You've got fifteen laptops between your friends in the collective you've carved out in the ruins. You want to put together a regional network with some routers and eventually connect to other collectives. How do you distribute software installed on one computer to another?
Most people are just like "well I run windows and once upon a time I downloaded an exe but I think I deleted it" the linux user has a saved iso of an ubuntu release from a few years back. Again, you have no internet connection.

No one has optimized for this sort of scenario.
It's been five years and you've taken to writing your own linux isos by some very sketchy fiddling to handle some install problems and compatibility across the remaining systems. But no one has the source code for shit. Or knows how to run a package management system...
"Peer-to-peer package management" is going to rightfully strike most hackers and security professionals as the most cursed fucking phase imagined, but I'm quite serious about this being the kind of thing that's necessary for bootstrapping resiliently.
The words you're going to CONSTANTLY mutter are "I used to know a program that did this" but if that still exists on some survivor's system, they're out of your network for the next few years at least. Time for a really shitty python script without googling documentation!

• • •

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15 Jan
I was asked by an old friend my thoughts on Moxie's latest dismissal of decentralization. As typical I agree with much of what he says, and would add quite a bit more harshness about the web3.0 space. But I continue to believe his rejection of decentralization is misguided...
Putting aside all the shit about how NFTs are trying to bootstrap intellectual property on the blockchain and how the space is mostly grifter shit, Moxie's two continuing points are 1) users don't like to run their own shit and 2) protocols update slower than centralized servers.
I think Moxie happens to be right to talk about some of the centralization inclinations. I *also* think he's right that the complexity of code creation is spiraling unproductively and dangerously. But that latter issue I think ends up pointing to why he's still wrong.
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14 Jan
@stalkingthearth Let's lay this out: as a project started by a small clique of people it focused on bringing attention and legitimacy to the texts in currents and traditions they preferred. This meant ignoring, for example, virtually everything archived on anarkismo and libcom.
@stalkingthearth A!'s investment in Alibrary was directly in line to his investment in every other project he ran, deliberately about pushing back and creating a certain ideological space contra other forms of anarchism. Again, I'm probably more of a fan of alibrary than anarkismo, but still.
@stalkingthearth ( A!'s prioritization and his tendency to see the milieu in terms of ideological contests and fights for control of important infrastructure and scene influence is infamous and amusingly covered here: )
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13 Jan
Non-syndicalists reacted so violently to The Anarchist FAQ, saw it as such an existential threat, that many spent over a decade embracing the defensive response that it's *impossible* to define anarchism and excluding anything (including fascists) from the tradition is tyranny.
I've spent more than my fair share of evenings ranting about the evils of Mckay's FAQ and Black Flame. I fully recognize how horrible the partisan red historians are, but the opposite direction (muddying the historical waters to let literally anything in) was just as bad.
Aragorn repeatedly let national-anarchists into anarchist spaces, refused to expel them, and gave them a platform. From anti-politics to the brkeley study group to anews. This followed directly from his overall strategy to counter the reds by leaning into hyper inclusion.
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13 Jan
Personally, I can't stand the Vespa style flat bottoms to the speeders, but I also appreciate they're clearly there to cut costs hiding the wheels. The shiny colors and absurd cyborg teens? That's PURE Star Wars in a way Disney has often run from because they fear the prequels.
Few of the "disney ruined star wars, sjws destroyed" grifters have any fucking actual contact with the material or the old EU, but I did see one deflect "that's from a different era" -- motherfucker the prequels were just a couple decades prior, not the first age of man.
Is the weathered, faded aesthetic of the non-imperial tech in the first trilogy iconic? Yes, of course, but it's mostly a product of the distance from the core worlds (and wealth), Coruscant *absolutely* continues to have shiny 50s hot rod speeders. And teens try to copy that.
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29 Dec 21
I've been saying for years that the number one threat I'm concerned with is the "decentralized fascism" soup of neoreactionaries, ecofascists, and national-anarchists visible in survivalist masculinity cults like the Wolves of Vinland. Specifically re them murdering activists.
I'm like a broken record on this but there's an entire sphere of liberals who want "antifascism" to be solely concerned with institutional atrocities like ICE, who totally write off the threat of insurgent fascists who want to collapse civilization and start a race war.
Three way fight means recognizing that the insurgent genocidal fash are not the same thing as the ruling genocidal reactionaries. They conceptualize, organize and operate very differently and pose different sorts of threats.
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29 Dec 21
We've all known that MolockP (real name: Travis J I Corcoran, behind infamous account Clarkhat) is basically a nazi, but it's important to note just how chummy the white supremacist murderer in Denver was with him. Also identified as an "anti-left" "anarchist."
MorlockP/Clarkhat loved to send hundreds of his explicitly nazi followers into my mentions early on in the rise of the alt-right. Often under the tissue thin cover of being a principled libertarian or ancap rather than a genocidal neoreactionary. A pretense he often broke:
He would declare human lives in korea to be only worth a fraction of the value of human lives in the US and then act like this was common sense and barrage me with quote tweets for objecting. Again, all under the pretense of being a libertarian.

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