>2006-2008, sars, zika, swine, all flops
>don't kill enough people, don't infect enough people, when they mutate they become less deadly
>eventually leave the human gene pool altogether and these viruses go back to just chillin with bats
>Chinese Batlady Shi Zhengli "discovers all these SARS-Cov strains in bats in wuhan
>Dr Ralph Baric sees an opportunity and tries to get Batlady to work with him
>they set shit up
>turns out what Barlo wants to do definitely illegal due to the current moratorium on gain of function research
>that is, taking a virus that may not even be able to infect humans, and giving it the functionality of infecting humans
>FAUCI sees that this research is being denied and is like "lol I AM THE SCIENCE
>using his 60 year history at the NIH, just sets up Baric in China, at the Wuhan Lab itself, working directly with Batlady
>this is done thru EcoHealth Alliance
>flash forward a few years and their experiments have been a massive success
>instead of merely being able to introduce the ability to infect humans, these new chimeric bat strains are able to replicate and mutate in humans
>baric Immediately tests these viruses for how deadly they are, and most importantly how many iterations they must go thru a population in order to enhance
>Moderna founded in 2011
>all its research is kept basically completely secret, but somehow they get over $1,000,000,000 in investors.
>begin secretly using a company called Arbutus Biopharma's technique of fat lipid mRNA transfer
actually "purchase these fat lipids from a company called Acuitas, which is a guy in his garage stealing the tech of Arbutus, it's literally a
home business making BILLIONS
>Arbutus sues Judge orders injunction on Acuitas, says they can't sublicense out this tech
>Moderna keeps using this tech from anyone and anywhere they can get it, and they keep failing
>fast forward to around 2015 or now
>Acuitas, who is now supplying Moderna solely with fat lipid delivery, gets investment funds from Trudeau
>he gets elected (that's one, you have to realize none of this could have happened without ALL these people being in power)
>meanwhile Moderna is fucked
>in early 2016, give presentation at JP Morgan conference and finally reveal what the fuck you've been doing with these billions
>reveal your super secrer MRNA vaccines
>everyone freaks out because holy shit all you've been doing is making vaccines? vaccines aren't worth anything
>investors start freaking out
>scientists leaving the company in droves
>by late 2016, articles like this are coming out, people are calling Moderna the next Theranos:

>2017, at next year JP Morgans conference, come out even bolder and claim you are making all sorts of drugs for cancer, aids, but mostly for
influenza alphas and sars coronaviruses, zika, chinguguya (sp), sars, and a "secret" one that you announce publicly
>but later that year, articles like this one come out
noting how other companies already abandoned mRNA tech because it's killing animals, not even safe even for human testing, basically they are fucked, the articles literally says they need a "hail mary", a quote from former employees
"investors still freaking out"
>need more funding
>get EcoHealth Alliance Peter Sazak to submit a proposal for a military grant under the guise of protecting from "bat corona viruses"
documentcloud.org/documents/2106… proposal
>the proposal just haaaapppppppeeens to talk about the exact same viruses that Moderna is developing vax for zika, chickenginyu (sp).
sars, and the un secret one
>gets rejected
>now investors REALLY freaking out
>Moderna very much looking like next Theranos
>investors extremely pissed
>none of their super secret med tech is working
>all they have done is make secret viruses more lethal and able to intect humans
>can't actually cure said virus yet because the vaccine tech doesn't work at best: kills whatever it touches at worst
>but the clock is ticking, democracy is literally dying (remember who the investor are here, it's pelosi and trudeau types)
>plan is formed
>use baric's engineered bat virus and unleash it on the world
>it's not that deadly, so it's not a real risk (did you ever see a scientist like...actually afraid of covid? in a hazmat suit? ever?)
>CEO salesman of Moderna convinces investors (politicians) that he can successfully sell the vaccine that doesn't work, and the only way to get the tech working
is to just jab everyone with it
>we can skip the human testing that hasn't been done by just giving it to people under Emergency Use
>meanwhile, judges are issuing decrees that will circumvent the state legislatures and send out ballots to EVERY registered voter on record,
with ZERO oversight
>these ballots would NOT have to be turned in by the actual voter, they could be given to a "ballot box in someone's car and just tumed in en
masse at any point
>votes were accepted a week after election day
>at this point "pandemic" is in full swing
>oh shit, some of the doctors around the country who know about Ralph Baric's work realize this bat corona virus probably came from the
Wuhan Lab
>since ya know...they had disappeared by his own admission before his work, which was to create human infecting bat coronaviruses
>FAUCI uses his power to call any doctor who speaks out and suggests a lab leak a conspiracy theorist and threatens their careers
>meanwhile is on TV saying these new Modema vaxx are "100% effective against hospitalization and death"
>literally, word for fucking word, says they are superman invulnerability in a shot
>meanwhile, anyone who suggests this information online is banned
>any mention of covid being manmade is literally deleted before you can post it your account is IP banned, you are unpersoned
>after two years of this the news now says "BREAKING NEWS COVID WAS MADE IN THE WUHAN LAB BY RALPH BARIC"

• • •

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