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Big tech companies and governments are promoting the advent of a new Chinese / Indian style digital identity for everyone. The corona crisis has fast-tracked this digital ID agenda and many experts have warned ‘This is the end of freedom.’ Image

“This is pretty important,” says Bud. “The evolution of vaccine certificates will actually drive the whole field of Digital ID in the future. So, therefore, this is not just about Covid, this is about something even bigger.” – Andrew Bud of Iproov.…

Andrew Bud is the founder and managing director of iProov, a London-based company that sells facial recognition technology and developed the British corona app. ImageImage

"We believe that schemes offering options for people to show their digital credentials & biometrically authenticate their face, instead of presenting photo ID, will provide the best way to meet these requirements." Andrew Bud, Founder & CEO, iProov.…

Watch: “I think this whole Covid Certificate thing will drive the whole / hammer home the next generation of Digital Credentialing, Digital Identity, once adopted for Covid it will be rapidly used for everything else.” – Andrew Bud.

Dr Toby Norman the CEO of Simprints, a UK start-up that also develops biometric techniques, called it "an opportunity to launch the systems of tomorrow." Image

Thales also wrote in a blog post that the corona pass will serve as a ‘steppingstone for the introduction of a digital ID card’. It asked governments to ‘create a platform for the digitisation of identity and health data’.…


Two years into the plandemic, Europe is now taking its first steps towards a much broader use of digital identification systems other than the corona entry pass.… Image

The design of the European Corona app was only a "first version of what could develop into an ultimate digital wallet" the EC told Follow the Money. This development is moving fast, says the spokesperson. "We will continue to work on this with the Member States." Image

Big Tech Microsoft, IBM, Mastercard is represented in the campaign for a global digital ID system. That same lobby is active with appeals for a Corona system, tech-scientist Elizabeth Renieris wrote in What’s really at stake with vaccine passports.…

With an eID, citizens can prove their ID at government offices, online, banks & their biometric data derived from facial recognition systems, iris scans (shape, colour, pattern, and texture of the eyes) and fingerprints. It's also key to the Metaverse. Image

"The EC aims to create a Wallet, which will be available to all EU citizens, residents & businesses usable not only for ID documents, but for all attestations, including those with sensitive personal data, such as health data-related documents."… Image

The Wallets will also have implications for Digital Currency too, the idea of the "Digital Euro" within the wallet is being explored now.… Image

Supporters of Digital ID refer to India. An extensive eID system was launched in 2009: Aadhaar is needed to buy a house or to access government services & already used by 1.3 billion people. It's linked to payment systems operated by Mastercard.… Image

“This is the most advanced system in the world.” - Paul Romer Former Chief Economist World Bank told the media company Bloomberg in 2017. ‘It would be beneficial for the world if this is introduced globally.’… Image

Digital ID will also play a key role in securing connected smart electric cars, according to Thales.

Nigeria served as proof that Digital ID documents can have major consequences. In August 2021, Reuters reported an eID has become mandatory to ‘open a bank account, apply for a driving licence, to vote and submit tax returns’.…

A surveillance state is now emerging, in which everything will be stored in order to steer people in various ways, both politically and commercially. Behind the campaign for digital data collection, there is ‘a surveillance agenda which we must oppose. Image

And “If 9/11 brought us into an era of mass surveillance, the pandemic has the potential to bring about an ID scramble, the introduction of the era of ubiquitous identification and the end of anonymity.” - Elizabeth Renieris said.…

In 2018, ID2020 described how a vaccination campaign in Bangladesh could serve as an ‘entry’ to further digitalisation. "Vaccination offers a great opportunity to give children a sustainable, portable and secure digital identity early in life."…

ID2020 is the most influential digital ID advocacy group. It was founded long before the pandemic by Gavi, & other founding fathers include the philanthropic Rockefeller Foundation, the consultancy company Accenture, and tech giant Microsoft. Image

Eighteen months later, more than 125 companies, institutions and government organisations have joined forces to form the Good Health Pass Collaborative, which aims to create a global standard for the corona pass. ID2020 steers this group. Image

The Covid Pass is already leading to a mission creep: in other words, the wider introduction of a digital ID.

We encourage everyone to ask, what does it mean to digitise ID & what is a model citizen within a digital ID system? How will his citizen profile data be used? ImageImage

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Thread: 🧵


Digital IDs are the central pillar of the WEF’s Great Reset, they are being streamlined across industries to advance the UN 2030 SDGs (16.9 is the most important) thereby delivering individualised Avatar like services in future Smart Cities & #Metaverses alike.

A global system of technocratic population control & compliance tying free humanity into a corporate value chain where we are mined as data commodities for ESG investors & human capital markets, assigned a social / climate score on how we measure up against the UN SDGs.

Verification of people in smart cities can only happen once biometrics, health, CBDC, consumer behaviours, carbon offsets - the entire human experience is stored on the Blockchain to determine our conformity to UN SDGs.…
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