Back home in the Guardian for the first time 3 yrs, to read Biden to filth for home tests, masks & leaving the US "worse off than we were under Trump in the most lethal metric: more deaths are taking place under the Democrat than under his predecessor."…
In the essay, I explore why so many ppl are angry with the Biden administration—at times because the administration has pursued a vaccine only approach which, ironically, undermines what vaccines actually do best. I use a "rain jacket analogy"
I also do a close reading of & examine "Google it": Just why DO Biden and Harris keep telling ppl to "Google" their way to getting tests, when there weren't any to be found near millions over Christmas & nearly 1 in 5 Americans in poverty have no internet?
In the essay, I also link to study from the US Dept of Health & Human Services showing how abt 8 million of the poorest of the poor—the very Americans MOST at risk of SARS-CoV-2— have no internet.

Why are they totally ignored?…
Speaking of telling ppl to "Google it"—which as @SusanofTexas says, is like telling starving ppl to Google where the nearest supermarket is—the workers with little risk for SARS-CoV-2 with the MOST access to tests of anyone are...WFH Google employees!…
Ppl who say "But the Republicans are so much worse!" are missing a few key points:

—More ppl have died under Biden w vax than Trump w/o vax

—The Dems MUST treat the ongoing viral underclass of ppl who are incarcerated, homeless, disabled, exploited as workers


Why are they getting so defensive? Make and give away masks, ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE ppl will take them.

STOP already with the reimbursements and websites. STOP with telling ppl to wait HOURS in viral vector lines!
In the essay, I also dug into how Abbott Labs destroyed millions of tests last summer, and how that reflects the US pursuit of "optimizing capital." That has took precedence—even with the Democrats—over spending resources to prepare for a winter surge.…
The Abbott Labs story isn’t solely the fault of Democrats: It reveals a central problem of American capitalism and the impact it has upon US health, medicine and life itself.
And yes, as some have pointed out, telling ppl to Google where to get a test leaves out those w/o internet, prisoners, computer illiterate…but also the highly literate who simply can’t get tests bc there weren’t any when we most needed them!
As @TheChalis reminded me, the first step to healing is to name a problem.

We deserve more than what the genocidal Supreme Court has given us.

But we also deserve MUCH more than than the slow-moving Dem death train.

Let’s make the world the viral underclass deserves.
Good point. Some ppl can "Google it," but can't find what they are looking for, have kids, care for their elderly, etc. NYC will send ppl to you for vaccines but not for tests—it's a shame there ARE home tests, but they weren't available for Xmas, NYE...
The Biden admin has *told* ppl to wear masks and even required them in federally funded sites. But they have failed to *make them available.* They’ve stockpiled for health care workers (needed) but regardless of mandate pushback, they should have made & distribted N95s.
I never understood why, after Trump shamefully nixed this plan, the Biden WH didn’t enact it. It would have not just helped get masks to ppl but *helped create a culture of mask wearing.* They don’t need to act helpless in spending $ to make this culture.…
I explicitly address this. Directly. In the essay.
Also for the record, many local governments ARE just giving tests away—Colorado, some counties in Ohio, even Washington DC, where Biden lives! They are giving them, for free, at libraries, schools etc.

Why can't the Biden admin learn from this and
I have found this to be true. Give things away and people use them

• • •

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15 Jan
Late to this, but

—301 of them (65%!) died of Covid! I think you mean "dying WITH" not "dying OF police duty"

—A "300%" increase is from 6 attacks to 19 attacks—so, an increase of 13 attacks

—Vehicle strikes increased by just 16 (42 to 58), in a yr of record traffic deaths!
This is STRAIGHT UP COPAGANDA! And remember, this is being reported by @abc3340, the ABC affiliate in Tuscaloosa...and ABC news started the "Covid parties" moral panic in 2020 out of...Tuscaloosa! cc @ajbauer @RottenInDenmark
Every number in this report is misleading @abc3340

—Higher than 1930? When 65% of the deaths were from Covid, which was nine DECADES away from human contact in 1930?

—The % increases manipulate very small numeric increases

—And as for traffic deaths...…
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15 Jan
I like feeling accomplished abt something I can consistently do in 2 minutes

Wordle 210 4/6

My strategy is choose a word w 2 vowels, check for a match, do another word w any matching letters plus 2 different vowels (or y), then I pretty much can guess the word in the third line. There were only 2 choices when I was at the third, I chose the wrong one, so 4 lines.
I don't try to guess in one or even two; I like sorting out the vowels, then it's a nice zen understanding how combinations are possible with the remaining consonants once the vowels are excluded or included.
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15 Jan
1. Obama was unusual in that he wasn't the handpicked candidate of the DNC or its owners. (Having billionaire Penny Pritzker run his fundraising sealed his Wall St bona fides.) Otherwise, Dems choose unelectable VPs (Biden, Kaine, Harris) they hope they can install later.
2. But it's weird they always tend to pick VPs who are just awful retail politicians with no support. Biden ran unsuccessfully for president for decades and called Obama "articulate" and "clean." Harris was polling 5th in her home state. TIM KAINE?!!!?! Who was he???
3. You can see the utter contempt on Harris's face. She didn't win primaries. She hates ppl. She seems put out by @cthagod or journalists. She is not comfortable working a room, unless it's of rich donors who tell her she's brilliant bc they know they'll dictate her policy, they
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14 Jan
1. A report from the streets of Chicago, where CPS students are walking out, demanding better conditions to face Covid-19. Riding my bike up Statr St towards the Board of Ed, I already see hundreds of students on their way
2. Students crossings fittingly, at Ida B. Wells Drive
3. A really beautiful scene — several hundred students in front of the Board of Ed chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Lori Lightfoot has got to go”
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14 Jan
Damn, poppers discourse done even coming out on NPR @AdamZmith @byadamrhodes @dannynett !
“I’m Robert Siegal and this is NPR—National Poppers Radio”

😂🎙😂🎙😂🎙 h/t @ehphd
It’s a great review, by Reamna Cruz…
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14 Jan
It's fine to be angry w Democrats. You can't reason w Republicans. But a pro-Hillary friend once asked "Do you want to argue w neoliberals or w fascists?" The Dems have the WH & Congress, so I am arguing w & angry at them, bc they're letting ppl die & handing off to fascists.
For years, the Dems have been using the threat of Republicans like an abusive spouse with their fist raised uses the threat of violence ("Do what I want or I'll put you out on the street, then you won't have a home at all and you'll REALLY have something to cry about." )
But...the Dems aren't even providing any of the material comforts they are threatening might be taken away? More ppl have died of Covid under their year of governing than did under the (pre-vaccine) Republican governing year.
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