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FRONTLINE and our partners spent more than two years investigating thousands of documents and dozens of first-hand interviews to tell the stories of lives cut short.

The result is #Unresolved. Image
#Unresolved makes available to the public for the first time a comprehensive interactive list of all those whose cases were re-examined by the Department of Justice through the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Act.
For the next two weeks, we'll tweet out each of those names.

The story takes many shapes. It is told through a web-based interactive experience, serialized podcast, augmented-reality installation and documentary.

The documentary, called "American Reckoning," premieres tomorrow, Feb. 15, at 10/9c on @PBS.

We invite you to follow our thread here on Twitter, to watch the documentary tomorrow and to explore all parts of the #Unresolved project as a testimony to the lives of the individuals, and the multi-generational impact of their untimely, unjust loss.
"The way to right wrongs is to shine the light of truth upon them." - Ida B. Wells

🍂 Anthony Adams, age 25. 🍂 On Nov. 6, 1978, friends found Adams — a Black, openly gay activist — in his Salt Lake City apartment, the door ajar. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Louis Allen, age 43. 🍃 "The spirit and the energy of my grandfather will be remembered throughout the generations." –Allen's grandson #Unresolved Image
🍂 Andrew Lee Anderson, age 16. 🍂 Anderson was a Black teenager who lived in rural Crittenden County, Arkansas. On July 17, 1963, he was mowing a lawn in the local town of Marion. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Frank Andrews, age 27. 🍃 On Nov. 28, 1964, Andrews was outside a cafe frequented by the Black community in Lisman, Alabama, when he and his friend were approached by a sheriff’s deputy and chief deputy. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Isadore Banks, age 59. 🍂 A WWI veteran and wealthy Black landowner, Banks was known for giving back to his community. #Unresolved Image
🍃 John Bennett, age 28. 🍃 Amid citywide protests in Augusta, Georgia, in May 1970, Bennett's car went missing. He found his stolen vehicle outside a looted corner store, but an encounter with the police followed. #Unresolved Image
🍂 John Larry Bolden, age 15. 🍂 Bolden was with his friends on May 3, 1958, when police officers responded to a call from a white resident complaining about being “annoyed” by several Black teenagers making noise. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Preston Bouldin, age 21. 🍃 Witnesses told investigators that Bouldin had been with friends the night before he was found dead near a set of railroad tracks in San Antonio on May 8, 1953. #Unresolved Image
🍂 James Brazier, age 31. 🍂 Brazier and his wife worked multiple jobs and earned more money than the average local white family, including members of the police force. On April 20, 1958, Brazier was arrested at his home. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Dr. Thomas H. Brewer, age 61. 🍃 Brewer co-founded an NAACP chapter and campaigned to desegregate local police and schools. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Clyde Briggs, age 42. 🍂 Briggs was a teacher and pastor who helped Black people register to vote in Mississippi in the 1960s. His efforts led to threats from the local KKK, and his journals show he was violently confronted by Klansmen. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Hilliard Brooks, age 22. 🍃 Brooks was a young Black WWII veteran. On Aug. 12, 1950, a white police officer responded to a call from a bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama, who reported that Brooks had caused a disturbance on his bus. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Benjamin Brown, age 21. 🍂 Brown was active in civil rights efforts in Jackson, Miss., including voter registration. The day before his 22nd birthday in 1967, Brown was out for a sandwich when a protest turned violent and police opened fire. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Charles Brown, age 20. 🍃 Brown was a young Black airman with the U.S. Air Force. While visiting his hometown of Yazoo City, Mississippi, in 1957, he was invited to dinner by a neighboring family. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Gene Brown, age unknown. 🍂 A case opened for its connection to a list of 11 victims who died under mysterious circumstances in the months following civil rights activist Medgar Evers' death in 1963. But the story remains a mystery. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Jessie Brown, age unknown. 🍃 Brown was a Black man who worked for a white farmer in north-central Mississippi. One day in January 1965, Brown had a fatal encounter with his employer. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Leonard Brown, age 20. 🍂 Brown studied at Southern University and was a bystander during student protests in 1972. Law enforcement responded with force, and chaos ensued. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Carie Brumfield, age 53. 🍃 Brumfield’s car was reported by a local resident who noticed that it had been parked in the same spot overnight in a rural area of Franklinton, Louisiana, in 1967. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Eli Brumfield, age 51. 🍂 Brumfield, also known as “Shuge,” was a plant manager. While driving in McComb, Mississippi, he was pulled over for speeding around 4 a.m. on Oct. 13, 1962. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Jesse W. Cano, age 43 or 44. 🍃 Cano was a man of Mexican descent who worked in rock mines in Brownsville, Florida. He went missing at some point in 1965 and has never been found. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Silas Caston, age 19. 🍂 Caston, a Black man, was at a nightclub in Jackson, Mississippi, on March 1, 1964, when police responded to a report of shots fired in or near the club. #Unresolved Image
🍃 James Chaney, age 21. 🍃 As a high school student, Chaney wore civil rights buttons that eventually got him expelled. In the summer of 1964, he was helping Black people register to vote. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Johnnie Mae Chappell, age 35. 🍂 March 1964 was marked by racial tension and violence in Jacksonville, Florida. On the evening of March 23, Chappell was walking to a store to buy ice cream for her children. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Thad Christian, age 54. 🍃 Christian was fishing with a friend at a creek just outside of Anniston, Alabama, in 1965 when a white man told them to leave the area. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Clarence Cloninger, age 41. 🍂 Cloninger, a white man, was in police custody on Oct. 10, 1960, when he was found unconscious in his holding cell. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Jo Etha Collier, age 18. 🍃 Collier was a college-bound student and track star who graduated from her integrated Mississippi high school with honors. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Eddie Cook, age 53. 🍂 On Nov. 7, 1965, Cook stopped to get coffee near his home in Detroit after spending the night with friends. A shot rang out, and a two-toned blue Oldsmobile sped away from the scene. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Willie Countryman, age 32. 🍃 Countryman, a Black veteran, lived in an area of southern Georgia that was known for violence against and intimidation of Black men. On May 25, 1958, he went to investigate a sound in his backyard. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Lee Edward Culbreath, age 14. 🍂 Culbreath and a friend rode their bikes to a local cafe in Portland, Arkansas, on Dec. 5, 1965. A man fired three shots from a pickup truck. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Vincent Dahmon, age 65. 🍃 In 1966, a report emerged that a man by this name had been killed by the KKK in Mississippi. The FBI opened a review of the case in 2008 but was unable to find evidence a man of that name had been shot and killed. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Jonathan Myrick Daniels, age 26. 🍂 Daniels, a white seminary student and civil rights activist, was arrested in Alabama for participating in a voter rights demonstration. After his release, he stepped in when two Black women were attacked. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Woodrow Wilson Daniels, age 37. 🍃 Daniels, a father of five, worked as a deliveryman in north Mississippi. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Henry Hezekiah Dee, age 19. 🍂 Members of the Bunkley klavern — a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan — saw Dee leave a bank in Meadville, Miss., and followed him because "they thought [Dee] fit the profile of a Black Panther." #Unresolved Image
🍃 George Dorsey, age 28. 🍃 Dorsey was a WWII veteran and sharecropper. In July 1946, Dorsey, his wife, sister and brother-in-law were confronted by a lynch mob of at least a dozen armed white men. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Mae Murray Dorsey, age 23. 🍂 Nicknamed "Mae West" for her reputation as a stylish dresser, Dorsey lived and labored on a cotton farm in Georgia. She and others picked her brother-in-law up from jail before they were stopped by a lynch mob. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Roman Ducksworth Jr., age 27. 🍃 Cpl. Roman Ducksworth Jr., a Black military police officer, was heading home to his pregnant wife in 1962 when a bus driver called the police after being unable to wake him up.

Explore the #Unresolved web interactive:
🍂 Joseph Hill Dumas, age 19. 🍂 Dumas was a young Black man helping his family move into a new home in May 1962. While moving, they were stopped by a white constable. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Joseph Edwards, age 21. 🍃 Edwards lived in Natchez, Mississippi, and worked across the river in Louisiana. In July 1964, Edwards bought a Buick that he drove to work. Later that month, the Buick was found abandoned. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Willie Edwards Jr., age 24. 🍂 "You may have thought you snuffed out a life … but you didn’t. You made this man bigger than life. Now he is taught in universities that he couldn’t even attend." –Edwards' daughter #Unresolved Image
🍃 James Edward Evansingston, age 52. 🍃 Evansingston was a Black teacher who lived with his wife in Mississippi. He was last seen by relatives shortly before Christmas in 1955. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Peter Francis, age 59. 🍂 Francis was a Passamaquoddy tribal member and an electrician at a U.S. naval base. In 1965, he had gone to visit family in Maine when an altercation broke out with five white hunters.

Explore the #Unresolved web interactive:
🍃 Phillip Lafayette Gibbs, age 21. 🍃 Gibbs was enrolled in pre-law studies at the historically Black Jackson State College. On the night of May 14, 1970, amid escalating unrest, police officers fired more than 150 rounds. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Gwendolyn Glover, age 28. 🍂 Glover, a Black woman and mother of three, lived in Texas. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Andrew Goodman, age 21. 🍃 Goodman, a white college student who'd traveled to Mississippi in 1964 to help register Black voters, was with other civil rights workers when they became the targets of Klansmen. #Unresolved Image
🍂 James Earl Green, age 17. 🍂 Those who knew Green described him as a hardworking student. He lived near the historically Black Jackson State College, in Mississippi. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Mattie Green, age 32. 🍃 Green lived with her husband and six children. The couple worked multiple jobs and reportedly had plans to expand their house. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Jasper Greenwood, age 50. 🍂 Greenwood ran a nightclub called the Jasper Lounge in historic Vicksburg, Mississippi. He disappeared, allegedly after leaving his nightclub with two white men on June 21, 1964. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Jimmie Lee Griffith, age 28. 🍃 Griffith grew up in central Mississippi, one of seven children. He met a friend for a drink one night in 1965 and stopped by another friend's house before deciding to walk home. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Paul Guihard, age 30. 🍂 Paul Guihard was a French correspondent for Agence France Presse. In late September 1962, the agency assigned Guihard to cover a desegregation struggle at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. #Unresolved Image
🍃 A.C. Hall, age 17. 🍃 On Oct. 13, 1962, around the same time that Hall and his friend were leaving an event at the Middle Georgia Veterans Club, a local couple reported that a gun had been stolen from their car by a Black man. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Rogers Hamilton, age 18. 🍂 Relatives remembered Hamilton, who lived with his mother and siblings in rural Alabama, as sweet, handsome and popular. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Adlena Hamlett, age 76. 🍃 Hamlett, a civil rights pioneer and retired teacher, was driving back from Jackson, Mississippi, with friends after seeing a film produced by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Samuel Hammond Jr., age 18. 🍂 Hammond, a devoted football player, studied at the historically Black South Carolina State College. On the night of Feb. 8, 1968, he was caught in what has come to be known as the Orangeburg Massacre. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Collie Hampton, age 26. 🍃 Around 2 a.m. on Aug. 14, 1966, Hampton was at his home in Winchester, Kentucky, when four policemen arrived. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Alphonso Harris, age 36. 🍂 Harris — an active member of the Southern Christian Leadership Council in Georgia — was known as a warm, friendly person. In 1966, he was at the Les Ames Club when a man approached his table and asked for help. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Isaiah Henry, age 38. 🍃 Henry, a Black school bus driver and farmer, helped his Louisiana neighbors study for voter registration tests. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Arthur James Hill, age 27. 🍂 On Aug. 20, 1965, Hill and three other people stopped for gas in Villa Rica, Georgia, west of Atlanta, when one of Hill’s companions became involved in an argument with a white man. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Ernest Hunter, age 22. 🍃 On Sept. 13, 1958, a white police officer pulled over a Black woman driving in St. Marys, Georgia, saying she had run a stop sign. Her husband, Ernest Hunter, approached the scene and asked what was happening. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Jimmie Lee Jackson, age 26. 🍂 Jackson was a father and the youngest deacon in his church. On Feb. 18, 1965, he joined hundreds of other Black people to protest the jailing of a local civil rights worker.

Explore the #Unresolved web interactive:
🍃 Luther Jackson, age 27. 🍃 On the evening of Oct. 25, 1959, Jackson was sitting in a parked car with a woman when a police officer approached and told them both to get out of the car. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Wharlest Jackson, age 36. 🍂 Jackson was a Korean War veteran, the father of five and a treasurer of the local Mississippi NAACP branch. The company he worked for in 1967 had recently promoted Jackson over two white applicants. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Ernest Jells, age 21. 🍃 Jells had been out with friends on the night of Sept. 20, 1963. Sometime after 11 p.m., he went to a grocery store in Clarksdale, Mississippi, where the store owner accused him of stealing a banana. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Carol Jenkins, age 21. 🍂 Jenkins had just started a new job selling encyclopedias door-to-door in Indiana. On Sept. 16, 1968, Jenkins approached a house and said she was being followed and harassed by a pair of white men in a car. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Joseph Franklin Jeter Sr., age unknown. 🍃 Jeter, a building superintendent, walked toward police officers, allegedly to diffuse a situation as they were arresting a suspect. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Marshall Johnson, age 19. 🍂 Johnson worked in Monroe, Louisiana, for a white man who had a reputation for abusing and underpaying employees. #Unresolved Image
🍃 Nathan Johnson Jr., age 34. 🍃 In 1966, a white Alabama State Trooper arrested Johnson, who was Black, for driving under the influence. The trooper, James Fowler, had recently been cleared in the on-duty shooting death of another Black man. #Unresolved Image
🍂 Alberta O. Jones, age 34. 🍂 In 1959, Jones became the first Black woman to pass the Kentucky bar and in 1965 became Louisville’s first woman prosecutor. She left home on Aug. 4, 1965, and never made it back.

Explore the #Unresolved web interactive:
🍃 Birdia Keglar, age 58. 🍃 Keglar, a tireless civil rights activist who fought for her right to vote in Tallahatchie County, Miss., was driving back home with friends in 1966 after seeing a film in Jackson. #Unresolved Image

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