~ In India caste is in class. The Mandal commission for Backward Classes also found convergence between caste and class. According to Indiaspend, the victims of lynching are almost entirely from poor families.
Therefore, the 'Ansari' victims of mob lynching in Jharkhand are in all probability Pasmanda Muslims from the weaver community (poor and low caste). In a few instances the 'Ansari' surname is also used by upper caste Muslims.
Similarly, lynched victims Pehlu Khan, Junaid, Umar, Akbar from Rajasthan and Haryana are all Meo Muslims (called Meo in Haryana and Mev in Rajasthan). Meo/Mev Muslims are Pasmanda Muslims.10 They are a traditional pastoral community that rears milch cows.
"Can't Muslims keep cows? Or, have they passed a law that we can't keep cows? In Mewat, most keep cows, some even more than 100, says an angry wet-eyed patriarch to us
on Day-2 of our Mewat area journey through Haryana in the #KarwaneMohabbat," writes John Dayal, Journalist & Human Rights Activist, on his Facebook wall.. There is a need to understand the linkages of programs such as 'Make in India' and loss of livelihood and life of Bahujans.
While the cow vigilantes are directly attacking the Bahujans on a large scale through violence and disrupting their life, there are definite beneficiaries of this violence.
The large scale organized abattoirs, dairy, etc., highly subsidized and supported by the Government are the direct beneficiaries.
The silence of Muslim politicians is glaringly loud, as coming mostly from upper caste backgrounds they have always neglected the plights of Pasmanda Muslims.
There are direct political and financial benefits that they reap due to the targeted violence. This situation needs to be understood as a Bahujan issue and not an issue of Muslims or Dalits only. ~ Naaz Khair in: thesharedmirror.org/?product=guja-…

• • •

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Feb 14
~ Article 21 which mandates that ‘no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law’ is a great protection given not only to the citizens of this country,
but to every person living in this country either temporarily or permanently. This right is as extensive and diverse as life is and covers all its facets. This is one of the branches of Constitutional law which was very widely expanded and is being expanded.
Though initially the courts were a little hesitant, and satisfied with giving a narrow interpretation of the word ‘life’ and the phrase ‘personal liberty’, later, it came up with a very broad concept
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Feb 13
~ Unfortunately, this right to life is much abused and trampled upon by the State. Almost all actions of the police in depriving the people of life and personal liberty go unnoticed by the agency of law and unpunished by the courts.
The violations of this fundamental right go on with impunity. In the name of curbing violent or extremist activity, several thousands of people in this country are shot dead in blatant violation of law.
People are picked up from their homes, working places, or educational institutions and shot dead. Several people are picked up in normal course as a measure of ‘interrogation’, irrespective of whether they are involved in any crime or not,
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Nov 20, 2021
there's very little reliable data on inter-caste marriages in india.. all kinds of anecdotal wisdom is thrown around as 'knowledge'.., according to the census 2011, the percentage of inter-caste marriages is 5.8% of all marriages..
even that can't be trusted as completely accurate, but that's a little more believable.. the census also says that the rate of inter-caste marriages is higher in rural areas than in the metros.. so there.. that challenges two popular myths -
that there are more inter-caste marriages in cities.. and that the cities are more progressive than the villages (it also bolsters a theory i'd shared many times here - that it is the cities which are the cesspits of caste now, from where it percolates to the villages)..
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Nov 20, 2021
Thongam Bipin ~ Phulo also observed that the lack of education and scientific knowledge were due to Hinduism. He was pained at the economic exploitation of Meeteis by Brahmins. He says, “Tengbangbana ‘logic logic’, ‘science science’ haiduna nongthangi firaan hairi”
(Rest of the world are shouting and flying the success of logic and science while the Meeteis are possessed by Hindu rituals, songs and dance) (Phulo, 2010: 62). He blamed Hinduism for encouraging youths to take up Sankirtan8 at the cost of their education.
According to him a generation of youth have lost their future because of Hinduism’s emphasis on ritual performance. Phulo made bold, controversial statements which may have been profane to some people (of that time). For example, he would say that Holi teaches thievery.
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Jan 31, 2021
the brahmin institutions--the media, academia, 'civil' (read savarna society) make every crisis into an india thing.. 'the farmers hoisted this flag', 'that flag against india flag..' 'no they, didn't' 'they used violence..' 'the state used violence'.. it's led by secessionists',
'no, it's not'.. and so on.. please note, all the contradictory noises revolve around the india thing.. the point is, the unwritten contract between the punjabi farmers and the indian state (in which the latter got the license to loot and exploit the former) has ended..
the less unionised farmers across the country have also been dumped, roundly.. and this process has been going on for years.. for farmers, this is a life and death crisis.. that's been building up for years.. the msp will do no magic..
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Jan 29, 2021
every jati in the sub-continent has exercised 'disciplinary power' over its members for quite looong.. and every member of each jati has exercised 'bio-power' over himself--in order to strive to be a 'good' member of the jati--and over other members, watching their conduct,
and taking part in punishing them if they stray from the jati's norms.. so every jati lived in its own 'panopticon'--always being watched and watching--which was enclosed within a bigger panopticon of the jati system (or caste system) as a whole.. and so on..
long before jeremy bentham, and foucault of course, could even conceive or theorise on these ideas, the governing class in india had devised these mechanisms of power.. but foucault talks of them as products of modernity..!
Read 4 tweets

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