You know what’s desperately missing from Holocaust education?
The vast and violent influence of Nazis on the Arab world.
The collaborationist governments. The Farhud and other pogroms influenced by Nazis. And the long lasting idolizing of Hitler across the MENA region.
Probably most notable is the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS under the command of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini.
al-Husseini recommended to the Hungarian minister to send the Jewish population of to the Nazi camps in Poland rather than let them find asylum in Palestine. It is estimated that the Mufti’s appeal cost the lives of at least 400,000 Jews by denying them passage to Palestine.
Hitler himself made it a point to embrace the Muslim world and their joint fight against the Jews. He met regularly with Arab leaders including the Saudi King Abdullah.…
The Nazi government developed a cordial association and cooperated with some Arab nationalist leaders, including the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine, and the Anglo-Iraqi War, when the Golden Square led by Rashid Ali al-Gaylani, installing a pro-Axis government.
The results were devastating for the Jews of Iraq. The pogrom known as Farhud, took place in 1941, where in two days, rioters murdered between 150-180 Jews, injured 600, raped an undetermined number of women, looted 1,500 stores and homes.…
Führer Directive No. 30 was a directive issued by Adolf Hitler during World War II. It ordered German support for Iraq's Arab nationalists.
Massive Nazi propaganda was launched in the Arab world, aimed at influencing the new generation of political thinkers and activists.
Erwin Rommel was almost as popular as Hitler. "Heil Rommel" was reportedly a common greeting in Arab countries. Posters in Arabic stating "In heaven God is your ruler, on earth Hitler" were frequently displayed in shops in the towns of Syria.
Rommel was the man Afrikakorps.
The Syrian Social Nationalist Party established in 1932, is probably the best example of political cloning in the Arab world of the Nazi party. Some claim that the Ba’ath party was also deeply influenced by Nazi ideology.
Nazi literature popularity was widespread in in Egypt.
SSNP adopted their character from Nazis. Its emblem resembles a swastika, the party anthem was "Syria, Syria, über alles" same tune as the German national anthem. Antoun Saadeh founded the party with the idea that Syrians were "a distinctive and naturally superior race".
Several emerging movements in the Arab world were influenced by European fascist and Nazi organizations during the 1930s. The Young Egypt Party ("Green shirts") closely resembled the Hitler Youth.
The fascist pan-Arabist Al-Muthanna Club participated in the 1941 Farhud pogrom.
This is not the response I was expecting from fellow Jews when talking about the collaboration in the Arab world that has led to death of Jews in Iraq, Tunisia, and Hungary, and prevented safe passage to Palestine to countless Jews who could have been saved from the Holocaust.
1937, the mufti made his way to Berlin, where he was warmly welcomed and paid considerable sums of money by various Nazi ministries for work that included propaganda and recruitment. Himmler himself ordered that the mufti receive 1 million Reichsmarks.…

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15 Jan
As an addendum to my previous thread on the influence of Nazism in the Arab world, We must also honor the Arabs and Muslims who participated in efforts to help save Jewish residents from the Holocaust, risking their own lives, while fascist regimes controlled their territories.🧵
From June 1940 through May 1943, Axis powers controlled large portions of North Africa. 1% of the Jewish residents, about 5,000 Jews, of that territory were murdered by these regimes during that time.
Arab collaboration with Nazis was far less common in NA than Europe.
Before I continue, a short explainer on the Israeli program: The Righteous Among the Nations. ImageImage
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17 Dec 21
Did you know Yemeni Jews from Mandatory Palestine fought Hitler and many fell captive and died by the Nazis in WWII?

Here is a thread telling a story you probably never heard of. 🧵
In September 1939, the Jewish community in Yisrael found itself in a complex situation. On one hand, the British implemented the the white papers policy, restricting the immigration & rescue of Jews. On the other hand, they were the ones who stood almost alone against the nazis.
The Jewish Agency wanted to establish Jewish units within the British army, but the British feared that this was a ploy to establish a Jewish military force that would be directed against them at the end of the battle.
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1 Sep 21
Nathan Weinstock was an anti-Zionist Jewish radical. Today, he is the author of a study about Jews of Arab lands, who were displaced. The book was published in France in 2008 “A Very Long Presence: How the Arab World Lost Its Jews, 1947-1967”. 🧵
“The story I knew was that the Jews were happy to leave the Arab countries the moment they were given the opportunity to do so. We were not told anything about the Jews’ deep connection with Arab culture. Jewish writers were the foundation of Iraqi literature.
N.W. was one of the leading figures in the antizionist left in France during the 1960s & ‘70s. From viewing Zionism as a colonial project aimed at dispossessing the Palestinians, he underwent a dramatic conceptual upheaval that led him to address a painful aspect of the conflict.
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