🧵1/ Youth, adolescence, even being at Uni or away on your first job-not of these things are easy. If you are lesbian, gay, bi you’re going to be reading this digital dross and if you’re in any way uncomfortable with who and what you are it will be tough. This is for you.
2/ We have always been different and fools and scoundrels have always made a profit by imagining that we are a problem whether medical, social or moral. We have always been an object and not a subject. Something to be fixed, altered or categorised.
3/ You have this harder than we did because the digital age means you are saturated by these charlatans and double speakers and forked tongue word manglers who will tell you gay doesn’t mean same sex attraction - woman doesn’t mean female etc.
4/ Remember this. Fraudsters and people who want to harm you always speak in riddles. This is a tactic. It is intended to turn your head and beguile you. It is said to make you question yourself and hate yourself. You call it “gaslighting”, I call it dripping poison in your ears
5/ None of these fine painted words are real. These people speaking this script half the time have no idea what they are saying and they are fools, the worse ones know what they are doing and they are fraudsters. What they are doing is this. They cannot change minds
6/ So they change sentences.

Homosexuality and bisexuality predate these low con tricks. They are not going to be existentially destroyed by them but you may be seriously harmed if you give these people any respect or allow them to make you unhappy.
7/ You are not a racist because you are same sex attracted. Your orientation is a sacred and beautiful and unchangeable part of who you are. It’s not the easiest path in life and the early steps are the hardest but you will grow into it and accept yourself in time.
8/ You can a complete and utter dominion over who you are and how you love. That is sexual autonomy and anything less than that is “rape culture”. Never be pressured or persuaded or talked into anything because ghouls like this make you feel guilty. They should feel guilty.
9/ Look at who is telling you this. Shamefully they are all same sex attracted and in same sex relationships. They are saying to you “do as I say, not do as I do” - this makes them hypocrites of biblical proportions and speakers of lies - these are not your friends or authorities
10/ You are being targeted as part of a strange attempt to make society a pleasure playground where it is imagined everyone will forget their sexual orientations in the service or mainly men looking for sex. This is a decadence project based on sexual access.
11/ You are being explored and trampled by that project if they have their way and they will use guilt or shame which are tricks that always work well on us homosexuals to achieve sexual compliance.

You must say no. Even when you feel sad. Even when they’ve ground you down
12/ No is a short word but it is pure power. Telling these people no and that they have no power over you and ignoring them is how you will be happy.

You have a long journey as a homosexual or bisexual and these are trolls from under a bridge at the start or adventure.
13/ They use many different splendid painted words but they all mean the same thing - “do what I say, stop being gay”

Against that vast array of verbiage use your one powerful word “no”

And remember there are many older gays who are here for you and we stand with you

• • •

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14 Jan
🧵1/ Homosexuals have been around long before you Peter and we will long outlast you. This universal bisexuality amateur hour project you have going won’t work because no conversion therapy ever does. But you’ve done a great insult to your community as is now your habit.
2/ Not that I consider myself part of it, now you break bread with “queers” who are always somewhat evasive as to precisely who and how they love others (assuming them capable of external focus) which I do not. What you have done is worry and upset people though and that vexes me
3/ You should know being gay is a struggle for acceptance around you and within yourself, you must know we are vulnerable to shame and guilt and you must know that elevating bisexuality as some morally ordered progress with primarily harm young homosexuals who hear you
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8 Jan
🧵1/ That deceit is commonplace in this debate even a fool knows but this is quite something. There are half truths and the practice of finessing a mistake but this. This is the outright inversion of the truth and it said from a position of weakness.
2/ The gender aristocrats at Stonewall decided in 2015 to embrace gender ideology, something they said they wouldn’t do. Some time after this radical shift the then CEO said she realised she wouldn’t take everyone with her on this voyage.
3/ What that means is this. She knew this would cause a radical and fractious schism in our same sex attracted community. The same community just recovering from AIDS finally in the era of post AZT drugs that didn’t cause huge damage. A community finally enjoying equal marriage.
Read 8 tweets
31 Dec 21
2022 rules

(1) Transvestites are not part of gay politics
(2) Heterosexuals who claim to be neither male of female are not part of our politics
(3) Same sex attraction is innate and immutable (and quite wonderful)
(4) Women are not social punchbags for self expression
(5) Gender non conformity is not a medical problem and has no need of your ghouls or surgeons, butch dykes are handsome women and femme boys/men are beautiful always in my eyes. These are normal but special things in gay culture.
(6) There are no trans kids. There are children rushed to surgery as noted by the court in Appleby v Tavistock and homophobia is often involved. We did not discover a new population convenient to this political movement - children were harmed
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30 Dec 21
🧵1/ To you who volley poisonous calumnies against my lesbian sisters and say they are “racists” or doers of evil.

I laugh and I spit in your faces. We homosexuals have a bond and understanding and language you will never understand. We gay men will not tolerate this.
2/ these are long our sisters and held our hands when a plague ripped away from us with some violence the wild and the beautiful, they were the only women who who go into AIDS wards.

Now good allies make remembrance or such things.

We remember
3/ We are not so lost in time as you with your confected imagination of gay rights history where there are no gay men and no lesbians.

This is fantasy. Your rewriting of our history to say trans people won our rights is deceit and fraud and insult to our older generations.
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27 Dec 21
🧵1/ This is now a matter of some concern. The Judicial College is a body intended to promulgate best practice in court craft. It is not an elected body designed to set policy. Here we see it's taken a rather extreme position and embraced biology denial / gendersick nonsense.
2/ Judges in this country swear an oath on taking office to treat everyone "without fear of favour, affection or ill-will" yet here we see one particular (and increasingly discredited) side of the debate treated with favour. This is incompatible with judicial independence.
3/ These problems were well known prior to this update. His Honour Judge Wide QC wrote the forward for a comprehensive text by barrister Thomas Chacko pointing out how this document was troublesome and in places legally incorrect.

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26 Dec 21
🧵1/ If you are a trans identifying male and you make war upon my lesbian sisters know this well.

Us homosexuals held hand and gave blood and lived through the plague, we left bars together for fear of “queer bashers” - that word you call yourselves,
2/ the lesbians looked after the young pissed boys in pubs when predatory men were around. They invited us to their football or hockey when we homeless. They were the ones who brought a feminine cool and ease and equilibrium to our problems when our fathers hospitalised us
3/ They calmed our fiery arguments, they talked us out of not going for HIV tests, they attended our fucking funerals and they kept the gay rights movement going when it was a ship of the dead.

They were the spine of this thing.
Read 5 tweets

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