Speaking fee $20,000 per hour.

It's an important subject. We need to get it right. We need better scholars.
Scholars who put out serious scholarship about this serious subject.

Not nonsensicial gibberish like this.
The subject of racism deserves scholars who actually engage and discuss their ideas in public, scholars who answer difficult questions. Not scholars who throw bombs and then hide.
Not "scholars" who commit basic logical fallacies taught to college freshman in Logic 101: The single-cause fallacy.
Let's respect the subject of racism. It deserves serious scholarship. Not bullying, quack scholarship.


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Jan 20
In 2018 I began reading the modern "Race Scholarship": Kendi, DiAngelo, Delgado’s “Critical Race Theory”, etc.

What I found was appalling. Quack scholarship: Circular reasoning, logical fallacies & ideological bullying. No methodology. No science. Assertions without evidence. Image
This was one of the manipulations. Your opinion was valid or invalid—based on your race. And then your opinion was valid or invalid based on the race of the person you agreed with—unless they had the "wrong" opinion. In which case their race came into play—but in a different way.
Like a lot of their ideas, then originated from a kernel of truth. Even a noble truth: listen to people outside your in-group as they have experiences you don’t.

Fair enough.
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Jan 19
In 2018, I began reading the "Race Scholarship": Kendi, DiAngelo, Delgado’s “Critical Race Theory”, etc.

What I found was appalling "scholarship": Circular reasoing, logical fallacies & ideologocial bullying. No methodology or science. Simply assertions, all without evidence. Image
The basic framework for a paper is thus:

1. Read the ideology. Believe the core tents of the ideology.
2. Observe something.
3. Search for evidence that fits the ideology.
4. The end.

That's pretty much the "scholarship" of these papers.
But don't take my word for it. Read some of this "scholarship" yourself. I'll post some links below. Print out one of these scholarly, peer-reviewed papers yourself and read during your lunch break. It's probably a good, 45-minute read. Would enjoy hearing your thoughts.
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Jan 18
Some groups do better than others on standardized tests. What should we do?

1. Find out why (poverty, school funding, resources, crime, family dysfunction, etc.), and do the hard work of helping people.

2. Abolish the test.

The scholar likes Option 2. Image
For centuries, countries around the world have used standardized tests to evaluate people’s competence in a subject.

And yet in the US, these tests were devised not to evaluate competence, but were “to degrade Black minds and legally exclude Black bodies”.

On standardized tests, Asians are doing better than Whites, Whites better than Blacks, African Blacks better than native-born Blacks, Blacks from two-parent homes better than Blacks in single-parent homes, Jews better than gentiles, Rhode Islanders better than Arkansasians.
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Jan 18
Imagine an entire academic discipline that exempts itself from criticism.

Instead of responding to questions & disagreement, the scholars simply dismiss any questions & disagreement – based on mind-reading the critic's true intentions.

That would be Critical Race Theory. Image
It's a basic "imputing motives" logical fallacy taught in Freshman Logic 101. And yet entire papers (like this one) are rooted in this fallacy.
👨🏻 "Climate change is a left-wing hoax.”

👩🏻‍🦰 “Sir, I disagree. My scientific research shows that climate change is man-made.”

👨🏻 “You just say that because you wish to preserve yoru privileged position as a highly-paid climate researcher.”
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Jan 18
Imagine an entire academic theory where disagreeing with the theory is proof of the theory.

That would be Robin DiAnelo’s White Fragility.

#ImportantSubjectClownScholarship. 🤡🎓👩🏻‍🎓 Image
Incidentally, the scholar doesn't debate her idea in public or answer difficult questions. She also declines invitations to discuss her theories one-on-one as equals with other scholars. @Ayaan @MikeNayna
Racism is a serious subject. It's been hijacked by quasi-religious quack scholars. And that's a crying shame.
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Jan 17
The scholar’s proposal. The scholar doesn’t explore his proposal any further, just what’s stated here.

The scholar’s book “How to be an Antiracist” is recommended reading in schools across America, required reading at some universities.
/1 Image
Incidentally, the scholar (1) doesn’t debate his ideas in public, (2) doesn’t answer challenging questions, (3) declines invitations to sit down one-on-one with other scholars to discuss his ideas, (4) calls people who disagree with him “racist”.
The scholar doesn’t define “public official”. Perhaps just senators & people in congress? Or perhaps anybody on the public payroll: teachers, police, the town clerk, school janitors.
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