8/
@DCI You mean to tell us that you *DIDN'T REEXAMINE THAT STUFF IN 2018* after @DCI told ALL CORPS that they had to do EXACTLY THAT in light of what happened at the Cadets?

@DCI "Moreover, Spirit engaged outside independent third parties with respect to the events reported by the whistle blower and contacted the authorities as a result thereof."

More disrepesct of @kenzeegh by referring to her as a, "whistleblower" and not a victim.
@DCI @kenzeegh "The findings of this report were presented to the member who disclosed the incidents and also to her parents on a face-to-face Zoom meeting in early December."

Another demonstrable lie (or at least an incredible stretching of the truth to fit a sterile narrative).
@DCI @kenzeegh "The leaders of Spirit and many supportive advocates know it is time to reflect on and learn from our past and present, while preparing for a stronger future."

And the captain of the Titanic decided to reflect on his mistakes as the ship sank. This is meaningless drivel.
@DCI @kenzeegh "We are taking this opportunity to pause and look inward and honestly assess the entire organization."

No, you're really not. Until significant staff changes are made, this is an empty platitude.
@DCI @kenzeegh "We also acknowledge that this activity, especially when a member may have been harmed in any way, produces passionate debate within our community and on social media."

JFC, really? Debate about WHAT? Nobody is debating anything here in any capacity.
@DCI @kenzeegh "When conducted appropriately, after careful consideration of the verified facts, debate can be healthy and productive."

Oh, hey, look, the lawyer is patronizing us guys.

*fart noises*
@DCI @kenzeegh "Open and honest dialogue within the drum corps community is helpful in every way."

Which is why you refuse to engage it, apparently.
@DCI @kenzeegh "We welcome constructive, informed criticism, but messages which disparage others without due process have no place within drum corps."

No you don't, and pretending to suddenly care about disparaging commentary is like an arsonist suddenly deciding to care about fire safety.
@DCI @kenzeegh "We are aware that not every change or decision made will be viewed as enough by our entire family, but we assure you that every decision is made with the best interests of our entire community including members, staff, alumni, and volunteers..."

Get the fuck out.
@DCI @kenzeegh "We are committed to listening and to making necessary changes to assure the health, safety, and wellness of our members, staff, and volunteers."

Again, no you're not. Or this wouldn't have been an issue after the events of 2018. We can see that you did basically nothing.
@DCI @kenzeegh Speaking of doing nothing:

"To that end, Spirit began meetings and developing improvement plans as early as September of 2021."

Oh, so you waited until a month *AFTER* the rape was committed? Got it. Good to know you're being proactive.
@DCI @kenzeegh "Since then, Spirit has taken or will take the following actions as a result of these complaints and investigations:"

Oh boy, here we go. Buckle up, kids. This one's gonna be PHUN.
@DCI @kenzeegh "Spirit has hired an executive director...from outside the organization...[He] has been and will continue to conduct a thorough examination of the organization from top to bottom to make improvements in all areas of the organization."

This isn't what you think it is.
@DCI @kenzeegh Re: above comment -

Translation: "We're trying to minimize our legal liability in any way possible, rather than dealing with the rot that's inducing that liability on the organization to begin with."

@DCI @kenzeegh "Spirit will adopt a zero-tolerance policy for a list of prohibited activities. The policy is still under development while we consult with outside third parties."

Why do you need a list of prohibited activities when you won't even report crimes to the police?
@DCI @kenzeegh "Spirit intends to engage an independent safety officer that will be with the Corps full time while on tour and in camps with no other responsibilities."

Oh hey, the first meaningful sentence of substantive action, and it's on the second page.
@DCI @kenzeegh Maybe this is going somewh--oh, wait.

"While we are still defining the role of this officer, the goal is to have a well-trained independent advocate for the members to make certain their safety concerns are being addressed with the staff and administration."

@DCI @kenzeegh "Spirit will report to DCI on a quarterly basis providing updates as to our progress with respect to the investigation findings and recommendations."

You're only doing this because @DCI is requiring you to, not on your own volition.
@DCI @kenzeegh "Spirit is reviewing and overhauling its policies and compliance procedures with third parties to update and ensure compliance and best practices within the activity."

Again, this should've happened at least in 2018, if not further back.
@DCI @kenzeegh "Over the coming months, as we further develop and implement these improvement plans, Spirit will endeavor to timely share those improvements with our Spirit community."

You should endeavor to report felonies committed by your members to the police.
@DCI @kenzeegh "We will be transparent with our actions."

You're not even being transparent now, and you're only putting these half-assed statements out because people are screaming at you about things.
@DCI @kenzeegh "We have a shared vision of continued improvement in every area of the drum corps experience and to always keep the welfare of our family at the forefront."

More patronizing PR language. What vision do you, "share," and who the hell do you share it with???
@DCI @kenzeegh I just...where do I begin?

There are so many things to unpack from this, and I've covered most of them, but this statement from @SpiritofAtlanta is just as bad as the ones that preceded it.

• • •

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