FOURTH PROPHECY. Throughout the remainder of the year there was huge relief in the village.…
2. They had sacrificed their best bull, given away half their sheep, and handed their coins and jewels, their richest cloth and least trinket, and the wealth they had stored for their children’s future to the Soothsayer— but the village still stood against the wrath of the gods.
3. Now, surely, their future was assured! They could work and save for another bull, breed more sheep and build up their lost wealth.
4. Their children would never see the future they had planned for them, nor, perhaps, their children’s children; but when the villagers who were now living were dead, their great-grand-children would still have the village!
5. But as dusk rose in the valley one cold Winter’s night, a figure appeared on the brow of the hill.
6. It was the Soothsayer that the villagers now called Lord, and this time he came not alone but with a company of armed guards, among whom the villagers recognised many of their former friends and members of their families.
7. ‘God-fearing people of the village!’ the Soothsayer cried in a loud voice, and all the guards clashed their spears against their shields.
8. Some of the villagers began to protest, but the guards grabbed them from among the others and slew them there in the village square where the bull had been sacrificed, the sheep gathered and the chests piled high with the former wealth of the village.
9. ‘God-fearing people of the village!’, the Soothsayer cried again, and this time the village was silent. ‘Have I not returned just in time? Do we not see here the origin and cause of the ills which, alas, still afflict you?’
10. For see, the Winter is drawing in, and many shall die if you do not heed my commands. I have spoken to the god of winter, and he is wroth with you! For though many have obeyed the gods of nature, still some among you doubt my words.’
11. A murmur of assent ran through the crowd of villagers, and following it a wave of fear — though of what exactly none yet knew. Some began to pick up sticks and clubs that lay nearby.
12. Others ran to their farms and returned with pitchforks, hammers, scythes and axes. Still others picked up stones and flaming brands from a fire that the guards had kindled in the village square.
13. ‘And where are these accursed few,’ cried the Soothsayer, ‘whose selfish acts alone place your village — nay, your very lives in peril? Tell me! Show me where they are, and be avenged upon these murderers!’
14. At this the entire crowd of villagers pointed as if with one finger to the stockades whose prisoners had so swelled in number that the fences that enclosed them now ringed the entire village.
15. ‘There! There they are!’ the villagers cried with one voice. ‘Murderers and Unbelievers among us! We must purge ourselves of those whose lack of faith threatens all our futures. Kill them! Kill them! Kill them all!’
16. Few would speak afterwards of what was done that night in the stockades, where the formerly warm firelight from the village homesteads did not reach. But all agreed that the guards of the Soothsayer who all now called ‘King’ had no part in it — having, indeed, no need to.
17. For no more terrible revenge could be taken than that enacted by the villagers themselves. And as the morning light dawned red on the cold dew, they barely noticed that the village still stood, and the wrath of the winter god had been appeased, saving them all from disaster.

• • •

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14 Jan
THIRD PROPHECY. The winds of Autumn were blowing through the village, and the sheep that were left had all been slaughtered, when the Soothsayer returned for the third time. He came as the shadows of evening fell, and his face was terrible to look upon.…
2. ‘O vain and ungodly people’, he cried, ‘your sins have not been hidden from me! The god of storms has spoken to me in the desert, and he is wrath with you! Ask not what you have done, less you sharpen his fury! This very night your village shall be laid low by his tempests.’
3. ‘Have I not seen it all in your future? Do I not have secret knowledge unfathomable to your shallow thoughts and selfish desires? Harken to me, you who are faithful to the gods, and close your ears to the Unbelievers!’
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The crime the Metropolitan Police Service should be investigating is not a party in Downing Street but the 431,441 reports of injury (52% serious) and 1,932 deaths within 7 days of injection with COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ this Government has assured the British people are safe.
If you have information to assist the police inquiry, please contact Lois Bayliss of Broad Yorkshire Law: Or call the police direct on 101. If you believe you are the victim of a crime, a crime report must be accepted.
The following link is where you can request an update on the criminal investigation. You will need the crime number 6029679/21 and the date, which is 20/12/2021. The more of us ask for information the more the police will feel the pressure to investigate.…
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13 Jan
SECOND PROPHECY. The summer solstice had passed, and the villagers were attending to their diminished herds, when once again the Soothsayer appeared to them, a shadowy figure beneath the noonday sun.…
2. ‘Alas, obedient people, I bring you more woe! In the night the god of rain spoke to me, and he is wrath with you! For too long have you grazed your sheep on the hills he has made fertile, and now he demands just payment for his beneficence!’
3. The people of the village looked at the Soothsayer in fear, for they had not forgotten that he had predicted their future before — though how he did none knew nor dared to ask. ‘What shall we do, O Master, to avoid the anger of the rain god?’
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12 Jan
1. FIRST PROPHECY. A man walked into the desert. There he had many visions of a future that only he could see, for he was a Soothsayer, honoured by the gods, feared among men.…
2. After forty days and forty nights he reached the other side of the desert, and descended into a river valley. There he came across a small village surrounded by fields in which the villagers were hard at work that Spring morning, tending to their herds and flocks.
3. ‘Oh good people,’ the Soothsayer cried, ‘I come bearing bad tidings for you! Behold, the god of the river spoke to me in the desert. He is wrath with you. For too long have you lived off the fat of the land he has watered, and now he demands the sacrifice of your best bull!’
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10 Jan
When the enemies of reason are victorious — as they have been for some time now in the UK — those of us still fighting on its side must use another language in order to speak to them, find other ways to depict the prison they have built for themselves.…
1. ‘Oh good people,’ the Soothsayer cried, ‘I come bearing bad tidings for you! Behold, the god of the river has spoken to me in the desert. He is wrath with you. For too long have you lived off the fat of the land he has watered and now he demands a sacrifice of your best bull!’ Image
2. ‘Alas, obedient people, I bring you more woe! In the night the god of rain spoke to me, and he is wrath with you! For too long have you grazed your sheep on the hills he has made fertile, and now he demands just payment for his beneficence!’ Image
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6 Jan
Today, for the second time this year, I was challenged for not wearing a face mask. This time it was in a post-office, the only one in a small town in Herefordshire, where compliance with the illegally imposed mask regulations is universal. This is how I responded.
When purchasing an envelope, the woman serving me asked if I had exemption for not wearing a mask. I informed her she had no legal right to ask me that question, and warned her against doing so to someone else, in case they charged her with harassment under the Equality Act 2010.
As I was writing on the envelope, the store manager came up and demanded to know whether I had an exemption. I repeated my explanation that he had no legal right to ask me. In response, he grew angry, and told me I could not send my letter from that post office.
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