I didn’t want to burst Self_Righteous Maratha Bubble over Panipat III yesterday… it’d be insensitive, especially on the day when they suffered such momentous loss of life & crushed their pan-India ambitions forever.
It had all the ingredients of a potboiler, plots, counter plots
prologue, heros, villains, tactical & strategic failures, vainglorious charges & the epilogue.

To start with, Panipat III was never about Foreigners or even Islamic invaders as attackers & Marathas as Defenders.
Coz, Marathas prior to 1761 were in Love Affairs with all & sundry
From Imad ul Mulk, to Najib Rohilla, to Shuja ud Daulla, Adina Beg, Mughal Emperor. Malhar Holkar had publicly announced Najib Rohilla as his adopted son, while had a treaty with Mughals to act as protectors in lieu of Chauth over all mughaliya subahs.
Marathas were content being
Naibs of Mughals never ever called themselves anything else. It was utmost endeavour of Peshwa & Maratha captains to Valle themselves anything but as in service of Mughal Emperor.

Abdali had been regularly attacking Punjab since 1748 & by 1752 had forced Punjab ceded to him.
Maratha & Mughals signed a treaty in 1752. Precursor to Panipat III was 1756 raid of Abdali on invitation of Mughalani Begum, widow of Meer Mannu. He plundered cities of Lahore, Sirhind, Delhi, Vrindavan & Mathura. Thousands of Hindu women taken slaves.
Interestingly, Marathas…
we’re not seen or heard despite being the most powerful, bound by treaty to protect Mughals or even for the protection of Hindu pilgrimages of Vrindavan & Mathura.
Surajmal’s son Jawahar Singh faced Abdali at Mathura with 8000 Jats but Marathas lurking in Doab, Rajputana, Malwa..
were busy in extortion from Rajputana even as Abdali attacked Mathura & Vrindavan. Naga Sadhus at Gokul gave a taste of bitter medicine to Abdali who was forced to retreat but Marathas…
never lifted a finger in defence of either places or the womenfolk. While Abdali returned, his troops were checked by Adina Beg, the Mughal governor of Jalandhar Doab & captured some Afghans under Timur Shah with assistance of Sikhs.
Frightened by impending attack by Abdali…
Adina Beg ‘invited’ Raghunath Rao to Punjab to attack Lahore. This settlement was agreed upon payment of ₹75 lakh by Adina Beg & Subedari of Jalandhar Doab to him.
Raghunath Rao defeated Timur Shah & took over Lahore, in 1758. Timur Shah fled across Chenab to norther areas loyal
to Abdali. It led to the fateful 5th Invasion of India by Abdali finally culminating in the disastrous Panipat III !
Punjab was given by Mughals to Abdali in 1752, in same year Mughals & Marathas signed a treaty for Chauth & protection. ₹75 lakh payment to Marathas led to the…
1759-61 attack. It was always about power & money. Abdali wanted to take back his territory from Mughal-Maratha control. Marathas from 1758-59 were busy in Rajputana while Abdali was threatening the Marathas in Punjab. Saba Scindia in Lahore was no match for Abdali & thrown out.
Saba Scindia fled with heavy losses & joined Datta Scindia near Delhi. Interestingly, all players of Panipat III were allies at some time or the other. Najib, Bangash, Surajmal supported Datta in the siege of Delhi against Imad & forced him to ally with Marathas.
Malhar was fond
of Najib, while Peshwa asked Datta to finish off Najib. Alliances & partners were changing faster than eye blinks. Datta’s animosity towards Najib drove him into Abdali’s arms while Malhar was fuming, accusing Peshwa of reducing the Maratha captains to being his laundry washers.
Abdali marched on to Delhi & met Datta Scindia at Burari Ghat, in a sanguinary battle, Datta fell to a Rohilla & Maratha were routed & fled to Kotputli, near Jaipur. Malhar joined the Marathas.
This disastrous defeat led to the march of Sadashiv Bhau to north to restore Maratha..
dominance & extract tributes. Rajpuatana was miserly in paying without a battle every time. Bhau’s march was succour to all ills that plagued Marathas in North.
Bhau had a great record in Deccan but a novice in great field battles of North. Peshwa overlooked Malhar & Raghunath…
and appointed Bhau as supreme commanders of Maratha Armies in North. Nor was Bhau conversant with the potentates of North nor did he try to win over any in his preparation for this impending war. His diplomatic failure led to Maratha isolation, no Hindu power supported him.
Started with 45-6000 men + Gardi Musketeers, French artillery & hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to North.
Surajmal was offended when Bhau sent an envoy to Shuja ud Daulla, his conditions were detrimental to Surajmal & Imad ul Mulk. They left the Maratha Camp.
Rajputs refused…
to be part of Maratha Camp due to their interventions in succession disputes & unjust tributes, Sikh assistance was rejected by Bhau.
He planned to punish Rajputs & Jats after he dealt with Abdali. This haughty behaviour led to non cooperation & cut off whatever supplies Marathas
could manage. Bhau proved to be an incapable military leader in the changed circumstances of the North. His hollow victory at Kunjpura didn’t help much either.
Abdali had cut off Marathas from all sides, no supplies, no reinforcements & after death of Bundele, things got worse.
By November 1760, Marathas were under siege at Panipat. By January, it became a desperate situation just to survive the blockade forget about fighting a battle.
Soldiers were dying of starvation due to poor leadership of Bhau. He had alienated every Hindu potentate in North.
On 13 Jan 1761, Maratha Captains begged him to be allowed to die a glorious death in a battle than die of starvation. The letters of Bhau are indicative of the despair in Maratha Camp. On the fateful day, Marathas fought with great valour & bravery but some abandoned & death of..
Vishwas Rao put an end to the disaster at Panipat III. Bhau died on the battlefield on a horseback as a warrior.
But superlatives employed by Revisionists about it being a battle between Muslims & Hindus or Attackers versus Defenders of Faith is post Modern Historical revision.
While Bhau refused to enter into negotiations with Surajmal & Rajputs, he was more than happy in sending envoys to Nawab of Oudh who allied with Abdali. His overtures were rejected by Shuja.
Surajmal still acted valorously & gave protection to ladies of Marathas.
In fact, many…
thousands of Marathas were saved by the Wazir of Shuja, Kashiraj Pandit.
Incidentally, the rout of Marathas was worse, their soldiery was looted & killed along the retreat by villagers. Marathas in their hour of peril were reaping the fruits of their tyranny & Chauth.

• • •

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9 Jan
Bhandarkar, Vincent Smith, Jackson… say Gujjars are Khazzars who came with Hunas to India in 4-5 Century.
Basically foreigners who came to India as bandwagon of Hunas, carrying cattle.
Naturally, they have no relation to ancient Sanatan Dharma nor were Hindus in early centuries.
They are later day entrants to Hinduism as Bhandarkar has said in his papers & do not belong to any Varna.
They remained cattlemen & moved to different regions for grazing grounds, nowhere in history are they mentioned before 16 Century where Babur calls them thieves & robbers.
Meanwhile, Pratihars claim lineage from Lakshman, brother to Bhagwan Ram, scion of Ikshvaku, Suryavamshi Kshatriyas.
Gujjars who came with Hunas definitely have no idea what Suryavansh or Chandravansh is or what Sanatan Dharma is.

They remained on the fringes of Hindu Varna…
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9 Jan
Debate over this is an insult to a Millennium of Sacrifice by Rajputs. Dumbocracy has led to this state where Castes & Communities who never wielded a pitchfork are claiming Rajput Icons.

Direct descendants of both Mihir Bhoja & Prithviraj are living people not imaginary.
Who’s the person or the group of people who are legitimising #Guhchars by engaging in a debate with these Petty Thieves & Robbers ?

Gujjars as late as 18 Century were employed as Cattlemen, Nursemaid & also allowed as Concubines into Royal households.
They were given their due..
as cattle herders, nursemaids & even as Concubines but it can’t be a tool to hijack identities or icons.
This is a political ploy by both BJP & Congress. However, its @RSSorg & @BJP4India who are at head of these machinations for petty political gains. It will lead to Caste…
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8 Jan
The Subalternism of history is an ongoing project of @RSSorg & @BJP4India, it’s similar to Sanskritisation & Kshatriyisation of mostly Shudras & Vaisyas in early 20 Century by Brahmins On Hire for the highest bidders.

Among the castes which had their histories rewritten were…
Jats, Ahirs, Gujjars, Kurmis… Interestingly, out of these only Jats had a claim to martial traditions of sort in Sind in 8 Century but were FIRST to convert to Islam !
They moved to Punjab in 9-11 centuries & later by 13 century had become petty landholders, had looted Mahmud…
on way back after fleeing Somnath in 1026. They revolted in 1650s against Aurangzeb & finally had a kingdom, thanks to Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur, in Bharatpur.
They prior to their migration to Punjab were considered the lowest of castes in Sind & ostracised by Brahmins.
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1 Jan
Why are Gujjars/Gauchars appropriating Rajput Kings ?

They are partially right in declaring that they are descendants of these Rajput Kings as Prithviraj Chauhan, Mihir Bhoja, Anangpal Tomar… & many others.

It must be looked at with sociological point of view than historical.
Historically, no tradition, no sources, epigraphic, numismatic, inscriptional or literary gives any credence to such incredulous beliefs & claims.
Except for imaginary tales of AIT, Khazzars, Hunas being Gujjars who became Rajputs so on & so forth.
It’s sociological factor which is the basis of these absurd claims. Kings were known for their numerous marriages & other liaisons.
It’s the Other Sexual Liaisons which forms basis for these claims raised by few subaltern & intermediate castes.
They claim them as ancestors coz…
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13 Dec 21
Typically Rayta Wing Bullshit !

This presupposes that Kashi’s history & antiquity begins with 18 century Maratha ascendancy.
This must be some achievement considering Kashi is a continuous living habitat for 8000 years but hearing at such simplistic views leads to ignorance.
Kashi mentioned in Vedas, Epics, Purana, Buddhist & Jain literature was a substantial settlement by 9 Century BCE. First seals with Shaivite symbols were found in 1 century CE. Mahabharat mentions #Vrsadhwaja, a Shiva sanctuary with a bathing tank (Kapilaharada).
Seals of 4-6 Century, mostly by Shaivite shrines, particularly of #Avimukteshwara were found.
Vaishnavism too flourished in early Christian century, an image of Balarama too was found.
Sarnath stone inscription of Prakataditya speak of a Vishnu temple built named #Muradvis !
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12 Dec 21
Stop parroting Half Truths !

This is whataboutery. Sayaji Rao Gaikwad bowed as much as others.

DEFIANCE was personified by #Hindua_Suraj, Maharana of Mewar who refused to attend the function not some empty gesture.

Gaikwad apologised too !

The Man & his seat which remained vacant at Delhi Durbar when Hindua Suraj refused to attend as it was demeaning and humiliating.
Maharana Fateh Singh was a true nationalist. Only one who didn’t go to Delhi to bow to Gora Badshah !
Rest all from Nizam to Kashmir, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Patiala, Gaikwad, Scindia, Holkar… everyone bowed doubled over at public reception.
It’s the Indian Hall of Shame !
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