These draconian measures that strike at the heart of an individual’s human rights must be opposed at all costs. Once governments get away with this under the excuse of a Pandemic they will not be restored and if you think it won’t eventually affect you then think again. ✊👊
There is no disputing the fact that a number of those behind the drive to get everyone vaccinated has considerable amounts of money invested in shares in these vaccines which are hugely lucrative in terms of financial gain.
How can you trust someone who has vested interests in profiting financially from these vaccines especially when no one told us at the start that we would need more and more vaccines injected into us and be coerced into taking them. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum!
When we are told we cannot enter certain indoor places without first being certified as having had the very latest vaccine, we are facing a form of state coercion despite government excuses that it is not mandatory. No matter what spin you put on it, it is still coercion.
Whatever the benefits of getting vaccinated, the battle for hearts and minds is being lost on the majority who have already been vaccinated as more and more formerly strong supporters of vaccination are now questioning the need for yet more vaccines.
Instead they are arguing that we will just have to live with the virus since the vaccines cannot cope with every new variant especially when they are appearing at an alarming rate.
The question is now whether the benefits of repeated vaccines over a long period of time is actually damaging our health or proving pointless in stopping the spread of new variants.
We cannot get away from the fact that these vaccines are still at an experimental stage even though it can be argued that many lives have been saved since their introduction given the higher number of deaths from the original Covid virus back in 2020. It is still work in progress
But a line must be drawn under vaccination by choice and any form of forced vaccination opposed. Such a policy will have a huge impact on the human rights and mental health of those convinced that these vaccines are not safe.
Anti-vaxxers have as much right to that position as those arguing otherwise and cannot be discriminated against in the name of any perceived greater good that would condone an equal or greater injustice visited on them including depriving them of access to health care or food.
However that is the reality of various proposals being considered or already imposed by extreme authoritarian governments around the world. Two wrongs never make a right and anyone who condones such legislation is failing to recognise the difference.
As an historian and legally trained individual, I have studied enough about Hitler’s Germany to realise that German citizens were duped by Hitler’s success in promising a great new society that would prosper under his government.
These were lies built on moulding public perception of the truth, not what his government was actually about. The same method is being used in this Pandemic by various subtle forms of government propaganda that promises much but delivers little.
The truth is often hidden from the public and politicians as we know resort to lies when they cannot solve any crisis they face. They often blame others and create a climate of fear including scapegoats or the oldest trick used, an enemy within in order to control us, the people!
I fear we are now being manipulated in much the same way as other authoritarian regimes have done in history in order to artificially claim they are acting in the interests of the people and democracy and retain power.
In fact our human rights are now facing the greatest threat in more than a generation and we are being lulled into thinking it is all in our own interests.
So whilst we focus on the likes of Johnson’s transgressions during lockdown even greater harm is planned by the U.K. government. That is the grim reality facing us that is managing to pass under our noses or radar because the MSM are directing our attention to this one issue.
So before we jump to criticise anti-Vaxxers just remember that there are much worse things being hatched at this very moment that will change our lives radically and for the worst by the people in government itself who are supposed to be protecting our human rights.
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17 Jan
There are no practical reasons why double jobbing is being introduced by the Tories in respect of Northern Ireland politicians-
1. NI politicians cannot be in two places at once - Stormont & Westminster.

2. Both legislative bodies have full sittings on Wednesdays when both meet.
3. There is such a thing as modern forms of communications which allow politicians to engage on important issues without physically being in attendance eg. Zoom, Skype, email, text or the simple phone call. 👇
4. So that leaves only one reason. It benefits the DUP at the expense of all other Northern Ireland parties as they are the only ones supporting its introduction whilst the rest are unanimously firmly opposed to it.👇
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17 Jan
Don’t mind anyone disagreeing with the Djokovic decision in Australia. What is comical are those on Twitter who prefer to call you ‘patronising’ when all you have done is disagree with them on that issue.
It seems it’s a big ego buster for those who have loads of followers on the twitterphere when you have disagreed politely with them on social media despite their posting rude comments on your timeline. It’s petty but pity their lack of manners & supersized ego.
These follower hungry egotists certainly take offence at the drop of a hat or the second you unwittingly hit a nerve in their one dimensional twittersphere. It’s all about their self image and the fear that you just might prove them wrong in front of their follower base.
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16 Jan
We in the U.K. would never have had the current crisis in the NHS during this Pandemic if the Tories had:

1. Properly funded our NHS.

2. Stopped rolling out privatisation of the NHS

3. Recruited more doctors, nurses & health care workers

4. Built the hospitals they promised.
This government and the two previous Tory governments of May and Cameron were guilty of the same failures to resolve the 4 issues listed above.
But all we hear from government is scapegoating of our own citizens instead.

A) Blame those who use A&E when they can’t get an appointment with a GP.

B)Blame the unvaccinated.

C) Blame the youth of our 4 nations.

D) Blame the usual annual winter demand on the NHS!
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14 Jan
As a life-time educator I am sick of politicians chasing after votes from the Integrated education lobby who are pursuing what will inevitably result in less parental choice and a dumbing down of the Northern Ireland education system.
The old adage of ‘be careful what you wish for’ certainly applies - see my latest posting or thread on this very subject.

If it works don’t change it ought to be the test and it certainly does work extremely well in most respects.
Instead of always crying ‘wolf’ at the continued existence of Catholic faith schools, those politicians from political parties who have an axe to grind against faith schools should educate themselves on the tremendous work and radical initiatives in teaching diversity going on.
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14 Jan
Ulster unionists again trying to eradicate parental choice and the outstanding achievements of faith schools especially Catholic Schools in the voluntary sector who already have made huge progress in being inclusive and promoting diversity. Political spin!
This post should be seen for what it IS not what it SAYS. It is another veiled attack under the banner of segregation against the existence of Catholic schools which has always been a target of Ulster Unionists who reject any idea Catholics have a right to attend a faith school.
You only have to look across to England to see just how how highly respected Catholic schools are and much sought after by parents. They are beating their doors down to gain admission.
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13 Jan
Isn’t it odd that only one MP and a Labour Party one at that has been named. Would make you think there was a move afoot to smear the Labour Party in light of recent shocking revelations about the Tories and Johnson. 🤨…
The fact that Barry Gardiner the Labour MP has been the only one named as yet as having been in receipt of a donor sum from the named Chinese agent known as Christine Lee is a bit strange when this woman has supposedly been doing the rounds of MP's from all parties for some time.
You would think going by the appalling record of this government with respect to shady dealings in respect of donors that the entire Tory front bench would have been investigated by MI5 for evidence of any donor amounts from the same Chinese agent. Nope..nowt happening there!! 🙄
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