Why #TheRedSleeve ending is it so sad and barely bearable ? A thread #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
In the ep 16 of #TheRedSleeve, San is forced to rush things and makes Deok Im his concubine. To protect her from Hwabin but also from Queen Dowager who manifest very strong possessiveness towards Deok Im. If the queen Dowager makes Deok Im his court lady maid, she can’t be his
Even if San is the king, he can’t bedded a court lady maid from an another royal member without her permission. In a way, these events forced them to move on with their relationship, the status quo can’t no longer exist #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
Deok Im have mixed feelings about her new status: she’s happy with San, but have to give up so many things. She’s fully aware he won’t never be hers, and that he may take other concubines. That’s why she vows to never reveal her feelings for him to protect herself. #TheRedSleeve
But the ep 16 of #TheRedSleeve finishes on a happy moment with Deok Im’s pregnancy. San’s dream to have a finally with Deok Im will finally be granted #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
IRL, Deok Im had 2 miscarriages before having Mun Hyo. She also lost her second child, a baby girl,few days after her birth. But on that point, i thank the writer for omitting those events bc the level of pain is already unbearable #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
Here we go. The ep 17 of #TheRedSleeve: a direct highway to sorrow and despair. #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
The ep 17 directly opens with Mun Hyo’s death in the arms of San bc the measles plague. Deok Im, pregnant, isn’t authorized to see him bc it may be dangerous for her. Not saying goodbye to her child is heartbreaking but hearing his death by the eunuchs is so cruel #TheRedSleeve
Then Deok Im learns her dearest friend, Young Hee has been condemned to death for adultery. She doesn’t beg San her mercy bc she knows he won’t break the rule for anybody. She visits her at the prison, as she did years ago for Wol Hye, and ask her forgiveness #TheRedSleeve
When she’s about to give birth, her condition worsens. & in her bed death, she asks her friends. Instead, lady Seo brings San, which wasn’t her wish. Loosing Mun Hyo was hard. But loosing Deok Im means losing the love of his life, leaving him forever broken inside. #TheRedSleeve
Deok Im said to San awful words as they were their last ones: she asked him to ignore her in their next lives so she can’t live freely. Which made San believe she didn’t love him at once. Even if she told him she chose to stay by his side, in a way, I think he didn’t hear it
As a king San’s life is ruled by duty. He took another concubine to have an heir and secure the throne. He forced himself to forget her in order to carry on. Bc the pain left by her loss was so unbearable that oversight is the only way to cope. #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo LeeSeYoung
14 years later, San meets by hazard Deok Im’s nephew & finally remembers her again. He asks to speak to smb who knew her. He didn’t notice that his new head court lady was Young Hee, one of Deok Im’s friend. She brings him Deok Im’s belongings #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
San burst into anger when he heard Deok Im promised to meet her dear friends in the afterlife bc she was his person. When he opened the box, he burst into tears as every emotions reappear. He truly loved her, still does and miss her to death. #TheRedSleeve #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
In the box, there’s the perfume pouch she intended to give at first when she learnt her pregnancy, but didn’t. She kept all the excuse letters he made her write, some books and at last, her court lady uniform. When he hold her dress, he realized how small she was… #TheRedSleeve
Because Deok Im was so bold and courageous, protecting him each time his life was in danger, San never saw that she was also petite and fragile. #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
San gets ills. Outside, the snow is pouring down. It’s the symbol of the death calling him like in the poem from the book of odes he used to read with Deok Im. Because the destination where the lovers go is the afterlife.
After fainted, San wakes up but faints again. As he closes his eyes, he finds himself in the annex, with Deok Im, sleeping on her laps. It’s a moment they had together 14 years. The scene is exactly the same: Deok Im asks him to leave her so he can fulfill his duty as a king
When the king dies, the eunuch asks him 3 times to come back among the livings. So when Deok Im asks him 3 times to leave the annex (the afterlife) she asks him to come back to life. His moment hasn’t occurred yet coz he has so many things to achieve as a king #TheRedSleeve
Just check this amazing editing @filmwuju: the scene in the afterlife is exactly the same 14 years ago when San was resting with Deok Im. As she asked him, he’s on the point of leaving to fulfill his duty as a king #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
If San opens the door, he’ll come back to life. Otherwise I’ll die. As he’s touching the handle, memories of his death comes to him, specially her hand he couldn’t hold on anymore. He realizes that he can’t ever let go again and will die to stay with here #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo
When San asked Deok Im to become her concubine, he told her he loved her and said he didn’t care she didn’t love him back bc she was his person. Now San tells her: « please, love me ». He’s no longer the king: he’s the man who seek equality with the woman he loves #TheRedSleeve
As she wipes her tears with her cuff (like she did many years with her red sleeve cuff when he was a child) she kisses him first, answering to his question. She had always loved but couldn’t telle him bc of their differences of status. #TheRedSleeve
Once Deok Im asked San what it would be if he wasn’t the king and she wasn’t a court lady maid. She’s got finally her answer. They could be happy together #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
When Mun Hyo died, Deok Im promised San that the flowers would bloom again, & they would watch like they used to do. She couldn’t fulfill her promise bc she died 4 months after Mun Hyo. In the annex/afterlife, the flowers have finally bloomed. #TheRedSleeve #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
As San & Deok Im kiss under the flowers, San dies. The rainbow symbolizes his passage to the afterlife. And this moment become eternity. #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
Even if San recall 3 options (past, memory or death), there’s no doubt that’s the afterlife. I assume that the writer and God Ji In covered the tracks a little to prevent too much pain to the viewers. #TheRedSleeve #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
Even if San and Deok Im knew each others since childhood, they only spent 5 years together as a couple. San never loved a woman again. She’s was the only one love of his life. He wrote an heartbreaking epitaph so the world can remember her. #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
The death of Mun Hyo was painful for San but nothing compared to her loss as he wrote it in her epitaph. Losing her was like « the pain of a knife that would pierce my organs » #TheRedSleeve #LeeSeYoung #LeeSeYoung
Even if they finally meet in the afterlife, it’s so sorrowful bc they would have deserved happiness in this live. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking. But, ultimately, their immense love defied everything and everyone, including the death itself. #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
End of the thread

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