Let's get educated on Iyaami.
Who is Iyaami?
What is their purpose on Earth, and their relationship with humanity?
yaami can also be called Iyaami Aje or Eleye.
They are part of the spirits sent by Olodumare and they follow the desires and will of Olodumare.
The Iyaami Aje are not Orisa, and no one can be initiated into Iyaami Aje. I repeat this, no one can be initiated to Iyaami Aje.
Whoever does this should know that they have created problems in their life.
They can switch to different forms of birds and animals when they want to do the things they want to do.
Like when they want to accept ipese (offerings).
Iyaami Aje are part of Ifa/Orisa's spiritual guardians. They are part of the messages that help carry out the Ase in Ebo and Ipese that is done.
They are divine police who handle good and bad human behavior.
They support Babalawos, helping to do most of the things Babalawos want to do.
That's why you'll never see any competent Babalawo insult Iyaami or say something negative about them.
Several Ifa corpus (Odu Ifa) talk about Iyaami, but my quote will be from Owonrin Ofun,
“Who is the one who is My mother, Osoronga is the one who is going to be in the mouth”. Owonrin Wofun.

Iyami Osoronga supports us to be great Babalawos.
In a nutshell, Iyaami Aje are powerful women, they are on our side. Make offerings to them and your life will be
great and excellent. Eku Ose Ifa.
-Baba Awurela Oluwo Ifaseyi
What are Iyaami Osoronga?
The strength of the world is the terrestrial spirits, the female energies of the Earth. There is much talk about Iyaami Osoronga through beautiful texts besides the real
Iyaami Osoronga are the astral forces living in the
world and through them we have free access to various akose.
Not only are they female terrestrial forces on Earth, but they also have their own cult in Ogboni and Ifa.
Ìyáàmi Òsòròngá (great mother), Èléiye (bird owner),
Ìyáàmi (mother) Iyaami Aje, are the names by which this entity is known, there are actually several deities grouped under the same term.
They are responsible for:
setting the control and balance of nature, establishing harmony and order of all creation,
using the so called osobu or ayeo:
iku (death), arun (disease), ofo (loss), eyo (tragedy), etc.
They are always counting on the help of Èsú.
She's a lover of palm oil, the osun powder with which it's painted, the stem and the nails, the eyes.
She’s owner of all the birds, who are her children,
as are sorcerers.
Nothing is gained with them if they are not offered sacrifices, which are always to be performed under strict rituals and directed by the babalawos.
Offering at night you always use the light of the lamps or candles to see the offering and ring of bronze or iron bells
to hear the request to grant you mercy and forgiveness.
It is said that when they perform their duties they turn into birds and head to the most hidden places to do so.
A legend of Òsá Méjì says that when all creatures and deities descended on Earth, Ìyáàmi couldn't go because she was completely naked.
She asked everyone for help, but no one listened to her, until she saw Orúnmìlà who knows her benevolent character asked him to help her down.
Orúnmìlà asked: How will you go down naked like this?
She replied, it will be easy, because if you let me I will come in and nobody will see me.
Òrúnmìlà agreed and when they reached the continent, Òrúnmìlà asked her to leave, but
she refused to go. Orúnmìlà said to her, Ah, you're going to starve and she answered, you know what?
No, I'm going to eat you inside out. Orùnmilà was scared and did a dafa and seeing the odu,
made the necessary sacrifices, and made the offering to Ìyáàmi to leave. When she smelled the sacrifice, she ate it, and Òrúnmìlà fled the place.
Then the power of Ìyáàmi was established on Earth.
Some time after her descent, Ìyáàmi was
subdivided and the first thing they did was go drink the water of the seven holy rivers that unite Ife.
They were:
and Ogbere.
Then they stayed in the forest choosing the trees who would be their igbo and who would serve, some for good and others for evil.
These were:
orogbo (anger),
iroko (ibi),
arere (ibi),
ose (ire),
obobo (ire),
iya (ibi)
and asurin (ire ati ibi)

-Oluwo Alabi!!!

• • •

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14 Jan
In Ifá we believe Olodumare itself doesn’t have it own biological child

Idin Aisun (Odi Irosun) Ifa says:

Olosun’di lomode n da
Omode kekere ju da Idin-Aisun
Idi-Aisun Ifa-Kifa
Dia fun Olodumare Agotun
Oba ataye ma tutu
Ibgati n sunkun oun o bimo
Bee ni o sun
Bee ni o wo nitori oro omo
Ebo ni won ni ko de
Olorun n sunkun
Omo araye se bi ojo lo ro
Ekun omo l’Olorun n sun


The recitation of Irosun Odi is for a child
A child should not recite Idin Aisun
Idin Aisun is a delicate (dangerous) Odu
These were the declarations of Ifa to Olodumare Agotun
who found the Universe without disintegration
When weeping in lamentation for it inability to have a child
It never sleeps
And it never rests because of the matter of children
and responsibilities
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14 Jan
"There's good in evil, and there's evil in good."
The late Ifa priest Afolabi Epega often said this. It's an expression in Ifa. It doesn't mean that good and evil are the same thing. It's a way of saying that everything has two sides.
Everything that we think is positive has a negative side. And that which we say is negative often has a positive side.
A relationship that falls apart might cause you pain (negative), but it might force you to grow spiritually (positive) and help you realize that
you shouldn't have been in the relationship in the first place.
Or, you might get a promotion at work (positive), but then co-workers might become jealous and start to resent you (negative).
Ifa teaches us to always look at both sides -
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13 Jan
Most of the problems in your life derive from your relentless pursuit of something "better" that will bring you ayo (joy). The obvious problem is that you lose the opportunity to enjoy the thing you presently have, but the real folly is believing that a thing can make
you happy; though you can enjoy things, they are not a source of ayo. Your enjoyment of a thing is based on your own imagination, the ojuinuwo. This word is a contraction of oju-inu-wo (the inner-eye sight) Your ojuinuwo is the source of ayo.
this is the phenomena known as the orisa Osun.

When you misbelieve that a thing is a source of ayo, you are unable to fully enjoy the thing you have presently. The world today has for thousands of years been on a steady decline because of the increased misbelief that
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13 Jan
Ọ̀rúnmìlà said he is a king
I admitted, he is worthy to be king
He asked, who deserves the honour
To be called a king

I said Alárá-mọkọ
Who is as clever as the falcon
One who fashioned thirty gongs
From a single rod
He affirmed that Alárá does not exhibit
The virtues of a worthy king
At the presence of the worthy king
He must kowtow in obeisance

Ọ̀rúnmìlà said he is a king
I agreed, he is worthy to be king
He asked, who deserves the honour
To be called a king

I mentioned Ajerò mọ̀kín àtà
One who brazenly refused
To be drawn into combat
The proprietor of the tall kola nut trees
Bearing big fruits, on the path to Ejelu

He swore, Ajerò does not exhibit
The virtues of a worthy king
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17 Aug 21
If you don’t understand what Ori is, then read this:

Ori is a person's anatomical head which contains the brain. However IFA teaches that inside this physical head and apart from the brain there resides another entity, a psychic impalpable force that determines
the individual's fortune in life.

Ori is cognate with the European concept of destiny except that with Ori there is a factor of personal responsibility influencing the net effect.
Ipin ( a person's lot)
Iponri (individual choice)
Ayanmo (Allotment)
Eledal (creative influence) are alternative names for Ori, describing various facets of this intriguing concept.
For this reason it is not surprising that English equivalents offered by writers on the subject also vary in emphasis or nuance.
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15 Aug 21
Teach your children what you want them to become irrespective of age or gender, only Olódùmarè knows what the future holds and God that gave you the Female children is not a fool, it's you that should not fool yourself by discriminating against the female child.
Don't hide the mysteries of the Òrìṣàs or whatever you can't afford to see perish from your children whether male or female, only God knows the child that will bury one after one joins the ancestors.

Ifa says in Irosun Iwori (ìrosùn Àwòyé)
Aìsọ́kùbrin lóbìnrin ń jogún Àdá
Àdífáfún Ọláyínká Òròlú
Ọmọ Ògbóyè
Bí ò bá sí Ọláyínká Òròlú ọmọ Ògbóyè
Gbogbo Ìṣòro, gbogbo ìsọ̀pẹ̀ wọn ìbámọ̀ra


In the absence of the male child, the female inherits the cutlass
Cast Ifá for Ọláyínká Òròlú
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